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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 409
from Brown Corpus
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Yet and attitude
Yet, such an attitude in regard to the murder of vom Rath is necessary, in order to save the Jews of the Third Reich, whose lives are becoming more and more precarious in regard to the prosperity, their health, their futures, etc.
Yet " Justinian I succeeded in imposing his ecclesiastical policies on the papacy and Pope Gregory the Great maintained an attitude of political loyalty to the empire ."< ref > T.
Yet, to the Chinese public, Mao Zedong proposed a belligerent attitude towards capitalist countries, an initial rejection of peaceful coexistence, which he perceived as Marxist revisionism from the Soviet Union.
Yet another common attitude is that the low dialect — which is everyone's native language — ought to be abandoned in favor of the high dialect, which presently is nobody's native language.
Yet due to a march-pass in 1774 and easygoing attitude of soldiers another fire started in Kutno.
Yet a certain event that took place on 3 July 1940, would help to change the German attitude towards France still having armed forces, even as a conquered nation.
Yet by the 1350s the general attitude towards the novi cives had changed much, as even Villani's brother Matteo depicted them in a heroic light for being united in a coalition with the merchants and artisans to curb oligarchic power.
Yet such matters seem something of an irrelevance, since they only reflect an attitude of the time adopted by a celebrated pioneer of the harpsichord revival in the twentieth century.
Yet, the community attitude towards homeless shelters varies widely.
" Yet, after 1945 when Second World War was over, his disloyal attitude to the patriotic attitude was quickly forgotten by Polish fans of his talent.
Yet Israel's attitude towards its Bedouin citizens has always been positive.
Yet, Muslims are taught to be moderate in their behavior and attitude, such that they should not indulge in excessive actions ( or extremism ) in their zeal to be the best of example for mankind-‘ Moderation in behavior and attitude, yet dynamic and progressive in thinking and practice .’ ( Ibrahim JCH, 2007 ).

Yet and fate
Yet for Seneca, and for Marcus Aurelius – both professed Stoics – the degradation of gladiators in the munus highlighted their Stoic virtues: their unconditional obedience to their master and to fate, and equanimity in the face of death.
Yet much is still left a mystery in Dwarven history ; the Dwarves ' true fate is left unknown.
Marley warns Scrooge that he risks meeting the same fate, and that as a final chance of escape he will be visited by three spirits: Past, Present, and Yet to Come.
Yet Smyslov was to write in his autobiographical games collection Smyslov's Best Games, " I have no reason to complain of my fate.
Yet, as fate would have it, around 1933, young Jawara ’ s formal education was sponsored by a friend of his father ’ s, a trader named Ebrima Youma Jallow, whose trading post was across the street from Alammi ’ s in Wally-Kunda.
Yet even in his grief, he realizes that he could not commit the same crime twice and allow Cordelia to suffer the same fate, so he joins Angel, Wesley, and Lorne to rescue her.
Yet, as fate would have it, Ampersand was misdelivered to Yorick and when the plague struck, the compound ended up having the opposite effect on non-cloned mammals, shielding all three of them from " god's wrath.
Yet fate ( wyrd ) turned against him when he lost his lord, kinsmen and comrades in battle and was driven into exile.
Yet a lifetime of superficiality and cynicism cannot be so easily eradicated and when fate intervenes and Pechorin ’ s horse collapses, he undertakes no further effort to reach his one hope of redemption: “ I saw how futile and senseless it was to pursue lost happiness.
I wept and swallowed my own tears … And I cursed the fate that bound me to him … Yet even as I cursed and condemned, the tears rose.
Yet even sixty years later the historian Claude G. Bowers in his partisan history The Tragic Era ( 1929 ) showed a mean comfort in the fate of Richardson, and the tarnishing of Beecher, Colfax, and Greeley by the scandal ( as though they were responsible, not McFarland ).
Yet another group incorporated the DuPage Interurban Electric Railway in 1897, but was met with a similar fate.

Yet and Presidency
Yet another Oakley Romney, Marion G. Romney, was a Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Yet and demands
Yet now the very spirit of the times demands great, courageous purity.
Yet it clearly retains the stability, gravity and immediacy that a coat of arms demands.
* Television show Danger Man episode " Don't Nail Him Yet " -- Patrick McGoohan recites the first stanza when he catches a navy officer selling secrets and the contact demands to know who McGoohans is.
Yet despite the policies aimed at maintaining job security, Brown & Sharpe began to make demands that sat uneasily with its workers and union leaders.

Yet and such
Yet his concern even here is with a slowly changing socio-economic order in general, and he never deals with such specific aspects of this change as the urban and industrial impact.
Yet as an evocation of time past, there are few such successful portraits in English historical literature.
Yet even in the more extreme of such cases we seldom go very far astray in guessing what his age actually is.
Yet we who lean upon such a man and draw strength from him and expect interpretation of the infinite through him -- we who readily accept his sacrifice as our due, we of the congregations are the first to tell him what is in our minds instead of listening to what is in his soul.
Yet are not we of the mid-twentieth century, who rightly do not believe there is any such `` thing '' as the devil, just as bad off as they -- only in a different way??
Yet such is the dramatic power of his writing that the audience is nevertheless left in the grip of the terrible power and potency of that which came over Salem.
Yet the fact remains that such institutions do set men at odds with their fellows.
Yet there were a few recruits, such as Clement Davies, who had deserted to the National Liberals in 1931 but now returned to the party during the World War II and who would lead it after the war.
Yet heart problems often produce no symptoms until very advanced, and many symptoms, such as palpitations and sensations of extra or missing heart beats correlate poorly with relative heart health vs disease.
Yet for all the failings of Erewhon, it is also clearly not a dystopia, such as that depicted by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Yet in nations or regions where traditional folk music is a badge of cultural or national identity, the loss of traditional music can be slowed ; this is held to be true, for instance in the case of Bangladesh, Hungary, India, Ireland, Scotland, Latvia, Turkey, Portugal, Brittany, and Galicia, Greece and Crete all of which retain their traditional music to some degree, in some such areas the decline of traditional music and loss of traditions has been reversed.
Yet these are not solely bleak in nature and demonstrate the artist's sharp satirical wit, particularly evident in etchings such as Hunting for Teeth.
Yet the timekeeping device with such accuracy would eventually also allow the determination of longitude accurately, making the device a fundamental key to the modern age.
Yet there are many different types of motor vehicles such as motor scooters, motor cycles, trucks, cars and SUVs and many variations even within these categories.
Yet, such sauces tend to have high amounts of salt, sugar, other substances a person may wish or even need to avoid.
Yet such was the authority of this wanton, that no man dared fall out with his successful rival ; he was only too happy to be allowed to visit as a familiar friend ," Saint-Simon wrote.
Yet an area of distinct law known as the Kanuns ( canonical legislation ) was dependent on Suleiman's will alone, covering areas such as criminal law, land tenure and taxation.
Yet even if human eyes and brains may be built in such a way that the same wavelengths stand out for everybody, still it is conceivable that for different individuals these wavelengths could evoke experiences that differ.
Yet cooperation, and even altruism and morality, are prevalent, even in the absence of coercion, even though it seems that a properly self-regarding individual should reject all such social strictures and limitations.
Yet in October 1768 he resigned after a catastrophic ministry, leaving such leadership as he could give to Grafton, his First Lord of the Treasury.
Yet, Cubism itself remained evolutionary both within the oeuvre of individual artists, such as Gris and Metzinger, and across the work of artists as different from each other as Braque, Léger and Gleizes.
Yet, in general, despite Greek colonization in such areas as Byzantium, Apollonia and other cities, the Thracians avoided urban life.
Yet he led Britain into war for three main reasons: because he believed the British government had an obligation to British South Africans ; because he thought that the Transvaal, the Orange Free State, and the Cape Boers aspired to a Dutch South Africa, and that the achievement of such a state would damage Britain's imperial prestige around the world ; and because of the Boers ' treatment of black South Africans.
Yet another such skerry protected passage extends from the Straits of Magellan north for.

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