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from Brown Corpus
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Yet and last
Yet in 1971 the teams were engaged in a heated race that went down to the final week of the season, where Miami won its first division title with a 10 – 3 – 1 title compared to the 10 – 4 Baltimore record after the Colts won the Week 13 matchup between them at home, but proceeded to lose the last game of the season to Boston.
Yet Solano López would have done well to heed his father's last words to avoid aggressive acts in foreign affairs, especially with Brazil.
Accepting Aradia as the source of skyclad practice, Robert Chartowich points to the 1998 Pazzaglini translation of these lines, which read " Men and Women / You will all be naked, until / Yet he shall be dead, the last / Of your oppressors is dead.
Yet, in these last days, new truth must come from God in order that mankind be able to accomplish what is, yet, undone.
" Yet I was once your emperor ," were his last words.
Yet another group is that of unintended puns, such as " There were 150 drug-related deaths in Glasgow last year, an all-time high ", (" high " being slang for the euphoric state induced by many drugs ).
Yet this period was not to last, and as the coal seams became tapped out and the processes outdated and replaced with modern mechanical technology, communities like Penn-Pitt and Poland Mines began to fade as their reason for existence ceased.
Yet, the people of Estonia could often hear the melody, as Finland's state broadcaster Yleisradio, whose radio and television broadcasts were received in Northern Estonia, played an instrumental version of the Finnish national anthem, identical to this song ( except for an additional repetition of the last verse in the Finnish version ), at closedown every night.
Yet, in these last days, new truth must come from God in order that mankind be able to accomplish what is, yet, undone.
Yet by the 1990s, and after significant government fiscal participation, the last 13 Puerto Rican centrales azucares were forced to shut down as well, marking the end of haciendas in Puerto Rico.
Yet despite internal factional struggles the party was to grow during this period attracting support from the minorities and among the working class outdistancing the PPS in the last more or less free elections held in March 1928.
His last album for RCA was an Al Jolson tribute, You Ain't Heard Nothin ' Yet.
1982 saw Riddle work for the last time with Ella Fitzgerald, on her last orchestral Pablo album, The Best Is Yet to Come.
Yet, his ambitions were soon thwarted by Louis I of Hungary, who became the next king of Poland on the ground of earlier pacts, and nullified the Piast's last will.
Yet for the last two years, the Department of Justice has been sitting on an application to reopen his case ….
Yet dazzling as their scoring is, his last works are in no sense a mere succession of sonic events.
Yet the last Emperor, Charles I, used his imperial title until the end of his life.
Yet even this last try for revolution against Romulus goes awry.
Yet the following morning, engines sucking their last gallons of fuel, all seven bombers arrived safely in Northern Ireland.
Yet while the Sharks have failed to reach a final in the last five years, they haven't finished lower than sixth in the Championship and remain a force to be reckoned with in the BBL.
Yet the toll road was opened on December 15, 2010 together with the first portion of the Skyway Stage 2 from Bicutan to Sucat with free tolls up to the last day of December 2010, as their ' Christmas gift ' for the public.
Yet for the last 30 years of his life, while employed by the National Farmers ' Union, serving on the Nugent Committee ( the Defence Lands Committee that investigated which parts of the Ministry of Defence holdings could be returned to private ownership ) and throughout his later career as a TV personality, he sought-in entertaining ways-to question and rebut metropolitan assumptions about the character and function of the countryside.
Yet another variation is the one where the first wishes go wrong and through the last one, the protagonist ( s ) end up exactly the way they were from the beginning.

Yet and volume
:" Anyone who studies Bahá ' ísm learns very soon of the volume sacred to those who profess this religion and known as " The Most Holy Book ... Yet, strange to say, although the teachings of Bahá have been widely proclaimed in Great Britain and America, only fragments of al-Kitab al-Aqdas have been translated previously into English.
Yet, both the number of people going swimming and the volume of ice cream sales increase as the weather gets hotter, and presumably the number of deaths by drowning is correlated with the number of people going swimming.
Yet another volume, New Essays by De Quincey, appeared in 1966.
Yet, when his volume of verse, Stolen Moments, was published in Sydney in 1842, the list of subscribers included many of the most distinguished people in the colony ( including Colonel Gibbes, to whom the poetry book was dedicated ).
Yet, in his final volume of Main Currents he concluded that the Jeffersonian farmer, the Progressives ' traditional democratic hero, had joined forces with the greedy business community to produce a destructive form of capitalism which culminated in the 1920s.
He discovered this while writing the first volume of his autobiography, In Memory Yet Green ( 1979 ), and reprinted the story in Section 30 of that book.

Yet and probably
Yet it was probably only in the middle of the next century, at the earliest, that Jerusalem again became the capital of Judah.
Yet the most significant legal reform was probably that concerning the Justices of the Peace.
Yet Baader is no disciple of Schelling, and he probably gave more than he received.
Yet, apart from the title, we find only traditional Italian musical terms within the work, suggesting that Beethoven was probably trying to make a point in his use of Veränderungen.
Yet he also observes that this is likely false because they were made from brick and therefore most probably from Roman times.
Yet, though obvious using echocardiography visualization, probably about 20 % of cases of mitral regurgitation do not produce an audible murmur.
Yet the tour probably marked a decade of improvement as a competitive team.
Yet relations with Go-Mizunoo deteriorated after the, during which the Emperor was accused of having bestowed honorific purple garments to more than ten priests despite an edict which banned them for two years ( probably in order to break the bond between the Emperor and religious circles ).
Yet despite these difficulties, Stout ’ s analysis has to a large extent brought a degree of finality to the debate of the dating and use of ringforts, with it being more or less certain that the vast majority were probably occupied and constructed in the second half of the first millennium.
Yet, according to David Brodbeck, this account probably only describes the dress rehearsal ( the Philharmonic ’ s dress rehearsals were open to a limited audience ), arguing that there is no other way to explain the presence of Brahms and Dvořák on stage during a performance.
Yet the abstract distinctions of " big change " versus " little change " will probably continue to exist, simply taking new forms.
" Yet he also warned, " return to ' free ' competition means for the great mass of people a tyranny probably worse, because more irresponsible, than that of the state.
Yet when Hitler landed safely at his East Prussian headquarters, it became obvious that the bomb had failed to detonate ( probably due to the extremely low temperature in the unheated luggage compartment preventing the fuse from working ).
Yet with 11 Platoon engaged from its left, front and right, it became clear that the Viet Cong force was stronger than a platoon, and was probably at least company-sized.
Yet mutants in which kinetochore structure is lost ( for instance Ndc10 mutants in yeast ) are deficient both in the connection to microtubules and in the ability to activate the spindle checkpoint, probably because kinetochores work as a platform in which the components of the response are assembled.
Yet another port was probably the first network-aware game which could be played across the modern Internet, in 1986.
Yet others defend the " traditional " interpretation, calling the alternative " probably not the best translation ".
Yet the fact that the patriarch Eulogius of Alexandria ( who probably lived 582-603 ) disputed successfully against the Samaritan followers of Dostan ( Δοσϑήν ) or Dositheus, and wrote a work expressly against them ( Photius, " Bibliotheca ," cod.
Yet the Q1 title page refers to an even earlier edition ; this was probably by Jeffes, and no known copy exists.
Yet the same artist almost certainly produced both pages, and is very confident in both styles ; the evangelist portrait of John includes roundels with Celtic spiral decoration probably drawn from the enamelled escutcheons of hanging bowls.
Yet she was not charged, probably as part of a deal in return for her testimony.
Yet Colonel Edson is probably among the five finest combat commanders in all the United States armed forces.
Yet it is also worth noting that his election probably spared New York city a turbulent period of score-settling over Rudy Giuliani's legacy.
Yet a third theory was proposed by the National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research of Pakistan that " the name is most probably derived from the title Patola, the Buddhist royal dynasty which was powerful in the region from to 8th centuries AD.

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