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Writing and Sigmund
As well as her writing Appignanesi has also co-written a film on Salman Rushdie for French television, presented two series of radio programmes on Sigmund Freud for BBC Radio 4, presented the arts and ideas Nightwaves programme for BBC 3, contributed to a variety of programmes, including Start the Week and Women ’ s Hour, and written for the New Writing Partnership.

Writing and Mogulesko's
Writing of Mogulesko's troupe in Romania in 1884, and probably referring to the plays of Moses Horowitz and Joseph Lateiner, Dr. Moses Gaster, while finding the performances to be in certain ways " primitive ", was generally impressed.

Writing and troupe
* The British comedy troupe Monty Python mention Tess of the d ' Urbervilles on their 1973 comedy record album Monty Python's Matching Tie and Handkerchief on the track " Novel Writing ", in which Thomas Hardy writes Return of the Native before a live audience.
in Writing, and as an actor for the university theater troupe would gain him a patron, Phoebe Apperson Hearst, mother of William Randolph Hearst.

Writing and 1884
Writing in the Rendiconti of the Lombardy Institution regarding the discovery of the coherer, directs attention to his experiments made in 1884, before Branly had worked on the subject.
Writing of the period 1883 – 1884, Yiddish theatre actor Jacob Adler wrote, " The further we penetrated into this Whitechapel, the more our hearts sank.
Writing from 1884 until the 1930s, John Dewey — an educator influenced by Hobhouse, Green, and Ward — advocated socialist methods to achieve liberal goals.

Writing and probably
Writing about yourself is probably one of the easiest things for a fifteen-year-old author to do.
Writing in Maclean's, Jaime Weinman said the choice of name was " a bit of a grimly amusing reminder that the U. S. TV industry doesn't take Canada very seriously ... ' The Newsroom ' is often considered the greatest show Canada has ever produced, but a U. S. network feels no need to fear unflattering comparisons: assuming they ’ ve heard of the show, they probably think most people in the States have not heard of it.
Alan Whitney Brown ( born July 8, 1952 ) is an Emmy Award-winning ( 1988 " Outstanding Writing in a Variety or Music Program ," along with others including Al Franken, Tom Davis, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Lorne Michaels, Conan O ' Brien ) writer and comedian probably best known for his recurring appearances on Saturday Night Live in the 1980s opposite Dennis Miller in a biting satirical Weekend Update commentary segment called " The Big Picture.
Writing in 1905 Sir Frederick Treves described the village as " probably the most consistent old-world village or townlet in the county ".
Writing for Allmusic, critic Vincent Jeffries wrote of the album " This collection of nostalgia, decent balladry, and quirky anthems probably reinforced any notions of Joe Walsh's creative decline ... this reflective, sometimes half-hearted effort bellies a weariness that's both sad and difficult to appreciate as this master goes through the motions.
Writing in 1934, William A Morris reviewed the conflicting views on the date of the Modus that were first offered in the seventeenth century and concluded that it must have been written during the reign of Edward II ( 1307-27 ), probably 1321.
Writing for Rolling Stone, Meredith Ochs praised the album for its " flashes of brilliance " and said that it probably marks the beginning of a successful career.

Writing and referring
Writing in October 1880 to George Gordon McCrae he said, referring to his employer, " I want you to know the bearer.
Stephen King discusses Cujo in On Writing, referring to it as a novel he " barely remembers writing at all ".
Writing about tribes in Virginia in 1705, Robert Beverley, Jr. of Virginia Colony describes peak as referring to the white shell bead, valued at 9 pence a yard, and wampom peak as denoting specifically the more expensive dark purple shell bead, at the rate of 1 shilling and 6 pence ( 18 pence ) per yard.
Writing for The New York Times, Joyce Millman described Reyes and her partner Dogget as " the Diet Coke of Mulder and Scully ", referring to their secondary standing.
Writing a tragedy was considered unusual by his friends, who knew Appleton for his humor, referring to him as " T. G. Appleton, the Boston wit ".

Writing and plays
Creative Writing, Debate, Drama ( one-act plays ), Forensics ( a variety of individual events ), Magazines, Newspapers, Scholastic Bowl ( a variety of quizbowl ), and Yearbooks
Rivera has won two Obie Awards for playwriting, a Kennedy Center Fund for New American plays Grant, a Fulbright Arts Fellowship in playwriting, the Whiting Writers ' Award, a McKnight Fellowship, the 2005 Norman Lear Writing Award, a 2005 Impact Award and a Berilla Kerr Playwriting Award.
Writing work also included two plays about television-Did Anyone Else Think TK9 Was Brilliant?

Writing and Moses
* Moses, John " Fischer, Fritz " pages 386-387 from The Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing edited by Kelly Boyd, Volume 1, Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, 1999, ISBN 1-884964-33-8.

Writing and Joseph
Writing for the Messenger and Advocate newspaper on the subject of slavery, Joseph Smith states:
It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actress in a Leading Role ( Loretta Young ), Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Celeste Holm ), Best Actress in a Supporting Role ( Elsa Lanchester ), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White ( Lyle Wheeler, Joseph C. Wright, Thomas Little, Paul S. Fox ), Best Cinematography, Best Music, Song ( Alfred Newman and Mack Gordon for " Through a Long and Sleepless Night ") and Best Writing, Motion Picture Story.
* The Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award, recognizes authorship of an outstanding book in the field of optics and photonics, published in the last six years, that has contributed significantly to research, teaching, or the optics and photonics industry ( co-sponsored with SPIE ).
Writing in 2000, pianist and historian Joseph Smith cited Suicide in an Airplane among those pieces of Ornstein's that " represented ( and may still represent ) the ne plus ultra of pianistic violence.
Zenith's chief virtue is conformity, and its religion is “ boosterism .” ( Prominent boosters in Zenith include Vergil Gunch, the coal-dealer ; Sidney Finkelstein, the ladies '- ready-to-wear buyer for Parcher & Stein's department-store ; Professor Joseph K. Pumphrey, owner of the Riteway Business College and “ instructor in Public Speaking, Business English, Scenario Writing, and Commercial Law ;” and T. Cholmondeley " Chum " Frink, a famous poet of dubious talent.
Writing his obituary ( AHA Perspectives Dec. 1996 ), two of his students, Joseph Klaits and John T. O ' Connor, recalled " his wit, passion for history, and zest for life " that stimulated his classes.
Writing in 1900, Father Joseph Brucker hypothesized that Jews came to China from India by a sea route during the Song dynasty between 960 and 1126.
Other notable projects included the page New Irish Writing for the Irish Press, which provided a forum for aspiring Irish authors, publishing most of the most important names in Irish fiction, many for the first time, including Dermot Bolger, Ita Daly, Anne Enright, Neil Jordan, Claire Keegan, John McGahern, Bernard MacLaverty, Eilis Ni Dhuibhne, Joseph O ' Connor, Colm Tóibín and William Wall.
Paul King, Joseph Stone, Stanley Shapiro, and Maurice Richlin were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Writing.
* 2002 Saturn Award: Best Action / Adventure / Thriller Film, Best Costume ( Dominique Borg ), Best Director ( Christophe Gans ), Best Music ( Joseph LoDuca ), Best Special Effects ( Arthur Windus, Val Wardlaw, Hal Bertram, Nick Drew and Seb Caudron ), Best Supporting Actor ( Mark Dacascos ), Best Supporting Actress ( Monica Bellucci ), Best Writing ( Stéphane Cabel and Christophe Gans ).
Academic Buildings: John A. H. Keith Hall ( History, Political Science ), Joseph Uhler Hall ( Psychology, Criminology, Languages ), Zink Hall ( Health, Physical Education ), Davis Hall ( Journalism, Education ), Edna Sprowls Hall ( Art ), Hamlin E. and Dorothy Cogswell Hall ( Music ), Andrew W. Wilson Hall ( Criminology ), Jane Leonard Hall ( English, Geography ), Jean R. McElhaney Hall ( Economics, Sociology, Anthropology ), Reschini House ( Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation ), Patrick J. Stapleton Jr Library ( Main Library ), Rhodes R. Stabley Library ( Media, Children's Library ), Jeannie Ackerman Hall ( Fashion, Family and Consumer Science, Interior Design ), Eicher Hall ( Writing Center ), Eberly College of Business, Stright Hall ( Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Graduate School ), Sally B. Johnson Hall ( Safety Sciences, Nursing ), Weyandt Hall ( Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Matthew J. Walsh Hall ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Pierce Hall ( ROTC ), George A. Stouffer Hall ( Counseling, Communications, Education, Languages ).
Writing in the Warsaw Yiddish language Literarishe Bleter during the run of Der Zinger …, Joseph Buloff was amazed at the positive reception that Yiddish theater received among the gentiles of Bucharest.
National Press Club Award-2011 – Joseph D. Ryle Award for Excellence in Writing on the Problems of Geriatrics-1st Place – “ Bankers Life and Casualty Investigation ” – Matt Meagher – Correspondent, Cindy Galli – Producer, Charlie McLravy – Field Producer
Joseph Severn, Posthumous Portrait of Shelley Writing Prometheus Unbound ( 1845 ).
Writing as a lawyer, Joseph has published in areas of labor, employment, tort and compensation law, jurisprudence, law and literature, and legal theory.
* Won an Academy Award for Best Writing, Motion Picture Story for Broken Lance ( 1954 ), which was actually a remake, reset in the West, of the earlier House of Strangers, also credited solely to Yordan although written in part by the film's director Joseph L. Mankiewicz who declined to share a co-writing credit.
* The Best Nature Writing of Joseph Wood Krutch ( anthology, University of Utah Press, 1995 ; ISBN 0-87480-480-9 )
A documentary feature on McBride's life and work, Behind the Curtain: Joseph McBride on Writing Film History, written and directed by Hart Perez, had its world debut on April 10, 2011 at the Tiburon International Film Festival in Tiburon, Marin County, CA, and

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