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Page "lore" ¶ 13
from Brown Corpus
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Yet and spite
Yet, the Welsh retained their language and culture in spite of heavy English dominance.
Yet in spite of Josquin's colossal reputation, which endured until the beginning of the Baroque era and was revived in the 20th century, his biography is shadowy, and we know next to nothing about his personality.
Yet in spite of his genuine shock and pain, Cagney stayed in character and played out the rest of the scene.
Yet his posthumous reputation seems to have suffered in consequence, in spite of all his Gallic sympathies and not unsuccessful endeavours to apotheosize the " Irish Brigade ".
Yet in spite of these tensions free elections were able to be held under de León's rule.
Yet in spite of this demand for the outward display of obedience, the drive to gain acceptance did not go unchallenged, even within the movement.
Yet in spite of her newly expressed confidence in the state, Chapman seemingly felt little responsibility to former slaves once they were freed.
" Yet, in spite of Braxfield ’ s vindictive ferocity and the unprecedented sentence of 14 years transportation, Muir ’ s manly conduct and fiery oratory were so impressive that the entire effect of the trial misfired.
Yet, in spite of its popularity, the Onin War and subsequent Warring States Period disrupted biwa tutelage and decreased the number of proficient users.
Yet in spite of these underprivileged conditions she managed to progress to a standard where she could claim medals at both the Summer Olympics and IAAF World Championships in Athletics.
Yet the Spanish army very nearly succeeded in spite of internal dissensions that had compromised its regular command.
Yet, in spite of his reunion with Black Uhuru, Rose still tours, records and releases material as a solo artist.
Yet in spite of his formality, he had the unusual ability to put men at their ease by his courtesy, lack of condescension, his frankness, and what his contemporaries looked upon as the essential goodness and kindness of heart which he always radiated .”
Yet, in spite of all, he was one of the greatest masters of The English School, uniting in his work the magic of Gainsborough with the delicacy of an old Dutch painter.
Yet, in spite of this, Joan is praised for boldly answering the questions put to her.
Yet he is today quite unknown, in spite of the new interest aroused by popular literature.
Yet, in spite of being subjected to harsh interrogations, he never retreated from his beliefs ; the 72-year-old former principal continued to assert the value of freedom of religion as a fundamental human rights.
Yet the thumb-nail sketches of the characters are as good as ever and in spite of the over-elaborate nature of the puzzle there is plenty of entertainment.
Yet, in spite of the previous disasters, by Abbot Gasquet's computation ninety-one houses belonging to the canons regular wee suppressed or surrendered at the time of the Reformation between 1538 and 1540, with one thousand and eighty-three inmates — namely, Austin Canons, fifty-nine houses and seven hundred and seventy-three canons ; Premonstratensians, nineteen houses and one hundred and fifty-one religious.
Yet Kurbas was determined to pursue his course in spite of the increasing threats.
Yet in spite of his focus on counterpoint, Werckmeister's work emphasized underlying harmonic principles.

Yet and intensive
Yet, in the early 20th century, the socio-economic backwardness of Imperial Russia ( uneven and combined economic development ) facilitated rapid and intensive industrialization, which produced a united, working-class proletariat in a predominantly rural, agrarian peasant society.
Yet a decline in mature trees due to intensive harvesting lately has caused a slowdown and the practice of more sustainable forestry.

Yet and study
Yet, Freud's text is in no way a psycho-historical work since the focus of the study is to examine and explain the level of individual psyche which may arise from the influence of the structures of civilization.
Yet Adorno's attempts to break out of the sociology of music were, at this time, twice thwarted: neither the study of Mannheim he had been working on for years nor extracts from his study of Husserl were accepted by the Zeitschrift.
Yet the evolution of harmonic practice and language itself, in Western art music, is and was facilitated by this process of prior composition ( which permitted the study and analysis by theorists and composers alike of individual pre-constructed works in which pitches ( and to some extent rhythms ) remained unchanged regardless of the nature of the performance ).
Yet he believed it might have taken a beginner 20 years of study to achieve this kind of movement.
" Yet his desire for truthfulness was more expansive, and the letters home to Philadelphia reveal a passion for realism that included, but was not limited to, the study of the figure.
Yet her thought has continued to be the subject of extensive scholarship across a wide range of fields ; a meta study from the University of Calgary found that between 1995 and 2012, over 2500 new scholarly works had been published about her.
Yet in Du " Cubisme " Jean Metzinger and Albert Gleizes articulate: " If we wished to relate the space of the painters to geometry, we should have to refer it to the non-Euclidian mathematicians ; we should have to study, at some length, certain of Riemann's theorems.
Yet The Golden Bough, his study of ancient cults, rites, and myths, including their parallels with early Christianity, arguably his greatest work, is still rifled by modern mythographers for its detailed information.
Yet, a study of Hispanic adolescent females indicated a high prevalence and impact in this group.
Yet he saw no reason to study too hard, and usually skipped school to play football or other sports.
Yet the study of even very expensive algorithms is not a completely theoretical pursuit as they can yield valuable insights.
Yet, despite the promising results of a six-month study of the therapeutic effectiveness of the Thai Breast Slap, the research physician recommended to the participant women that they also contribute to augmenting their busts by gaining weight.
Yet in the same study it was shown that, once the transition from metaphase to anaphase is initiated in one part of the cell, this information is extended all along the cytoplasm, and can overcome the signal " wait to enter in anaphase " associated to a second spindle containing unattached kinetochores.
Yet, there were nuances in the motives for the murder of family members, and study of the patterns of domestic homicide among different ethnic groups reveals basic cultural differences.
* Hit Song Science Is Not Yet a Science-a study that appeared in ISMIR 2008.
Yet even as calls to study the concept were made, investigation of the conative faculty began to shrink.
Yet the gift will not be denied, and finally the Rebbe intercedes and allows Asher to study under one of the greatest living artists, Jacob Kahn, a non-observant Jew who is an admirer of the Rebbe.
Yet another study, by Swan et al., has determined that the AGD is linked to fertility in males, not penis size.
Yet another study found that substitution from maternal care to other informal care had caused a significant drop in performance of young children.
Yet Montesquieu's political treatise had an enormous influence on the work of many others, most notably: Catherine the Great, who produced Nakaz ( Instruction ); the Founding Fathers of the United States Constitution ; and Alexis de Tocqueville, who applied Montesquieu's methods to a study of American society, in Democracy in America.
Yet he was no book-worm, for he liked to study life at first hand in the contact with men and events, and for this larger training, he found himself fitted by the home training where he received those elemental virtues essential to winning anything worthwhile, and to a bent towards clean out of door sports, where through tramping and fishing he got close to nature, and through athletic contests he trained mind and muscle to discipline.
Yet my study of the antique at art school made me sympathetic to this earnest devotee of classicism.

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