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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1278
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Yet and idea
Yet, after Rousseau had given the social contract a new twist with his notion of the General Will, the same philosophy, it may be said, became the idea source of the French Revolution also.
Yet when he proposed the idea to his cardinals, it was unanimously opposed.
Yet his idea, which emerged in the context of the ethnocentric and nationalistic scholarship of the late 18th and 19th centuries, gained traction and was modified over time to support Romantic nationalism and Turanism.
Yet another idea is that representations held in working memory capacity interfere with each other.
Yet, he seems to give conflicting opinions of events, being a supporter in " Germany's inner transformation ", more objective in " the idea of Europe " and a critic in " The crisis of culture ".
Yet it was such a fertile and flexible idea that, as in Greece and India, it flourished in some schools of Islamic thought.
Yet another idea is that the play is often run by theatres that are in debt and looking to increase patronage.
Yet the idea of the Mahdiyya had been central to the belief of the Samaniyya prior to Muhammad Ahmad's manifestation.
Yet no matter what improvements or different types are made, the basic design idea of man or woman riding on a spring remains the same.
Yet the idea for a college was that of town fathers rather than clergymen, and Middlebury was clearly " the Town's College " rather than the Church's.
Yet another means of looking at character, according to Tycho von Wilamowitz and Howald, is the idea that characterization is not important.
Yet, the idea was said to be widely opposed by the faculty who did not want to commute two hours a day, and as few as four faculties were relocated to Petergof.
Yet, the idea of a suburban campus seems to be persistent, as the Government of the Russian Federation has decided to hand over the Mikhailovka estate to the University to reconstruct it and house the Graduate School of Management's campus.
So laden is the film with the innumerable coincidences of Basquiat and Schnabel's enthusiasms ( among others, for pajamas and surfing ) that the movie should be more appropriately called My Basquiat … To a remarkable degree, the movie succeeds, by dint of its authorial slant, in popularizing the myth of Basquiat as a young, gorgeous, doomed, yet ultimately transcendent black male artist, even as it extends and reinflates the myth of Schnabel as a protean, Picassoid white male painter … Yet for all one's apprehension about the very idea of Schnabel making such a film, Basquiat turns out to be a surprisingly good movie … It is also an art work.
Yet because the Madrid Conference was based on the idea of ‘ abandoning the dynamics of confrontation ’, but more importantly because what ensued, through the Oslo Accords were isolated arrangements on disorganised technicalities such as crossings, borders, security, prisoners and so on, numerous of people are nowadays still ‘ opposed to that ground-breaking leap ’ which the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991 represents to many.
Yet the government was committed to the idea of ' care in the community '.
Yet another way of looking at the concept of cultural determinism is to contrast it with the idea of environmental determinism.
Yet I am afraid there is nothing so hopeless as the idea of gaining his acquiescence in any measure of parliamentary reform ".
Yet, this idea fails to take into account that culture is not fixed and society is dynamic.
Yet, this idea was put off as a war was nearby.
Yet the idea of permanent home underlies both concepts and rules for identifying a person's domicile can be applied to discover whether a family has a permanent home in the Northern Province and hence its members are inhabitants in that Province.
Yet the idea of permanent home underlies both concepts and rules for identifying a person's domicile can be applied to discover whether a family has a permanent home in the Northern Province and hence its members are inhabitants in that Province.

Yet and each
Yet implicit in each movement was the death of millions, perhaps hundreds of millions, perhaps you and me -- and the experts.
Yet in the case of Pericles, it is wrong to see his power as coming from his long series of annual generalships ( each year along with nine others ).
Yet for historical perspective, some rough date ranges will be provided for each to indicate the " height " or accepted time span of the movement.
Yet a third variation is catalexis, where the end of a line is shortened by a foot, or two or part thereof-an example of this is at the end of each verse in Keats ' ' La Belle Dame sans Merci ':
Yet, interoperability requires that applications be able to understand each other's serialization formats.
Yet the delegates were worried that each elector would only favor his own state's favorite son candidate, resulting in deadlocked elections that would produce no winners.
Yet, Cubism itself remained evolutionary both within the oeuvre of individual artists, such as Gris and Metzinger, and across the work of artists as different from each other as Braque, Léger and Gleizes.
Yet while oral fairy tales likely existed for thousands of years before the literary forms, there is no pure folktale, and each literary fairy tale draws on folk traditions, if only in parody.
Yet as D. H. Lehmer stated in 1951: " A random sequence is a vague notion ... in which each term is unpredictable to the uninitiated and whose digits pass a certain number of tests traditional with statisticians ".
Yet the two types of investigations resemble each other in that both, if successful, uncover new facts, and these facts, although expressed in language, are generally not about language ( except for investigations in such specialized areas as philosophy of language and empirical linguistics ).
Yet, most individuals who need reading glasses need different prescriptions in each eye.
Yet with each new generation of English-speaking singers and songwriters, Brel is once again " discovered " for his songs.
Yet each child biologically tends to have a generally positive or negative outlook.
Yet each generation needs at least one artist, who exemplifies this.
Yet, because each primitive culture was “ The Other ” to a European culture, the exotic African, Asian, and Oceanian cultures were perceived as cultural inferiors.
Yet at the same time, Laing insisted that such a socially real grouping “ can be nothing else than the multiplicity of the points of view and actions of its members ... even where, through the interiorization of this multiplicity as synthesized by each, this synthesized multiplicity becomes ubiquitous in space and enduring in time ”.
Yet another major class is the dynamic problems, in which the goal is to find an efficient algorithm for finding a solution repeatedly after each incremental modification of the input data ( addition or deletion input geometric elements ).
Yet in each country it touched, the style was looked on as the expression of local nationalism and civic virtue, especially in Germany and the United States, where the idiom was regarded as being free from ecclesiastical and aristocratic associations.
For example, YACC ( Yet Another Compiler Compiler ) takes input in Backus-Naur form and converts it to a parser in C. Though it was originally created for automatic generation of a parser for a compiler, yacc is also often used to automate writing code that needs to be modified each time specifications are changed.
" Yet neither side ever prevails due to each containing the other in an eternal, natural check, or balance.
# Yet another alteration, named speed quarters, involves six or more people around a small table, several quarters, beer for each player, and two empty shot glasses placed in front of opposite players.
Yet he evidently knew a good financier when he saw one, for he had able treasurers serving in each of his cabinets, and their financial administration was sound.
::: Yet for each dream these winds to us convey,

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