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Writing and Spectator
" Writing in The Spectator in 2006, author and journalist Leo McKinstry described her as " the high priestess of Tory sleaze ," whose actions helped to " undermine the reputation of the Conservative party in the 1990s and pave the way for the arrival of Tony Blair.
Writing in The Spectator, commentator Melanie Phillips said that the resolution that created the mandate allowed no such change and questioned the validity and political motivations of the new mandate.
Writing in The Spectator in 1998, Barnett criticised the RAND Corporation for its " naive belief that technology can solve any human problem ", citing its support the Revolution in Military Affairs theory.
Writing for The Spectator, Graham Greene observed, " I have seldom been so moved by any fictional film.
Writing for The Spectator in April 1975, Peter Ackroyd concludes that “ science turns paradise sour .” Reviews the same year in The Junior Bookshelf and Times Literary Supplement described Ann as an unwilling Eve who “ finally refuses to begin the whole story over again ,” apparently viewing the end of the human story as a good thing.

Writing and Kingsley
It was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Warren Beatty ), Best Actor in a Supporting Role ( Harvey Keitel and Ben Kingsley ), Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Music, Original Score, Best Picture and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.

Writing and Amis
Writing in The Guardian, Malcolm Bradbury called the novel " a reasonable read but no more: neither vintage Fleming nor vintage Amis.

Writing and under
Writing the rules didn't help the Knickerbockers in the first known competitive game between two clubs under the new rules, played at Elysian Fields in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 19, 1846.
Bourland, who had studied under Korzybski, coined the term in a 1965 essay entitled A Linguistic Note: Writing in E-Prime ( originally published in the General Semantics Bulletin ).
* Writing under the pseudonym " Hirossa Ap-Iccim " in The Gentleman's Magazine, ( London ) July 1745, Hugh Jones proposed an octal system for British coins, weights and measures.
Writing four centuries after Lucretius ' death, he enters under the 171st Olympiad the following line: " Titus Lucretius the poet is born.
Writing under Stratemeyer Syndicate pen name Carolyn Keene from 1929 to 1947, she contributed to 23 of the first 25 originally published Nancy Drew mysteries.
Early in September 2004, Michael Cullen, the deputy prime minister of New Zealand, announced that Irving would not be permitted to visit the country, where he had been invited by the National Press Club to give a series of lectures under the heading " The Problems of Writing about World War II in a Free Society ".
It was popular, and under the two titles of Short Writing and Tachygraphy, Shelton's book ran to more than 20 editions between 1626 and 1710.
Shelton's chief rivals were Theophilus Metcalfe's Stenography or Short Writing ( 1633 ) which was in its " 55th edition " by 1721, and Jeremiah Rich's system of 1654, which was published under various titles including The penns dexterity compleated ( 1669 ).
Writing c. 1000, the Ramsey monk Byrhtferth relates that under the auspices of Oswald, bishop of Worcester, seven monasteries were founded in his diocese, notably including Pershore.
Singleton was enrolled in the University of Southern California's Filmic Writing program under Margaret Mehring and her now famous curriculum.
Writing on the Wall, her memoir about this psychoanalysis, was written concurrently with Trilogy and published in 1944 ; in 1956 it was republished with Advent, a journal of the analysis, under the title Tribute to Freud.
* Writing under the pseudonym of " Emile Ajar ", author Romain Gary becomes the only person to ever win the Prix Goncourt twice.
* Writing under the pseudonym of Emile Ajar, author Romain Gary becomes the only person ever to win the Prix Goncourt twice.
Writing under the nom de plume ″ İlhami ,″ Selim's poetry is collected in a divan.
In the summers of 1980 and 1982, Paul Bowles conducted Writing Workshops in Morocco, ( under the auspices of the School of Visual Arts in New York ) at the American School of Tangier which were both very successful, so much so that several of his former students including Rodrigo Rey Rosa who was the 2004 Winner of the Miguel Ángel Asturias National Prize in Literature and who is also the literary heir of the estate of Paul Bowles and Mark Terrill went on to become successful authors.
" Writing in 2004, authors Michael Shermer and Dennis McFarland saw Rudolph's story as an example of " religious extremism in America ," warning that the phenomenon he represented was " particularly potent when gathered together under the umbrella of militia groups ," whom they believe to have protected Rudolph while he was a fugitive.
Writing about the Kilroy phenomenon in 1946, The Milwaukee Journal describes the doodle as the European counter-part to " Kilroy was here ", under the name Smoe.
Coady has been awarded the Canadian Authors Association / Air Canada Award for the best writer under thirty, as well as the Dartmouth Book and Writing Award for fiction.
in Creative Writing and English Literature from the University of Windsor, where he studied under Alistair MacLeod.
Writing to Major General Mansfield Lovell, Commander of the lower Mississippi in March 1862, Beauregard recommended, “… the fortification of Port Hudson as a measure of precaution against the fall of our defenses north of Memphis .” In June 1862, Major General Earl Van Dorn wrote Jefferson Davis: “ I want Baton Rouge and Port Hudson ” A few days after the fall of Baton Rouge to the Union, Confederate General John C. Breckinridge with 4, 000 men, carried out the wishes of General Van Dorn by occupying Port Hudson, situated between Baton Rouge and Bayou Sara, with troops under the command of General Daniel Ruggles.
Writing under his own name and his pseudonym " Old Hubert ", he called for radical social reforms.
Writing in The Guardian, critic Anthony Berkeley Cox, writing under the name Francis Iles, noted that the two minor grammatical errors he spotted were " likely to spoil no one's enjoyment " of the novel as he considered that On Her Majesty's Secret Service was " not only up to Mr. Fleming's usual level, but perhaps even a bit above it.
It was presented under several names ; in 1974, 1975, and 1977 the award was for Best Dramatic Presentation, while in 1976 the award was for Best Dramatic Writing.
New writings have arisen from the involvement of cris cheek, Bridgid Mcleer, and Alaric Sumner, under the direction of Caroline Bergvall and John Hall through the Performance Writing programme at Dartington College of Arts including Kirsten Lavers, Andy Smith, and Chris Paul ; from the involvement of Redell Olson in the MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London, including Becky Cremin, Frances Kruk, Ryan Ormond, Sophie Robinson, John Sparrow and Stephen Willey ; and Keith Jebb at University of Bedfordshire's Creative Writing programme, including Alyson Torns and Allison Boast.

Writing and pseudonym
Writing under the pseudonym Wyaduck ( a Marx Brothers reference ), Weide was a frequent poster to Usenet group alt. books. kurt-vonnegut, where he reported on the progress of the Mother Night project, as well as his being mentioned in Vonnegut's Timequake .< ref >
Writing under the pseudonym G. Powell, Spurrier introduced a world called The Vort in its own standalone series.
Writing under the pseudonym of Alexander Kent, Douglas Reeman * sets parts of his Richard Bolitho and Adam Bolitho series in the Cornwall of the late 18th and the early 19th centuries, particularly in Falmouth.
" Writing under the pseudonym " John O ' London ," Kohn attempted to gather around him others opposed to the World War in Europe who felt that the pursuit of ameliorative reforms only served to bolster the capitalist system.

Writing and Christopher
Christopher Wise in his book Derrida, Africa, and the Middle East ( 2009 ) places Derrida's work in the historical context of his North African origins, an argument first briefly made by Robert J. C. Young in White Mythologies: Writing History and the West ( 1990 ) and extended in his Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction ( 2001 ) where Young surveys the writings of numerous theorists and situates the whole framework of Derrida's thinking in relation to the impact of growing up in the colonial conditions of French Algeria.
Individual achievement awards were awarded to Pam Coats for producing ; Barry Cook and Tony Bancroft for Directing ; Rita Hsiao, Christopher Sanders, Phillip LaZebnick, Raymond Singer and Eugenia Bostwick-Singer in Writing ; Chris Sanders for Storyboarding ; Hans Bacher for Production Design ; David Tidgwell for Effects Animation ; Ming-Na for Voice Acting Mulan ; Matthew Wilder, David Zippel and Jerry Goldsmith for music and Ruben A. Aquino for Character Animation.
Writing in 1987, the archaeologist Christopher Chippindale of Cambridge University spoke on the view of processualism at that time, putting it in the context of the 1960s, when he stated that:
After a spell as a journalist in Vienna, he returned to England to found the popular periodical New Writing ( 1936 – 1940 ) in book format, which proved a great influence on literature of the period and an outlet for writers such as Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden.
Writing in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Christopher Phelps, associate professor of American studies in the School of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Nottingham wrote:
Writing in November of that year, scholar Christopher Clapham noted that " the official results of the elections are both complex in themselves, and deeply affected by fraud ".
" Writing about this encounter, Christopher remarked that " McCain still holds many opinions that I find objectionable, but I also think that video places the ' character ' that is RS McCain into a context that simply reading him does not.
" Writing in 2009, Professor Christopher Wickham pointed out that " the word ' Frankish ' quickly ceased to have an exclusive ethnic connotation.
Writing and speaking as Christopher Hyatt, he gave two different accounts of the end of his high school career.
* Interfictions II: The Second Anthology of Interstitial Writing, Edited by Delia Sherman and Christopher Barzak

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