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Wrote and Jim
Wrote Jim Langer, " All this was successful right away.
Wrote Jim Reeves ' hit country song " He'll Have to Go " with his first wife.

Wrote and We
Wrote Staubach, " I can say that I don't think I ever felt any better as an athlete than how I felt after that game ..." Nick Buoniconti wrote, " I was knocked senseless ... The Cowboys seemed to be moving so much faster than we were .... We were overmatched psychologically as well as physically.
* 1975 – And Then We Wrote ...
* 1975 – And Then We Wrote ...
Their first song, written when both boys were 11, was called ' Gee This Sounds Good, I Can't Believe We Wrote It '.
* 1999 The End Of The World As We Wrote It
British songwriting duo Flanders and Swann included a song Pillar to Post on their album, '' And Then We Wrote ''.
* 1934 ( 37 ) Wrote the songs " Santa Claus Is Coming to Town " ( over 4 million copies of sheet music sold ) and " For All We Know "
McCoy has also worked regularly on television ; his credits include starring in the NBC sitcom We Got It Made, and guest appearances on Murder, She Wrote, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Golden Girls, The Nanny, L. A. Law, Melrose Place, NYPD Blue, Chicago Hope, Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, Six Feet Under, The West Wing, Carnivàle, CSI: NY and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Wrote and just
By the end of the 1994 – 95 season, Murder, She Wrote < nowiki >'</ nowiki > s eleventh, Lansbury began to consider ending the series, as her advancing age became a concern ( she had just turned seventy ).
CBS cited that Murder, She Wrote was " skewing too old " in the ratings demographics, as — while the series was still successful, having just finished the eleventh season as the eighth-most watched program on television — they were not gaining the valued 18 – 49 ratings demographic that is most desired among networks.

Wrote and hit
An album titled The Nashville Sessions was released in 1983, from which he had a hit with "( I Think That I Just Wrote ) My First Country Song ", which was recorded with Conway Twitty and made a respectable showing on the country charts.
With Murder She Wrote debuting on Sunday, September 30, 1984, the producers were able to parlay their " mystery writer / amateur detective " premise into a 12-year hit for CBS.
Nick Tate has also made guest appearances on numerous hit TV series, such as The X-Files, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murder, She Wrote, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ( in the sixth season episode " Honor Among Thieves "), Farscape and in the Lost episode " Tabula Rasa ".
Wrote the # 1 hit " Counting The Beat "
He had guest-starring television roles on several hit series: Cheers ; Murder, She Wrote ; Empty Nest ; Beverly Hills, 90210 ; and JAG.
The band reached stardom during the early 1990s with hit singles like " Don't Treat Me Bad " " Reach For The Sky " and " All She Wrote ", as well as their signature ballads " I Live My Life for You ", " Love of a Lifetime ", and " When I Look Into Your Eyes ".
Other credits include guest roles on such hit television series as Cheers, Three's Company, The Incredible Hulk, Baretta, Family, Emergency !, McCloud, Marcus Welby, M. D., Magnum, P. I., Murder, She Wrote, Judging Amy, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman, E / R, and Simon & Simon.
Two distinctive tracks from this era were the Orb's " Little Fluffy Clouds " ( with a distinctive vocal sample from Ricky Lee Jones ) and the Happy Mondays ' " Wrote for Luck " (" WFL ") which was transformed into a dance hit by Paul Oakenfold.
In February and March 2007, Metcalf appeared as the " guest star " in a short UK tour of the West end hit The Play What I Wrote.
Columbia Records produced all their hit singles on the album Have Mercey like " Hello Mom ", " Who Wrote the Words ", and " Old Bill Jones ".

Wrote and defense
Wrote Dawson, " It was obvious that their offense had never seen a defense like ours.

Wrote and so
Wrote Hubbard: " Yesterday, we used an instrument called an E-Meter to register whether or not the process was still getting results so that the auditor would know how long to continue it.
* Sopan: Pre-sainthood name: Sopan Kulkarni: Wrote a book " Sopandevi " based on the Bhagvadgita's Marathi interpretation along with 50 or so abhangas.
Wrote critic Ron Wynn, " trumpet tone, timbre, approach, phrasing, and sound so closely mirror that of Miles Davis in his pre-jazz / rock phase that he's been savaged in many places for being a clone and unrepentant imitator ...

Wrote and they
Due to its demographic strength, Friends was able to charge almost three times as much for an advertisement as Murder, She Wrote, even though the two series had similar total viewer numbers during the seasons they were on the air together.
Due to its strength in young demos, Friends was able to charge almost three times as much for a commercial as Murder, She Wrote, even though the two series had similar total viewer numbers during the seasons they were on the air together.
In 1959, Willson and his wife Rini recorded an album called "... and Then I Wrote The Music Man ", in which they review the history of, and sing songs from, the show ( album cover shown at right ).
You Wrote It, You Watch It is a short-lived MTV sketch comedy series starring members of The State comedy troupe before they were given their own show by the network.
A few months later they recorded " Someone Who Cares " and " A Poem I Wrote For Your Hair " as the soundtrack for the romantic film " Fools " starring Jason Robards, Jr. and Katharine Ross.
After performing their material at various theaters, bars and clubs in New York City, they started work on the MTV show You Wrote It, You Watch It.

Wrote and what
Wrote what was widely accepted as the first computer programme

Wrote and them
Like several other series of the era, such as the previously mentioned The Love Boat and Murder, She Wrote, Fantasy Island employed many celebrity guest stars, often bringing them back repeatedly for different roles.
There are numerous references – nearly all of them disparaging – to other popular television shows of the time, such as ALF, The Cosby Show, Miami Vice, Matlock, The Equalizer, Webster, Moonlighting, Max Headroom, Designing Women, Dallas, T. J. Hooker ( referred to as JT Hooker ), and Murder, She Wrote.
She has made guest appearances on some TV shows, among them Battlestar Galactica, The Fall Guy, Knight Rider, Fudge, Columbo, Swamp Thing, 240 Robert, Murder, She Wrote, and Diagnosis: Murder.
She did multiple appearances on Murder, She Wrote, one of them as Freida, a secretary aiding Jessica Fletcher in finding a murderer on the episode Steal me a Story ( 1987 ).
She has made guest appearances on TV shows, among them Family Feud, Simon & Simon, Murder, She Wrote, FBI: The Untold Stories, and Chicago Hope.

Wrote and .
Angela Lansbury, who had played Miss Marple in the movie, The Mirror Crack'd, directed by Guy Hamilton, went on to star in the TV series Murder, She Wrote as Jessica Fletcher, a mystery novelist who also solves crimes.
Similarly, TV heroine Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote is confronted with bodies wherever she goes, but over the years corpses have also piled up in the streets of Cabot Cove, Maine, where she lives.
Feeling That He Had Been " Deceived " As To The Nature Of The Inner Waterway, Port Gardner ( Now Saratoga Passage ) he Wrote On His Chart " Deception Pass.
* Frederick Douglass: When the Lion Wrote History / a co-production of ROJA Productions and WETA-TV.
Kabir also played roles on Dynasty, Murder, She Wrote, Magnum, P. I., Hunter, Knight Rider and Highlander: The Series amongst others.
Wrote the music for the song The Internationale ( d. 1932 )
An equally simple argument is made by Columbia University professor James S. Shapiro, author of the book Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare?
* Aristotle: Wrote his Politics as an extension of his Nicomachean Ethics.
* Bernhardus Varenius ( 1622 – 1650 ), Wrote his important work " General Geography " ( 1650 ), first overview of the geography, the foundation of modern geography.
* Wrote and produced a sound and song depiction of Merseyside called Echoes of Merseyside (( Transatlantic Records, LPDE 101 ) for the Liverpool Echo newspaper.
Wrote Nick Buoniconti, " There was no way we were going to lose the Super Bowl ; there was no way.
Some of the most popular TV series which premiered during the 1980s or carried over from the 1970s include: Alf, Airwolf, The A-Team, Dynasty, Dallas, Knight Rider, MacGyver, Magnum, P. I., Miami Vice, Diff ' rent Strokes, The Jeffersons, The Facts of Life, The Cosby Show, Murder, She Wrote, 21 Jump Street, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Night Court, Who's the Boss ?, Family Matters, Quantum Leap, Saved by the Bell, Roseanne, Full House, The Golden Girls, Cheers, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Seinfeld, The Simpsons and Married ... with Children.
When Moessinger was hired as executive producer for Murder, She Wrote, he offered Straczynski a job as co-producer.
He wrote an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Showtime network, which was nominated for a Writer's Guild of America award, and a Murder, She Wrote movie, Murder, She Wrote: A Story to Die For, which he produced.

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