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Writing and Observer
" ( Helmreich, 1997 ) Writing in an article in the Jewish Observer, Moshe Y ' chiail Friedman states that Orthodox Judaism prohibits women from being given semicha and serving as rabbis.
Writing for The Observer, Robert Cushman thought that Le Mesurier played the role with " deeply grizzled torpor ", while Michael Billington, reviewing for The Guardian saw him as a " grey, gentle wisp of a man, full of half-completed gestures and seraphic smiles ".
" Writing in The Guardians sister paper, The Observer Maurice Richardson pondered if there had been " a deliberate moral reformation " of Bond.
Writing in The Observer, the journalist Nick Cohen wrote disparagingly of Hegemony or Survival, describing Chomsky as a " master of looking-glass politics ", exemplifying a trend in the western Left for being more interested in anti-Americanism than in opposing the " fascist " regime of Saddam Hussein.
" Writing in The Guardians sister paper, The Observer, Philip French noted that " this curiously muted film ends up making no contribution of its own and inviting damaging comparisons with the original, hyper-confident Thunderball ".
" Writing in The Guardians sister paper, The Observer, Maurice Richardson thought that " our Casanovaesque cad-clubman secret agent is mellowing a bit now "; Richardson liked the format, saying that " the short form suits him quite well " although the downside is that " if it checks the wilder fantasies it cuts short the love-affairs ".
" Writing for The Observer, Francis Hope was surprised by Fleming's written style, which he found to be " more flabby verbose than one expects of a thriller writer ", although this was redeemed by Fleming having " some interesting conversations with local experts on crime ".
Writing under the sobriquet of " A Calm Observer ," in 1796 he charged that, among other heinous offenses, George Washington had stolen public funds and that he richly deserved impeachment.
Writing in The Observer ( reprinted in his collection The Crystal Bucket ), he commented:
" Writing for the New York Observer, Andrew Sarris wrote, " Does the film work?

Writing and Maurice
Founded in 1923 by Maurice R. Robinson, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, administered by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, have encouraged over 13 million students, recognized more than 9 million young artists and writers, and made available more than $ 25 million in awards and scholarships.
Paul King, Joseph Stone, Stanley Shapiro, and Maurice Richlin were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Writing.
Maurice Blanchot's entire fictional production, whose titles include The Step Not Beyond, The madness of the Day, and The Writing of Disaster, among others, constitutes an indispensable corpus for the treatment of the relationship between philosophy and literature.

Writing and thought
" Writing in Collier's more than 20 years earlier, Dorais ' Notre Dame teammate Knute Rockne acknowledged Cochems as the early leader in the use of the pass, observing, " One would have thought that so effective a play would have been instantly copied and become the vogue.
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement Philip Stead was more generous to Dr. No, although he thought that Fleming was offering " too opulent a feast " with the book, although he manages to pull this off, where " a less accomplished writer, lacking Mr. Fleming's quick descriptive gift and his powers of making his characters talk with such lucid and natural style, would never have got away with this story.
His series often challenge popular views of history: for example, Terry Jones ' Medieval Lives ( 2004 ) ( for which he received a 2004 Emmy nomination for " Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming ") argues that the Middle Ages was a more sophisticated period than is popularly thought, and Terry Jones ' Barbarians ( 2006 ) presents the cultural achievements of peoples conquered by the Roman Empire in a more positive light than Roman historians typically have, while criticizing the Romans as the true " barbarians " who exploited and destroyed higher civilizations.
" In another essay in Writing and Difference entitled " Violence and Metaphysics: An Essay on the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas ", the roots of another major theme in Derrida's thought emerges: the Other as opposed to the Same " Deconstructive analysis deprives the present of its prestige and exposes it to something tout autre, " wholly other ," beyond what is foreseeable from the present, beyond the horizon of the " same ".
Writing in 1911, the anonymous author of Vinogradoff's biography in the Encyclopædia Britannica thought that Vinogradoff's Villainage in England ( 1892 ) is perhaps the most important book written on the peasantry of the feudal age and the village community in England ; it can only be compared for value with FW Maitland's Domesday Book and Beyond.
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement, Phillip Stead thought that Fleming " continues uninhibitedly to deploy his story-telling talents within the limits of the Commander Bond formula.
Writing in the New York Post, Clive Barnes thought it was " the best thing that Lloyd Webber has written for the theater ," but Frank Rich of the New York Times was not impressed, observing that " empty material remains empty, no matter how talented those who perform it.
Writing for The Washington Post, Jerry Doolittle thought that Bond is " still irresistible to women, still handsome in a menacing way, still charming.
Writing from Ghana in 1957, James told American friends that Nkrumah thought he, too, ought to write a book on the Convention People's Party, which under Nkrumah's leadership had brought the country to independence.
Writing for Newsweek, critic Jack Kroll thought the early part of the film was handled " with wit and style ", although he went on to say that the director was " hamstrung by Lorenzo Semple's script ".
Writing to colleague Asa Gray in 1860, Darwin commented that he remembered well a " time when the thought of the eye made me cold all over, but I have got over this stage of the complaint, & now small trifling particulars of structure often make me very uncomfortable.
Writing and publication of history textbook is a form of speech that is protected by the Constitution ; however, the system of school textbook authorization as it was practiced in 1965 conducted thought control and prohibited publication and use of textbooks at schools that were deemed inappropriate according to a particular political ideology held by the government.
Writing for Q magazine in June 1996, Tom Doyle thought that Everything Must Go had " little in common " with its predecessor, The Holy Bible, and saw the album as a return to, and improvement upon, the " epic pop-rock " sound of Gold Against the Soul.
Writing in the Economic Journal, published on behalf of the Royal Economic Society, Astrid Oline Ervik states that while the book may be " thought provoking ", there is nothing that economists can learn from it.
Writing in The Listener, Anthony Burgess thought that " in their fascinated poring on things ... remind us that the stuff of the anti-novel needn't necessarily spring from a thought-out aesthetic ", going on to note that " it is the mastery of the world that gives Fleming his peculiar literary niche ".
Writing for the Daily Express, Peter Grosvenor thought that Fleming — a " tourist extraordinary "— was " never afraid to record a controversial view ", citing Fleming's views on the differences between oriental and western women's approaches to men.
Writing the review for The Boston Globe, Marjory Adams thought Thrilling Cities to have " an acid gaiety in its descriptions ", which contributed to her overall summary of the book: " it is fun!
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement, Simon Gray, unimpressed with the novel, called the Bond in Colonel Sun " a chuckle-headed imposter whose arthritic thought processes would be a liability in a ' physical tussle ' down at the pub.
Writing professionals hold that, “ In a rhetorical argument, a fact is a claim that an audience will accept as being true without requiring proof .” ( Kantz, 76 ) Facts can be thought of merely as claims.
Writing for IGN, Robert Canning gave the episode a 7 out of 10 rating, commenting that he thought the three acts felt disconnected.
Writing music is the thought and performing is the action.
Writing the next day's date in the dream journal asserts a conscious thought to remember dreams, which communicates intention to the subconscious mind.

Writing and Mr
International Association of Culinary Professionals ' Literary Food Writing Award for both The Cook and the Gardener and Cooking for Mr. Latte: A Food Lover's Courtship, with Recipes
Writing in The New York Times, Bosley Crowther praised the film, writing " Mr. Hecht has written and Mr. Hitchcock has directed in brilliant style a romantic melodrama which is just about as thrilling as they come — velvet smooth in dramatic action, sharp and sure in its characters and heavily charged with the intensity of warm emotional appeal.
Writing in The Guardian, critic Anthony Berkeley Cox, writing under the name Francis Iles, noted that the two minor grammatical errors he spotted were " likely to spoil no one's enjoyment " of the novel as he considered that On Her Majesty's Secret Service was " not only up to Mr. Fleming's usual level, but perhaps even a bit above it.
* The FORMULA For Writing Fiction That Publishers Will Like by Bill Sheehy explains the Plot Formula that Mr. Dent often used.
Writing in The Japan Times, Arudou called theMr. James ” campaign both “ offensive ” and cringe-worthy, argued that the campaign perpetuates negative stereotypes about sensitive non-Japanese Caucasian minorities living in Japan, and demanded that McDonald ’ s Japan withdraw the advertisement.
" Writing twenty years after the convention, the New York Times wrote, " Supporters of Mr. Bush pointed to the tone of the convention as one of the reasons he lost re-election that November to Bill Clinton.
Writing in The Telegraph, Mr Hannan said of the media storm around his comments:
Writing in on The Telegraph website, Mr Hannan said: " I ’ m surprised that no one has picked up on the thing that I most admire about Enoch Powell, namely his tendency to ignore conventional wisdom and think things through from first principles.
His outstanding works as director are Blackboard Jungle ( 1955 ), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ( 1958 ), Elmer Gantry ( 1960 ) — for which he won an Academy Award for Best Writing ( Adapted Screenplay ) — In Cold Blood ( 1967 ) and Looking for Mr. Goodbar ( 1977 ).
Writing at the time of release, Janet Maslin of The New York Times said, " This long, spare, contemplatively paced film, scored with a wide range of musical styles and given a sun-baked clarity by Stuart Dryburgh's cinematography, is loaded with brief, meaningful encounters ... And it features a great deal of fine, thoughtful acting, which can always be counted on in a film by Mr. Sayles.
Writing in the New York Times, author Verlyn Klinkenborg suggested that " lurking behind Mr. Franzen's rejection of Ms. Winfrey is an elemental distrust of readers, except for the ones he designates.
In a letter to Banks from Port Jackson, dated 20 May 1802, Flinders offered this praise: “ was fortunate for science that two such men as Mr Brown and Mr Bauer have been selected, their application is beyond what I have been accustomed to see .” Writing to Banks ten days later, Brown reported that Bauer had made 350 plant sketches and 100 of animals, and had “ indeed been indefatigable and.
Writing in the Wall Street Journal about the posthumous release of DeVille's Come a Little Bit Closer: The Best of Willy DeVille Live ( 2011 ), Marc Meyers declared, " There was creative heat and pain in Mr. DeVille's eerie, edgy look and sound.

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