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Writing and period
His series often challenge popular views of history: for example, Terry Jones ' Medieval Lives ( 2004 ) ( for which he received a 2004 Emmy nomination for " Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming ") argues that the Middle Ages was a more sophisticated period than is popularly thought, and Terry Jones ' Barbarians ( 2006 ) presents the cultural achievements of peoples conquered by the Roman Empire in a more positive light than Roman historians typically have, while criticizing the Romans as the true " barbarians " who exploited and destroyed higher civilizations.
Writing about a study that seemed to undermine the deterrence effect, a death penalty proponent wrote, " The research didn't cover a long enough period of time ", while an opponent's comment on the same study said, " No strong evidence to contradict the researchers has been presented ".
" Writing in Auxiliary Magazine, Luke Copping claimed that Brisco was Campbell's " last great " role before the actor fell into " a period of self-parody and overt camp that he did not redeem himself from until joining the cast of Burn Notice ".
Writing before Piltdown was exposed as a hoax, the Eanthropus or " Dawn Man " Osborn maintained sprung from a common ancestor with the ape during the Oligocene period which he believed developed entirely separately during the Miocene ( 16 million years ago ).
Writing of a period around 1830, Brown says, " we did not hear of " Santa Claus.
During this same period it has been a finalist 48 times in categories that included Profile Writing, Reviews and Criticism, Commentary, Public Service, Magazine Section, Leisure Interests, Personal Service, Single-Topic Issue, Photography, Photojournalism, Photo Portfolio, and Design.
After a spell as a journalist in Vienna, he returned to England to found the popular periodical New Writing ( 1936 1940 ) in book format, which proved a great influence on literature of the period and an outlet for writers such as Christopher Isherwood and W. H. Auden.
During this period he developed a keen interest in medieval Indian literature and history, co-founded and edited a literary magazine ( The Toronto South Asian Review, later renamed The Toronto Review of Contemporary Writing Abroad ), and began writing fiction.
* Graeme Dunphy, " Historical Writing in and after the Old High German period " in Brian Murdoch, German Literature of the Early Middle Ages, 2004, 201-25.
Writing in the New York Press, Michael Manville accused Thabit of poor research, sweeping generalizations, and a failure to distinguish the actions of racist individuals from the effects of a racist capitalist system, and contends that much of the urban renewal and public housing efforts of the period were in fact well-intentioned, if ill-considered and hubristic.
Fuller, who lived in France with his wife and daughter for 13 years beginning in 1982, would recount this period in his memoir ( with Christa Lang Fuller ) A Third Face: My Tale of Writing, Fighting, and Filmmaking ( ISBN 0-375-40165-2 ).
Writing in the Manchester Guardian, J. D. Beresford said of it, " The manner of writing is that proper to the period, with a spicing of dialect, both so admirably rendered that we might easily be deceived into the belief that it is an authentic ducument.
Writing later that decade, a Usenet commentator would observe of this period that " the Newman Society ... always appeared to be in ' right-wing ' hands ".

Writing and 1883
George A. Gaskell ( 1845 1886 ), a student of Spencer, authored two popular books on penmanship, Gaskell's Complete Compendium of Elegant Writing and The Penman's Hand-Book ( 1883 ).

Writing and
Writing on Doctrine and Training in the German Army 1919 1939, O ’ Neill stated:
* Mathur, Piyush, The Archigenderic Territories: Mansfield Park and A Handful of Dust, in Women's Writing 5: 1, 71 81 ().
Other notable works include Workers Union ( 1975 ), a melodically indeterminate piece " for any loud sounding group of instruments "; Mausoleum ( 1979 ) for 2 baritones and large ensemble ; De Tijd ( 1979 81 ) for female singers and ensemble ; De Snelheid ( 1982-3 ), for 3 amplified ensembles ; De Materie ( 1984 88 ), a large four-part work for voices and ensemble ; collaborations with filmmaker and librettist Peter Greenaway on the film M is for Man, Music, Mozart and the operas Rosa: A Horse Drama ( 1994 ) and Writing to Vermeer ( 1998 ); and the recent La Passione ( 2000 02 ) for female voice, violin and ensemble.
* Writing to Vermeer ( 1997 99 ) ( libretto by Peter Greenaway ) Opera for 2 children's voices, 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, female chorus, orchestra ( 7 winds, 2 horns, 2 trumpets + bass trumpet, 2 harps, 2 electric guitars, cimbalom, 2 pianos, on-stage harpsichord, 2 percussion, minimum 22 strings ), CD ( music by Michel van der Aa )
Writing during the reign of the Emperor Domitian ( AD 81 96 ), the Roman poet Martial expressed his admiration for Otho's choice to spare the Empire from civil war through sacrificing himself:
" Writing upon parchment and papyrus among the Babylonians and the Assyrians ", in Journal of the American Oriental Society 48, pp 109 135.
Writing in 409, Jerome remarked, " A great many years ago when I was helping Damasus, bishop of Rome with his ecclesiastical correspondence, and writing his answers to the questions referred to him by the councils of the east and west ..." If " east and west " do not betray the passage as an interpolation, Jerome spent three years ( 382 385 ) in Rome in close intercourse with Pope Damasus and the leading Christians.
Writing coordinates ( t, x ) = ( x < sup > 0 </ sup >, x < sup > 1 </ sup >, x < sup > 2 </ sup >, x < sup > 3 </ sup >) = x < sup > μ </ sup >, this form of the Euler Lagrange equation is
( eds ) ( 2006 ) Writing Medieval Biography, 750 1250: Essays in Honour of Professor Frank Barlow.
* Late 1st century Young Woman Writing, detail of a wall painting, from Pompeii, is made.
* Cioc, Mark, Björn-Ola Linnér, and Matt Osborn, " Environmental History Writing in Northern Europe ," Environmental History, 5 ( 2000 ), pp. 396 406
* Bess, Michael, Mark Cioc, and James Sievert, " Environmental History Writing in Southern Europe ," Environmental History, 5 ( 2000 ), pp. 545 56 ;
Writing in 1999, Paul K. Davis estimates the Umayyad forces at 80, 000 and the Franks at about 30, 000, while noting that modern historians have estimated the strength of the Umayyad army at Tours at between 20 80, 000.
), Writing and Difference, pp. 31 63.
* Richard Aldington: Selected Critical Writing, 1928 1960 ( 1970 ) edited by Alister Kershaw
Writing in the American Journal of International Law, professors Jonathan I. Charney and J. R. V. Prescott argued that " none of the post World War II peace treaties explicitly ceded sovereignty over the covered territories to any specific state or government.
* Moving Targets: Writing with Intent, 1982 2004 ( 2004 )
She later taught Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia while living in Vancouver 1978 80.
* Best Writing ( Original Screenplay ) Charlie Chaplin
In 2008, Entertainment Weekly listed On Writing 21st on their list of The New Classics: Books The 100 best reads from 1983 to 2008, making it King's only entry.
Writing that Mexico is composed of a vast patchwork of differences linguistic, ethnic, and class-based King says " The Virgin of Guadalupe is the rubber band that binds this disparate nation into a whole.

Writing and 1884
Writing in the Rendiconti of the Lombardy Institution regarding the discovery of the coherer, directs attention to his experiments made in 1884, before Branly had worked on the subject.
Writing from 1884 until the 1930s, John Dewey — an educator influenced by Hobhouse, Green, and Ward — advocated socialist methods to achieve liberal goals.
Writing of Sigmund Mogulesko's troupe in Romania in 1884, and probably referring to the plays of Moses Horowitz and Joseph Lateiner, Moses Gaster wrote that Yiddish theatre " represents scenes from our history known by only a tiny minority, refreshing, therefore, secular memory " and " shows us our defects, which we have like all men, but not with a tendency to strike at our own immorality with a tendency towards ill will, but only with an ironic spirit that does not wound us, as we are wounded by representations on other stages, where the Jew plays a degrading role.
Writing of Mogulesko's troupe in Romania in 1884, and probably referring to the plays of Moses Horowitz and Joseph Lateiner, Dr. Moses Gaster, while finding the performances to be in certain ways " primitive ", was generally impressed.

Writing and Yiddish
Writing in the Warsaw Yiddish language Literarishe Bleter during the run of Der Zinger …, Joseph Buloff was amazed at the positive reception that Yiddish theater received among the gentiles of Bucharest.
Writing at first in Hebrew and Russian, he only met success when he turned to his native Yiddish ; his first successful book was Arum Vokzal ( At the Depot ) a novella, published at his own expense in 1909 in Warsaw.

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