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Wymondham and held
The 1973 oil crisis led to a meeting being held at Dereham in 1974 by the Railway Development Society in order to petition for the restoration of passenger services between Wymondham and Fakenham.

Wymondham and its
Disputes between the Wymondham and St. Albans monks were quite common, and in 1448, following a successful petition to the king, the Pope granted Wymondham the right to become an Abbey in its own right.
Frances Pawlett ( or Paulet ), a skilled cheese maker, of Wymondham, is credited as the person who gave Stilton its first quality and shape standards.
Mid-Norfolk Railway facilitates commercial freight trains, using its connection with the National Rail network at Wymondham.
The village once had its own station, North Elmham railway station, on the Mid-Norfolk Railway line from Wymondham to Fakenham.

Wymondham and on
It began at Wymondham on 8 July 1549 with a group of rebels destroying fences that had been put up by wealthy landowners.
Kett was hanged from the walls of Norwich Castle on 7 December 1549 ; on the same day William was hanged from the west tower of Wymondham Abbey.
The monks had, apparently willingly, already signed the Oath of Supremacy, and were given generous pensions-Elisha Ferrers, the last Abbot, became Vicar of Wymondham ( the fine sixteenth century sedilia on the south side of the chancel is said to be his memorial ).
Kett's Oak, said to be the rallying point for the rebellion, may still be seen today on the B1172 road between Wymondham and Hethersett.
The Great Fire of Wymondham broke out on Sunday 11 June 1615.
The register of St Andrew's Church in Norwich records that John Flodder and others were executed on 2 December 1615 for the burning of Wymondham.
Construction of this housing estate began after much opposition and, more recently, plans for a new housing estate on a green-field site on the Wicklewood-side of Wymondham.
A campaign group known as " Fight for Wymondham " has been formed by local residents to oppose this development, on the grounds that it will destroy Wymondham's character as a historic market town and potentially overwhelm local services and pose a threat to wildlife.
* Information from Genuki Norfolk on Wymondham.
The Monarchist League had become virtually dormant by the mid-1980s, although Michael Wynne-Parker continued to engage in debates on behalf of the league, such as the one in 1982 at Wymondham College, Norfolk, when the motion, proposed by a Mr. Matehall, a member of the Communist Party, was " This House would Abolish the Monarchy ".
Reverend Richard Bucke of Wymondham officiated her marriage to John Rolfe on April 5, 1614.
The road continues, bypassing Thetford, Attleborough and Wymondham, although up until recently it ran through the centre of Thetford, causing heavy traffic on the route.
The line to King's Lynn was closed in 1968, and the last passenger train on the Dereham to Wymondham line ran in 1969 although the railway remained open for freight until 1989.
He attended Wymondham College, where he sang in the punk bands, the Electric Hoax and Private Party ( the name of the latter was based on the idea that the band's shows would not be attended, due to prospective audiences thinking that the event was a " private party ").
In 1994 the British Railways Property Board granted the MNRS access to the railway line between Wymondham and North Elmham on a temporary ' care and maintenance ' basis.
The ownership of the line between Wymondham and Dereham was passed from British Railways Board ( Residuary ) Limited to the Mid-Norfolk Railway Preservation Trust by Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 2262 on 23 September 1997.
The first preservation-era train to operate between Dereham and Wymondham ran on 8 February 1998, when a works train hauled by 20069 and Ruston & Hornsby 0-4-0 ' County School ran as part of preparations for a March freight test train.
Following the completion of infrastructure work, such as the replacement of the water tower at Dereham and the provision of an inspection pit, steam passenger services returned to the Dereham to Wymondham Abbey section on Sunday 30 April 2006.
Although the locomotive was too small to operate a scheduled service over the line it was used for a number of crew training runs, and, on Monday 12 June 2000, it became the first steam locomotive in preservation to operate over the entire route between Dereham and Wymondham.
He was brought up in Catton on the outskirts of Norwich and went to Wymondham College before going to study for a Ph. D. in fluid dynamics at Cambridge University ( Churchill College ) in 1982, although he did not complete his thesis and so did not become Dr. Gascoyne .< ref >
The Berkeley Baronetcy, of Wymondham in the County of Leicester, was created in the Baronetage of England on 29 June 1611 for Henry Berkeley of Wymondham, Leicestershire, a descendant of Thomas Berkeley, younger son of Thomas de Berkeley, 1st Baron Berkeley.

Wymondham and 6
The town also hosts the headquarters of the Mid-Norfolk Railway, which runs trains over an 11. 5-mile railway to Wymondham, as well as owning the line 6 miles north to North Elmham and County School Station.
The 11. 5 miles ( 18. 5 km ) line extends between Dereham and Wymondham ; and the Trust owns the further 6 miles ( 10 km ) of disused railway to County School station near North Elmham, although there is a break of around a mile between North Elmham and County School where the track is no longer in situ.

Wymondham and July
Kett's rebellion, or " the commotion time " as it was also called in Norfolk, began in July 1549 in the small market town of Wymondham, nearly ten miles south-west of Norwich.

Wymondham and St
He became a monk at St Albans, where he appears to have passed the whole of his monastic life, excepting a period from 1394 to 1396 during which he was prior of Wymondham Abbey, Norfolk, England, another Benedictine house.
The main religious houses in the medieval diocese were the Benedictine Abbeys of Bury St Edmunds, Wymondham, and St Benet's of Hulm, the cathedral priory of Norwich, along with the Cistercian Abbey of Sibton, the only Cistercian Abbey in East Anglia ( the ruins now privately owned by the Levett-Scrivener family ), and the abbeys of the Augustinian Canons at Wendling, Langley, and Laystone.

Wymondham and Thomas
Comparable discontent manifested itself in the seventeenth century when a number of Wymondham citizens, including Thomas Lincoln, John Beal and others emigrated to Hingham, Norfolk in the wave of religious dissent that swept England in the years preceding Cromwell's Commonwealth.

Wymondham and Abbey
One of their first targets was Sir John Flowerdew, a lawyer and landowner at Hethersett who was unpopular for his role as overseer of the demolition of Wymondham Abbey ( part of which was the parish church ) during the dissolution of the monasteries and for enclosing land.
Kett had been prominent among the parishioners in saving their parish church when Wymondham Abbey was demolished and this had led to conflict with Flowerdew.
* Wymondham Abbey in Norfolk is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, a Grade I Listed Building, and lies in Wymondham Conservation Area.
Wymondham Abbey ( pronounced Windham ) is situated in the town of Wymondham in Norfolk, England.
Wymondham Abbey nave The monastery church was completed by about 1130, and originally was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
King Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries brought about the closure of Wymondham Abbey, which was surrendered to the King in 1538.
* Wymondham Abbey Homepage
* Wymondham Abbey Images
Wymondham Abbey is the Church of England parish church.
Wymondham station is the junction for the Mid-Norfolk Railway, although their trains, running 11. 5 miles ( 19 km ) north to Dereham operate from the separate Wymondham Abbey station.
* Wymondham Abbey
Class 101 in early BR green and whiskers livery at Wymondham Abbey station, August 2009
Passenger services between Dereham and Wymondham commenced in 1999, with the opening of Wymondham Abbey railway station.

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