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Yohanan and ben
# First Generation: Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai's generation ( c. 40 BCE-80 CE ).
Before Vespasian's departure, the Pharisaic sage and Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai obtained his permission to establish a Judaic school at Yavne.
** Yohanan ben Zakkai
* Yohanan ben Zakkai ( 1st century AD )
: Once, Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai was walking with his disciple, Rabbi Y ' hoshua, near Jerusalem after the destruction of the Temple.
A former leading Pharisee, Yohanan ben Zakkai, was appointed the first Patriarch ( the Hebrew word, Nasi, also means prince, or president ), and he reestablished the Sanhedrin at Javneh under Pharisee control.
Following the destruction of the Temple, Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai ordered that the Four Species be waved everywhere on every day of Sukkot ( except on Shabbat ), as a memorial to the Temple.
The Talmud says that Yohanan ben Zakkai, a great Pharisee of the first century, was assigned to a post in Galilee during his training.

Yohanan and was
" In the 1990s, a journalist tracked down the children Bettelheim had interviewed back in the 1960s at what was actually Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan.
" She replied that she was mourning the family tree, which was destroyed, and is traced to King David by way of Rabbi Yohanan, the sandal-maker and master in the Talmud.
In 1932, the kibbutz Ramat Yohanan in Israel was named after him.
Hyrcanus from " Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum " John Hyrcanus ( Yohanan Girhan ; Yohanan Hyrcanus – יוחנן הורקנוס, Ιωάννης Υρκανός ) ( reigned 134-104 BC, died 104 BC ) was a Hasmonean ( Maccabeean ) leader of the 2nd century BC.
Tel Arad was excavated during 18 seasons by Ruth Amiran and Yohanan Aharoni.
The temple at Arad was uncovered by archaeologist Yohanan Aharoni in 1962 who spent the rest of his life considering its mysteries but died there in the mid-1970s.
In the 1960s, it was first suggested by Yohanan Aharoni that the site might be the same as Tamar of the Book of Ezekiel and, and Eusebius of Caesarea's Tamara.
" On the other hand, Yohanan Friedmann questions how committed Sirhindi was to sharia, commenting:
The invention of the Tower and stockade system is attributed to Shlomo Gur-Gerzovsky, founding member of Kibbutz Tel Amal, and was developed and encouraged by the architect Yohanan Ratner.

Yohanan and first
In 1998-99 the archaeological expedition of Yizhar Hirschfeld at Ein Gedi systematically excavated what has been called " the Essenes site ", first discovered by Yohanan Aharoni in 1956.

Yohanan and Hebrew
Yohanan Aharoni worked the site on behalf of Hebrew University
The name John derives from Latin Johannes, which is derived through Greek Ἰωάννης Iōannēs from Hebrew יוחנן Yohanan, meaning " Yahweh has favoured ".
Yohanan, Yochanan and Johanan are various transliterations to the Latin alphabet of the Hebrew male given name.
There is no difference in meaning between the various transliterations ( Yohanan, Yochanan, and Johanan ); in the absence of a generally agreed transliteration method for Hebrew, the name of the same individual may be transliterated differently by different sources.
* Yohanan Levi ( 1901 – 1945 ), Hebrew linguist and historian
Johann (" YO-hann " in German, but " Yo-HANN in, for instance, Afrikaans ), typically a male given name, is the Germanized form of the originally Hebrew language name " Yohanan " ( meaning " God is merciful ").

Yohanan and also
Some say he may have met Giovanni Pico della Mirandola while in Florence and composed for him a discourse on the “ Harmony of the Skies .” If so, he also probably associated with Elia de Medigo, teacher of Pico della Mirandola, Yohanan Alemanno ( a Jewish writer influenced by the Medici court and mysticism and author of Song of songs ), Giovanni Pontano, Mario Equicola and monk Egidio da Viterbo.

Yohanan and ),
* Yohanan Aharoni ( 1919 – 1976 ), Israeli archaeologist and historical geographer
* Yohanan Alemanno ( c. 1435 – after 1504 ), Italian Jewish humanist philosopher and exegete
* Yohanan Bader ( 1901 – 1994 ), Revisionist Zionist leader and Israeli politician
* Yohanan Cohen ( born 1917 ), Israeli former politician and diplomat
* Yohanan Danino ( born 1959 ), chief of the Israel Police
* Yohanan Friedmann ( born 1936 ), Israeli scholar of Islamic studies
* Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern ( born 1962 ), historian, philologist and essayist
* Yohanan Plesner ( born 1972 ), Israeli politician
* Yohanan Simon ( born 1905 ), Israeli painter
In a series of digs in 1959-1962, Yohanan Aharoni tentatively identified it as the biblical Beit Hakerem ( Jeremiah 6: 1 ), one of the places from which flaming warning signals were sent to Jerusalem at the end of the First Temple period.

Yohanan and at
In 1941, during his practical training at kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, Rabin joined the Palmach section of the Haganah, under the influence of Yigal Allon.

Yohanan and .
* Yohanan Friedmann: Classification of Unbelievers in Sunnī Muslim Law and Tradition.
* Yohanan Aharoni & Michael Avi-Yonah, " The MacMillan Bible Atlas ", Revised Edition, p. 156 ( 1968 & 1977, by Carta Ltd .).
* Yohanan Aharoni & Michael Avi-Yonah, " The MacMillan Bible Atlas ", Revised Edition, p. 156 ( 1968 & 1977 by Carta Ltd .).
Several streets and a kibbutz, Ramat Yohanan, in Israel are named after Smuts.
According to historian Yohanan Cohen's estimate, in 1939 the population in the territories east of the Curzon Line gained via the Treaty of Riga totalled 12 million, consisting of over 5 million Ukrainians, between 3. 5 and 4 million Poles, 1. 5 million Belarusians, and 1. 3 million Jews.
Composers and lyricists who made their names writing material for the Lehakot include Naomi Shemer, Yohanan Zarai, Yoni Rechter, Nurit Hirsh, and Yair Rosenblum.
The impact of Abulafia is evident in an anonymous epistle attributed to Maimonides ; Rabbi Reuven Tzarfati, a kabbalist active in 14th century Italy ; Abraham Shalom, Yohanan Alemanno, Judah Albotini, and Joseph ibn Zagyah ; Moses Cordovero and Chaim Vital ’ s influential Shaarei Kedushah ; Sabbatai Zevi, Joseph Hamitz, Pinchas Horowitz, and Menahem Mendel of Shklov.
Since then his conclusions have been challenged by James Pritchard, Dr Adrian Curtis of Manchester University Ze ' ev Herzog, and Yohanan Aharoni, who suggest they were storehouses, marketplaces or barracks.
The current police commissioner is Rav-Nitzav Yohanan Danino, who succeeded Rav-Nitzav Dudi Cohen on May 1, 2011.
In 1940 some of the members, affiliated with Hashomer Hatzair, moved to Ramat Yohanan kibbutz, in exchange for supporters of Mapai from Ramat Yohanan.

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