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from Brown Corpus
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Yet and after
Yet, after Rousseau had given the social contract a new twist with his notion of the General Will, the same philosophy, it may be said, became the idea source of the French Revolution also.
Yet after 1832, the interrelations of economic and social and political affairs become blurred and the narrative becomes largely a conventional political account.
Yet Britain In The Nineteenth Century became the vade mecum of beginning students of history, went through edition after edition, and continues to be reprinted up to the very present.
Yet, if the argument is turned awry, there may be found a great deal in Bryan's view, after all.
Yet there were other motivations and actions which the Belgians took after independence for which history may not find them guiltless.
Yet, even after all these stratagems, the conscience of Christian liberality is still not laid to rest, any more than is the conscience of Harvard University for having done the abject penance for its rejection of Ralph Waldo Emerson's The Divinity School Address of naming its hall of philosophy after him.
Yet Janda ( 2010 ) considers the connection with " foam " genuine, identifying the myth of Aphrodite rising out of the waters after Cronus defeats Uranus as a mytheme of Proto-Indo-European age.
Yet there were a few recruits, such as Clement Davies, who had deserted to the National Liberals in 1931 but now returned to the party during the World War II and who would lead it after the war.
Yet some still fought on ; and it was not until long after nightfall, when many a ship was blazing from the firebrands thrown upon them, that the work was done.
Yet the full importance of his contributions was not appreciated till long after his death.
Yet, seven years after the Allies ’ Potsdam Agreement to a unified Germany, the USSR via the Stalin Note ( 10 March 1952 ) proposed German reunification and superpower disengagement from Central Europe, which the three Western Allies ( US, France, UK ) rejected.
Yet in 1971 the teams were engaged in a heated race that went down to the final week of the season, where Miami won its first division title with a 10 – 3 – 1 title compared to the 10 – 4 Baltimore record after the Colts won the Week 13 matchup between them at home, but proceeded to lose the last game of the season to Boston.
Yet after the second return from Judea, John and his companions went back again to their trade of fishing until he and they were called by Christ to definitive discipleship (; ).
Yet the most important aspect of the 1970 uniform change was the adoption of one of the more distinctive logos in sports ; a Phillies " P " that, thanks to its unique shape and " baseball stitched " center swirl, remained instantly recognizable and admired, long after its regular use had ended.
Yet, when King Edward returned to England after his victory at the Battle of Falkirk, Annandale and Carrick were excepted from the Lordships and lands which he assigned to his followers.
Yet the Air Force and military planners were, in the mid-1950s, reluctant to simply hand over the nuclear strike capability to missiles, which after launch were no longer under positive control, could not be recalled or redirected, and would reach their targets within a matter of minutes after the order to fire.
" Yet after the death of Jesus, the inclusion of the Gentiles as equals in this burgeoning sect of Judaism also caused problems, particularly when it came to Gentiles keeping the Mosaic Law, which was both a major issue at the Council of Jerusalem and a theme of Paul's Epistle to the Galatians, though the relationship of Paul of Tarsus and Judaism is still disputed today.
Yet the gossip became rampant after the suicides of Charles Cramer ( Veterans Bureau ) and Jess Smith ( Justice Dept.
Yet in October 1768 he resigned after a catastrophic ministry, leaving such leadership as he could give to Grafton, his First Lord of the Treasury.
Yet another set of late myths detail the adventures of Isis after the birth of Osiris's posthumous son, Horus.
Yet after Keynes's death he wrote:
Yet his liberalism was of the most cautious and moderate character, as the Opposition, shortly after his accession ( 8 March 1844 ), discovered to their great chagrin.

Yet and long
Yet long before the scheduled time for return, Donovan would be watching for every speck in the sky.
Yet certain aids were valuable and quite credibly necessary for reciting long stretches of verse without a pause.
Yet in the case of Pericles, it is wrong to see his power as coming from his long series of annual generalships ( each year along with nine others ).
Yet, Lutherans and Orthodox are in agreement that the Second Council of Nicaea confirms the christological teaching of the earlier councils and in setting forth the role of images ( icons ) in the lives of the faithful reaffirms the reality of the incarnation of the eternal Word of God, when it states: " The more frequently, Christ, Mary, the mother of God, and the saints are seen, the more are those who see them drawn to remember and long for those who serve as models, and to pay these icons the tribute of salutation and respectful veneration.
Yet long cultural traditions and deprived economies do not respond readily to moral lectures pushed by international bodies.
Yet Baum could never stay away from the stage long.
Yet, they are able to dive as deep as 20m and remained submerged as long as 60 sec.
Yet the Poem contains many delicate touches of passion, and indeed the passion is every where true to nature, a great number of the stanzas present beautiful images, and are expressed with unusual felicity of language ; and the versification, though the metre is itself unfit for long poems, is harmonious and artfully varied, exhibiting the utmost powers of that metre, and every variety of which it is capable.
Yet, the Dudley brothers were only welcome at court as long as King Philip was there, otherwise they were even suspected of associating with people who conspired against Mary's regime.
Yet throughout these phases of his style " he remained most emphatically a Jewish artist, whose work was one long dreamy reverie of life in his native village of Vitebsk.
Yet I liked not to pray to a jealous God there where the frail affectionate gods whom the heathen love were being humbly invoked ; so I bethought me, instead, of Sheol Nugganoth, whom the men of the jungle have long since deserted, who is now unworshipped and alone ; and to him I prayed.
Yet it was not long before Thor fell to his knee, on one foot.
Yet this is not an exclusive element ; there is a long line of artists, from Gianni Ruffi to Roberto Barni, from Silvio Pasotti to Umberto Bignardi and Claudio Cintoli who take on reality as a toy, as a great pool of imagery from which to draw material with disenchantment and frivolity, questioning the traditional linguistic role models with a renewed spirit of " let me have fun " à la Aldo Palazzeschi.
Yet in Arturo Uslar-Pietri's vague, ample usage, magical realism was wildly successful in summarizing for many readers their perception of much Latin American fiction ; this fact suggests that the term has its uses, so long as it is not expected to function with the precision expected of technical, scholarly terminology.
Yet, that millisecond ( or so ) is long enough for a snapshot of the retinal image to be stored, and to enable its further processing.
Yet another suggestion has been that the population changes may be linked with long term climatic cycles such as the El Niño – Southern Oscillation.
Yet another possible factor was the incumbent's complacency: its original application was a mere 16-pages long.
Yet his delay to publish it lasted too long, as it was Joseph Scott in 1795 who published the first post-revolutionary American gazetteer, his Gazetteer of the United States.
Yet another approach, very ancient in origins, but most commonly heard in the 1990s, was that Romans dominated as long as they had dominance of strategic technologies-weapons, warships, siege engines, and the like.
Yet, they were not settled long in that city when, in 1779, the British captured Augusta.
Yet, despite everything that has occurred, Max puts his finger under her chin and the two look into each other's eyes for a long moment.

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