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Writing and
* Breckman, Warren, Times of Theory: On Writing the History of French Theory ,” Journal of the History of Ideas, vol.
* In 2008, The Library of America selected Runyon ’ s story The Eternal Blonde ” for inclusion in its two-century retrospective of American Crime Writing.
Writing in 1872, church historian William Stephens said The Patriarch of the Eastern Rome appeals to the great bishops of the West, as the champions of an ecclesiastical discipline which he confesses himself unable to enforce, or to see any prospect of establishing.
* 2010: Working Nation ( s ): Seamus Heaney ’ s ‘ Digging ’ and the Work Ethic in Post-Colonial and Minority Writing ”, by Ivan Cañadas
Sheldon Richman, editor of the libertarian journal, The Freeman, also sees the IMF imposing corporatist-flavored ‘ neoliberalism ’ on the troubled countries of the world .” The policies of spending cuts coupled with tax increases give real market reform a bad name and set back the cause of genuine liberalism .” Paternalistic supranational bureaucrats foster long-term dependency, perpetual indebtedness, moral hazard, and politicization, while discrediting market reform and forestalling revolutionary liberal change .” Free market economist Richard M. Salsman goes further and argues the IMF is a destructive, crisis-generating global welfare agency that should be abolished .” In return for bailouts, countries must enact such measures as new taxes, high interest rates, nationalizations, deportations, and price controls .” Writing in Forbes, E. D. Kain sees the IMF as " paving the way for international corporations entrance into various developing nations " and creating dependency.
What a Comfort a Woman Doctor Is !’ Medical Women in the Life and Writing of Charlotte Perkins Gilman.
Writing Feminist Genealogy: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Racial Nationalism, and the Reproduction of Maternalist Feminism .” Feminist Studies 27 ( Summer 2001 ): 271-30.
Writing for the Court majority in Wesberry, Justice Black argued that a reading of the debates of the Constitutional Convention demonstrated conclusively that the Framers had meant, in using the phrase by the People ,” to guarantee equality of representation in the election of Members of the House of Representatives.
Minsky, however, supported traditional banking regulation and advocated further controls of finance to promote smaller and simpler organizations weighted more toward direct financing .” Writing from a similar neo-Keynesian perspective, Jan Kregel concluded that after World War II non-regulated financial companies, supported by regulatory actions, developed means to provide bank products (“ liquidity and lending accommodation ”) more cheaply than commercial banks through the capital markets .” Kregel argued this led banking regulators to eliminate Glass-Steagall restrictions to permit banks to duplicate these structures ” using the capital markets until there was virtually no difference in the activities of FDIC-insured commercial banks and investment banks .”
Writing in 1993, Jane D ’ Artista and Tom Schlesinger noted that the ongoing integration of financial industry activities makes it increasingly difficult to separate banking and securities operations meaningfully ” but rejected Glass-Steagall repeal because the separation of banking and securities functions is a proven, least-cost method of preventing the problems of one financial sector from spilling over into the other ” ( which they stated was most recently demonstrated in the October 1987 market crash .”)
Writing for the New York Times, Ralph Thompson states, the normal life of Negroes in the South today – the life with its holdovers from slave times, its social difficulties, childish excitements, and endless exuberances … compared to this sort of story, the ordinary narratives of Negroes in Harlem or Birmingham seem ordinary indeed .” For the New York Herald Tribune, Sheila Hibben described Hurston as writing with her head as with her heart ” creating a warm, vibrant touch .” She praised Their Eyes as filled with a flashing, gleaming riot of black people, with a limitless sense of humor, and a wild, strange sadness .” New York Times critic Lucille Tompkins described Their Eyes, It is about Negroes … but really it is about every one, or at least every one who isn ’ t so civilized that he has lost the capacity for glory .”

Writing and fusion
Writing credits were more collaborative and the band's sound had matured into something a bit more than what defined fusion at the time.

Writing and language
Writing and literacy in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, Volume 3 of Studies in written language and literacy.
Writing is the representation of language in a textual medium through the use of a set of signs or symbols ( known as a writing system ).
Writing about the usage of the term " ethnic " in the ordinary language of Great Britain and the United States, in 1977 Wallman noted that
Writing in 2005, the New York Times language columnist William Safire attributed the term ( in its modern usage ) to conservative blogger Andrew Sullivan, who wrote on June 1, 2003: I have a new term for those on the fringes of the religious right who have used the Gospels to perpetuate their own aspirations for power, control and oppression: Christianists.
In introducing her Wellek Lecture, subsequently published as Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing, Derrida referred to her as the greatest living writer in his language ( French ).
In Writing Degree Zero ( 1953 ), Barthes argues that conventions inform both language and style, rendering neither purely creative.
Writing in Pennsylvania German can be a difficult task, and there is no spelling standard for the language whatsoever.
Writing systems for the Ubykh language have been proposed, but there has never been a standard written form.
Writing and the sea of voices: Oral language in, around, and about writing.
* Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, an online guide to the crafting of SF and fantasy, covering fundamentals of turning ideas into stories, creating believable characters, language and style, workshopping, etc.
Writing the compiler sources entirely in the programming language the compiler is supposed to translate, makes the following approach, better known as compiler bootstrapping, feasible on the target machine:
** Writing need not be limited to words in a natural or even formal language.
Writing in German was a way for him to think back and remember his parents, particularly his mother, from whom he had learned the language.
In her book, Redefining the Subject: Sites of Play in Canadian Women's Writing, Charlotte Sturgess suggests that Brand employs a languagein the short story collection Sans Souci ( 1988 ) and the novel In Another Place, Not Here ( 1996 ), in particular —" through which identity emerges as a mobile, thus discursive, construct.
Writing in The New York Times, Andrew Johnston praised Svankmajer's artistry, stating " while his films are rife with cultural and scientific allusions, his unusual imagery possesses an accessibility that feels anchored in the shared language of the subconscious, making his films equally rewarding to the culturally hyperliterate and to those who simply enjoy visual stimulation.
Writing an evaluation function for this language is a simple exercise ; however, more complex transformations also become feasible.
He goes on to say that the flow of town and history, of the Japanese people and the cannery, especially of the river and language, are more securely rooted in place and concentrated in the writing consciousness than in any other of her books .” And according to www. athabascau. ca, Net Work: Selected Writing is a selection of poetry spanning from Frames of a Story ( 1968 ) to What Matters ( 1980 ) is an excellent cross-section of her early poetry .” It is through these pieces and earlier pieces that Marlatt ’ s feminist theory begins to emerge.
Organizations that have endorsed plain language include the Legal Writing Institute, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Canadian Bankers Association.
The Plain Writing Act of 2010, signed into law on October 13, 2010, requires US federal agencies to use plain language in every covered document that the agency issues or substantially revises, and to train its employees in plain language.
* Band scores used for each language sub-skill ( Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking ).
Writing in the Galician language, after the Séculos Escuros ( lit.
Designed by the firm of Perry, Dean, Rogers and Partners, the renovation provided space for College Media Services, the Writing Center, and a language lab as well.
Writing for Desi Xpress, Yosef accused Tatchell of Islamophobia but was attacked by gay organisations for " encouraging violence against Tatchell " and for using " xenophobic " and " homophobic " language.
It is now home to the Dean's Offices of both colleges, along with the departmental offices of Writing and Rhetoric and the various modern language departments.

Writing and ,”
*“ To Paris, Burning ,” In Writing Away: the PEN Canada Travel Anthology.
Perpetrators and Victims: The Goldhagen Debate and Beyond ,” in LaCapra, D. Writing History, Writing Trauma Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001, 114-140.
* Writing Art ,” Art Monthly 1999 230: 13 – 17.
Writing is the only religion I have ,” he once said, and this was true.
Simpkins is also said to be haunted by Harold ,” a former janitor or graduate assistant who lurks among the classrooms on the third floor and in the Writing Center.
Introduction ,” Writing Rumba: The Afrocubanista Movement in Poetry.
* Dhupelia-Mesthrie, Uma, Writing the Life of Manilal Mohandas Gandhi ,” Journal of Natal and Zulu History 24 & 25 ( 2006-2007 ): 188-213.
Joan M. Zenzen, Administrative Histories: Writing about Fort Stanwix National Monument ,” The Public Historian, 31 ( May 2009 ): 55-65.
Editors are a frequent target of letter-writing campaigns, also called astroturfing ,” or fake grass-roots ” operations in which sample letters are distributed on Web sites or otherwise, to be copied or rewritten and submitted as personal letters .< Ref > Action Tips: Organize a Letter Writing Campaign Dosomething. org </ ref >
" Writing in The ALAN Review, Patricia K. Ladd noted Readers are left questioning societal mores and values, rules and politics, and their own moral development ,” and Roger Leslie commented in Booklist that Over the Wall is a " fully fleshed-out story about compassion and absolution.
Writing for The Spectator in April 1975, Peter Ackroyd concludes that science turns paradise sour .” Reviews the same year in The Junior Bookshelf and Times Literary Supplement described Ann as an unwilling Eve who finally refuses to begin the whole story over again ,” apparently viewing the end of the human story as a good thing.
*“ Why I Write: Timothy Ferris on Writing to Learn ,” National Writing Project ( http :// www. nwp. org ) September 23, 2011.
* Astronomy ’ s New Stars ,” from Seeing in the Dark, Smithsonian, September 2002 ; reprinted in The Best American Science And Nature Writing 2003.
* On Science Writing ,” Physics in Perspective, vol.
Furthermore, the museum offers contests for students, such as the annual Yom HaShoah Art and Writing Contest ,” as part of their student program.
* Peter Damerow, The Origins of Writing as a Problem of Historical Epistemology ,” in Cuneiform Digital Library Journal ( CDLJ ) 2006: 1.
In 2005 an interview of Brown, Foetry. com And What Academia Doesn't Want You to Know About the Creative Writing Industry ,” appeared in VOX, an experimental literary journal based in Oxford, Mississippi, and was later reprinted in Left Curve, a literary journal based in San Francisco.
Writing a modern Chinese architectural history: Liang Sicheng and Liang Qichao ,” Journal of Architectural Education 56 ( 1 ): 35-45.

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