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Writing and Arthur
It also received two further nominations: Best Cinematography, for Arthur Edeson, and Best Writing Achievement for Abbott, Anderson and Andrews.
Writing in the Brooklyn Eagle, drama critic Arthur Pollock called it " an unusual piece of work by a director not nearly so well-known as he should be.
Writing for the New York Times shortly after the flight, however, journalist Arthur Krock described mixed feelings in the United States due to fears of the spaceflight's potential military implications for the Cold War, and the Detroit Free Press wrote that " the people of Washington, London, Paris and all points between might have been dancing in the streets " if it were not for " doubts and suspicions " about Soviet intentions.
Other nominations included Best Director for Irving Cummings, Best Writing for Tom Barry Best Cinematography for Arthur Edeson, and Best Picture.
Writing in the " Arthur Murray Silver Dance Notebook ", Lauré Haile, who first described " Western Swing ", listed the following songs / records as " Good Swing or Fox Trot Records ":
It was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Actor in a Leading Role ( Jack Lemmon ), Best Actress in a Leading Role ( Jane Fonda ), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration ( George Jenkins, Arthur Jeph Parker ) and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen.
* Arthur Koestler – The Invisible Writing: The Second Volume Of An Autobiography, 1932 – 40
In 1972, the Two ( Writing ) Ronnies, as they were sometimes known, wrote the ITV sitcom Romany Jones starring Dad's Army actor James Beck and featuring Jo Rowbottom and Arthur English.
Writing in the New York Times, Arthur Krock said that opinion in Washington saw Welles ' departure as an attempt to end factionalism in the State Department: " The long-existing struggle disorganized the department, bred Hull and Welles factions among its officials, confused those having business with the department and finally produced pressure on the President to eliminate the causes ".
* 2002 Saturn Award: Best Action / Adventure / Thriller Film, Best Costume ( Dominique Borg ), Best Director ( Christophe Gans ), Best Music ( Joseph LoDuca ), Best Special Effects ( Arthur Windus, Val Wardlaw, Hal Bertram, Nick Drew and Seb Caudron ), Best Supporting Actor ( Mark Dacascos ), Best Supporting Actress ( Monica Bellucci ), Best Writing ( Stéphane Cabel and Christophe Gans ).
Writing for the majority, Justice Arthur Goldberg viewed the police interrogation in this case as more of an interrogation of a specific suspect than a general questioning of witnesses.
Writing in 1616, diplomat Arthur Hopton stated:
* Arthur Koestler, The Invisible Writing.
The Arthur Ellis Awards for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing, first established in 1984, are presented at an annual banquet.
In his memoirs, The Invisible Writing, Arthur Koestler recalled that in 1934, Jouvenel was among a small number of French intellectuals who promised moral and financial support to the newly-established Institut pour l ' Étude du Fascisme, a supposedly self-financing enterprise of the Popular Front.
Writing in 1862 in his Scores and biographies, Arthur Haygarth called Pilch " the best batsman that has ever yet appeared ".

Writing and Keith
Keith Gordon Irwin, in The Romance of Writing, p. 125, says " The Italian libbra ( from the old Latin word libra, ' balance ') represented a weight almost exactly equal to the avoirdupois pound of England.
New writings have arisen from the involvement of cris cheek, Bridgid Mcleer, and Alaric Sumner, under the direction of Caroline Bergvall and John Hall through the Performance Writing programme at Dartington College of Arts including Kirsten Lavers, Andy Smith, and Chris Paul ; from the involvement of Redell Olson in the MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London, including Becky Cremin, Frances Kruk, Ryan Ormond, Sophie Robinson, John Sparrow and Stephen Willey ; and Keith Jebb at University of Bedfordshire's Creative Writing programme, including Alyson Torns and Allison Boast.
Writing with J. Andrew Keith as Keith William Andrews.
Writing as Keith Douglass.
Writing as Keith Douglass.
Academic Buildings: John A. H. Keith Hall ( History, Political Science ), Joseph Uhler Hall ( Psychology, Criminology, Languages ), Zink Hall ( Health, Physical Education ), Davis Hall ( Journalism, Education ), Edna Sprowls Hall ( Art ), Hamlin E. and Dorothy Cogswell Hall ( Music ), Andrew W. Wilson Hall ( Criminology ), Jane Leonard Hall ( English, Geography ), Jean R. McElhaney Hall ( Economics, Sociology, Anthropology ), Reschini House ( Center for Career and Technical Personnel Preparation ), Patrick J. Stapleton Jr Library ( Main Library ), Rhodes R. Stabley Library ( Media, Children's Library ), Jeannie Ackerman Hall ( Fashion, Family and Consumer Science, Interior Design ), Eicher Hall ( Writing Center ), Eberly College of Business, Stright Hall ( Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Graduate School ), Sally B. Johnson Hall ( Safety Sciences, Nursing ), Weyandt Hall ( Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Matthew J. Walsh Hall ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology ), Pierce Hall ( ROTC ), George A. Stouffer Hall ( Counseling, Communications, Education, Languages ).
Writing in 1978, Professor Keith Simpson, one of the pathologists involved in the forensic examination of Christie's victims, had this to say about the pubic hair collection:

Writing and 1927
Writing this occupied most of his time between 1923 and 1927.
Ben Hecht won the Academy Award for Writing in the 1st Academy Awards ceremony in 1927 for his work on this film.

Writing and remarked
" Writing in 2007, Neil Lewis of The New York Times remarked that, " To this day, each side in the epic he-said, she-said dispute has its unmovable believers ".
Writing in 409, Jerome remarked, " A great many years ago when I was helping Damasus, bishop of Rome with his ecclesiastical correspondence, and writing his answers to the questions referred to him by the councils of the east and west ..." If " east and west " do not betray the passage as an interpolation, Jerome spent three years ( 382 – 385 ) in Rome in close intercourse with Pope Damasus and the leading Christians.
Writing in the 12th century, Henry of Huntingdon expanded his version of Bede's text to include supernatural intervention and remarked that Penda, in dying violently on the battlefield, was suffering the same fate he had inflicted on others during his aggressive reign.
Writing in the early 20th century, T. E. Lawrence, popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia, remarked that Krak des Chevaliers was " perhaps the best preserved and most wholly admirable castle in the world, castle which forms a fitting commentary on any account of the Crusading buildings of Syria ".
Writing to Theo he remarked:
Writing in 1972, Nard Jones remarked on the Seattle telephone directory having " three solid columns " of art galleries and dealers, representing " an astonishing variety ".
" Writing about this encounter, Christopher remarked that " McCain still holds many opinions that I find objectionable, but I also think that video places the ' character ' that is RS McCain into a context that simply reading him does not.
Writing in the journal International Socialism, Paul Blackledge remarked that it was " more than a little ironic " that the Miliband brothers were in positions of power in the Labour Party considering that their father was the author of Parliamentary Socialism ( 1961 ), a powerful critique of that party and its policies.

Writing and "...
* Writing in the American Journal of Physics, physicist Edgar D. Zanotto states "... the predicted relaxation time for GeO < sub > 2 </ sub > at room temperature is 10 < sup > 32 </ sup > years.
Writing in the New Statesman ( UK ) in 2003, Ted Kessler called it, "... one of the Sixties ' most magical, enigmatic albums.
Writing for Entertainment Weekly, Margaret Lyons asked, "... is it supposed to be hilarious, or a really, really depressing story about the long-term effects of emotional abuse?
Writing for Allmusic, music critic Scott Yanow wrote of the album: "... the influential interpretations were far from routine or predictable at the time.
Writing from his extensive experience of treating cancer ( including more than 1, 000 melanoma cases ) at Sydney Hospital, Milton ( 1973 ) warned of the impact of the delivery of a prognosis, and how many of his patients, upon receiving their prognosis, simply turned their face to the wall and died an extremely premature death: "... there is a small group of patients in whom the realisation of impending death is a blow so terrible that they are quite unable to adjust to it, and they die rapidly before the malignancy seems to have developed enough to cause death.
Writing of the Britons generally in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico Caesar noted that: "... by far the most civilised are those who inhabit Cantium, the whole of which is a maritime region ; and their manners differ little from those of the Gauls ".
Writing from the city in 1712 the French Jesuit missionary Père François Xavier d ' Entrecolles records that "... the porcelain that is sent to Europe is made after new models that are often eccentric and difficult to reproduce ; for the least defect they are refused by the merchants, and so they remain in the hands of the potters, who cannot sell them to the Chinese, for they do not like such pieces ".
Writing about LeBaron's 1989 Telluris Theoria Sacra ( for flute / piccolo, clarinet / bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, percussion, and piano ), musicologist Susan McClary notes that the work "... points to LeBaron's more pervasive interest in music's ability to mold temporality, immersing the listener in a sound world in which time bends, stands still, dances, or conforms to the mechanical measure of the clock " ( Lochhead 2007 ).
The Elder Conservatorium submission for Music ( together with the sister discipline of Creative Writing ) was awarded the highest possible rating ( grade 5 ), signifying that it "... well exceeded world standards ..." for its research.
Writing about the Group's production of Awake and Sing, the New York Times critic Brooks Atkinson said, "... Morris Carnovsky as the lonely old sage struggling with ideas he cannot resolve or use, gives a performance worth a mayor's reception on the steps of City Hall.
Writing for Allmusic, music critic Scott Yanow wrote of the album "... this album is mostly recommended to her greatest fans.

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