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Writing and colleague
Writing to his colleague George Herbert Palmer -- `` Glorious old Palmer '', as he addresses him -- James says that if only the students at Harvard could really understand Royce, Santayana, Palmer, and himself and see that their varying systems are `` so many religions, ways of fronting life, and worth fighting for '', then Harvard would have a genuine philosophic universe.

Writing and Gray
Writing in The Times Literary Supplement, Simon Gray, unimpressed with the novel, called the Bond in Colonel Sun " a chuckle-headed imposter whose arthritic thought processes would be a liability in a ' physical tussle ' down at the pub.
With Alasdair Gray and James Kelman, he has been appointed Professor of Creative Writing at Glasgow University.
He has also worked as a lecturer in Art and Creative Writing at Chesterfield College in the UK and served as Special Publications Editor for the British Fantasy Society, where he has edited publications featuring authors such as Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Brian Aldiss and Muriel Gray.

Writing and Darwin
Writing to Darwin in 1871, Matthew enclosed an article he had written for The Scotsman and, as well as wishing that he had time to write a critique of The Descent of Man, and selection in relation to sex, expressed the belief that there is evidence of design and benevolence in nature, and that beauty cannot be accounted for by natural selection.
* Donner, Fred Narratives of Islamic Origins: The Beginnings of Islamic Historical Writing, Darwin Press, 1998

Writing and commented
Writing many years later, Bonaparte commented that if the French Navy had adopted the same tactical principles as the British:
Writing in Salon, David Futrelle commented that the affair seemed to hearken back to Esquires mid-1960s heyday.
Writing in the introduction of his Gallipoli Diary, he commented: There is nothing certain about war except that one side won't win.
" Writing in The San Diego Union-Tribune, Jim Hopper called A Clash of Kings " High Fantasy with a vengeance " and commented: " I'll admit to staying up too late one night last week to finish off this big book, and I hope it's not too terribly long until the next one comes out.
Writing in the San Francisco Chronicle on September 1, 1906, Pardee commented that " t is evident that the Railroad machine and Ruef did not want me to be governor again, and as they were in control of the convention, what kick have I coming?
Writing to Sarah on 17 May 1811, she commented, " I read Self-Countroul & like it extremely all except some vulgarity meant to be jocular which tired me to death, but I think the principal character charming & well supported & the book really gives good lessons .".
Writing in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Mara E. Donaldson of the University of Virginia commented that Adler's book provided an " extensive study of paganism " that " demythologizes " the movement " without being sentimental or self-righteous.
Writing in the New York Times, psychologist Carol Tavris commented that " In the absence of medical certainty, the belief that all such symptoms are psychological in origin is no improvement over the belief that none of them are.
Writing in 1875 a local historian commented on “ The ill-fated Desjardins canal.
" Writing in The ALAN Review, Patricia K. Ladd noted “ Readers are left questioning societal mores and values, rules and politics, and their own moral development ,” and Roger Leslie commented in Booklist that Over the Wall is a " fully fleshed-out story about compassion and absolution.
Writing in The Observer ( reprinted in his collection The Crystal Bucket ), he commented:
" Writing for Airlock Alpha, Michael Hinman was also critical of the episode, and commented, "' Broken Bow ' hit the small screen of UPN with rave reviews, and impressive ratings.
Writing in Bubblegum is the Naked Truth, Gary Pig Gold commented: " It was the Pipers ’ way with a tough-pop gem in the under-four-minute category which was most impressive by far: " Rainbow Tree ", " Shoeshine Boy " and especially " Blueberry Blue " each sported a taut, musical sophistication worthy of The Move and, dare I say it, even the Magical Mystery Beatles.
" Writing for DVD Movie Guide, Colin Jacobson commented that " though ' Wizard ' borders on ' Homer ’ s wacky scheme ' territory, his attempts to come up with something significant offer amusement.
Writing in the book America's Political Dynasties ( Doubleday, 1966 ), Stephen Hess commented: " Archie Roosevelt has, in recent years, added the family's name to many ultra-rightist causes.
Writing in Kingdom of the Cults, an overview of new religious movements written from a Christian perspective, Walter Ralston Martin commented that of the various books on Hubbard's life, " none are so thoroughly damaging to his credentials " than Bare-faced Messiah and Bent Corydon's book.
Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Charles Moore, after praising the book as " crisply written, amusing, informative and thought-provoking ", commented that " it is an agony not to be able to use English properly.

Writing and remembered
Published in 1906, Johnston ’ s best known work Writing, Illuminating & Lettering never used the terms “ Foundational ” or “ Foundational Hand ” for which he is most remembered.
Writing for Match Game, DeBartolo is credited with coming up with the bawdy and suggestive style of questions that the show is remembered for.
Writing in 1985, N. S. Ramaswami remembered that Joshi " impressed as a dapper and neat performer.

Writing and well
The trio received 37 Emmy Award nominations and won 24 Emmy Awards, including the above-mentioned for Frasier, as well as an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy for Cheers, in 1989, which Angell, Casey, Lee and the series ' other producers shared, and Outstanding Writing / Comedy Emmy for Cheers, which Angell received in 1984.
Writing is difficult, as well.
She is the author of a number of works of science fiction, fantasy and feminist literary criticism such as How to Suppress Women's Writing, as well as a contemporary novel, On Strike Against God, and one children's book, Kittatinny.
Writing in Rome and Milan in addition to Naples, Donizetti achieved some popular success in the 1820s ( although critics were often unimpressed ), but was not well known internationally until 1830, when his Anna Bolena was premiered in Milan.
Material about King can also be found in his own partly autobiographical On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft ( 2000 ), as well as scattered throughout King's Danse Macabre ( 1981 ).
Writing as well as painting was done on silk.
Writing for both Action Comics and Adventure Comics, beginning with Adventure Comics # 346 ( July 1966 ), Shooter provided not only writing but pencil breakdowns as well.
In addition to the annual Festival, Aldeburgh Music also runs the Britten-Pears Young Artist Programme ( formerly the Britten-Pears School for Advanced Musical Studies ), Aldeburgh Residencies-a programme offering bespoke training and development opportunities to UK and international artists – Aldeburgh Young Musicians for exceptionally talented young people between the ages of 8 and 18, The Jerwood Opera Writing Programme, for the development of new opera, as well as an extensive education programme.
The later film was well received and earned Delpy, who co-wrote the script, her first Academy Award nomination for Writing Adapted Screenplay.
Writing for the majority, Justice Brennan wrote that Massachusetts could not enforce the law onto married couples because of Griswold v. Connecticut, so the law worked " irrational discrimination " if not extended to unmarried couples as well.
PLU offers 35 undergraduate degrees in a wide array of disciplines as well as the following graduate degrees: Master of Arts in Education ; Master of Arts in Education with Initial Certification ; Master of Arts in Social Sciences, Marriage and Family Therapy ; Master of Business Administration ; Master of Science in Finance ; Master of Science in Nursing ; Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.
Some past events have included regularly scheduled Writing Workshops and Writer ’ s Nights in the Cafe as well as the sponsoring of various relevant speakers brought by other organizations.
Coady has been awarded the Canadian Authors Association / Air Canada Award for the best writer under thirty, as well as the Dartmouth Book and Writing Award for fiction.
Writing in The Washington Post, Harold Kneeland noted that Thunderball was " Not top Fleming, but still well ahead of the pack ", whilst Charles Poore, writing in The New York Times considered the Bond novels to be " post-Dostoevskian ventures in crime and punishment ".
Writing in Stereophile magazine, John Atkinson recalls his experience of an amplifier that performed well objectively and in blind listening tests, but did not sound good in actual use.
In his (" Discourse on Style "), pronounced before the Académie Française, he said, " Writing well consists of thinking, feeling and expressing well, of clarity of mind, soul and taste ....
Writing in The Times, Henry Raynor struggled to characterise their music: " It is not a pop group, not a folk group and not a jazz group, but what it attempts is music which is a synthesis of all these and other styles as well as interesting experiments in each of them individually.
* Pearson Test of English Academic ( PTE Academic ), a Pearson product, measure Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening as well as Grammar, Oral Fluency, Pronunciation, Spelling, Vocabular and Written Discourse.
Includes a Listening & Reading test as well as a Speaking & Writing test introduced in selected countries beginning in 2006.
He also left a number of works that have not been edited: " Historia de la Escritura " ( History of Writing ); " Paleografía universal " ( Universal Paleography ); " Moral de Confucio " ( the Moral of Confucius ); " Historia de las primeras colonias de América " ( History of the first American colonies ); " El hombre vuelto á la religión " ( The man turned to religion ), as well as tracts of a controversial or theological nature.
Designed by the firm of Perry, Dean, Rogers and Partners, the renovation provided space for College Media Services, the Writing Center, and a language lab as well.
Woody Allen received an Academy Award nomination for Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen, as well as a Writer's Guild of America nomination.
Departments in the School of Arts and Sciences include Biology ; Computer Science ; English ; Environmental Earth Science ; History ; Mathematics ; Performing Arts ; Physical Sciences ; Political Science ; Philosophy and Geography ; Psychology ; Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work ; Visual Arts ; World Languages and Cultures as well as the university's Writing Program.

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