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You and could
`` You could burn down this whole mountainside with a fire that size.
The girl took a couple of steps toward the man in shorts when Benson, in that barefoot courtliness Ramey could never decide was real, said, `` You don't want to go around there, Ma'am ''.
You could also say that in these pamphlets is a relieving quality of maturity.
You, I could swear to it, remained innocent in this sense until the end.
`` You could come down to the office once a day, look over a few exchanges, dictate an editorial, and then have the remainder of your time for your more serious literary labors.
You could win a popularity contest at that school without any trouble.
You could hear them from our outpost.
You couldn't on the one hand decry the arts and at the same time practice them, could you??
You could not, of course, raise feed for the livestock on a plot this small.
When the visitors, after losing this game, rode along the village streets toward home, the youngsters who could keep abreast of them for a moment or two screamed triumphantly, `` You bunch of hay-shakers!!
You could not stand on dignity when you were soaked and muddied and your life was at stake.
You know that I could hold right here in my hand the little chunk of uranium metal that was the heart of the bomb that dropped on Hiroshima.
You could set up tables in the front room and serve salads and your baked beans and brown bread and Grandma could dress like a gypsy and tell fortunes ''.
`` You could try.
You could wish that.
You feel where he is and what he sees, and at night you feel when he is asleep or with the other woman, the one that never could love him the way you do, the one who got him because she didn't particularly give a damn whether she got him or didn't.
You laughed and then your chest swelled and you felt you could cry for a little bit, and then a feeling hit you like a chill in your stomach and the goose bumps rippled along your arm.
You could take me to St. Peter's ''.
You could think yourself as grown up as Methuselah, yet the maternal voice still kept its comforting magic.
`` You haven't got cancer '', I said as strongly as I could.
For example, " You could do with a new automobile.
" The clause " You could do with " presents a statement with such wide possible interpretation as to be essentially meaningless.
" He recalls :... while I sat alone staring at the sea I love, words I had not been certain I could understand or say fell from my lips: " Lord Jesus, I believe in You.
You could wave a different flag, and choose another face paint, and nothing would be lost.

You and probably
You have probably experienced this.
You probably would not remember, since you never seemed to remember even the same moments as I, much less their intensity, one sunny midday on Fifth Avenue when you had set out with me for some final shopping less than a week before the wedding you staged for me with such reluctance at the Farm.
You name it, our industry is producing it, and it probably is made in different models.
You will probably want to hire someone to do the plowing, however.
A " probably apocryphal " story relates that as Beatty walked into Churchill's office at the Admiralty, Churchill looked him over and said, " You seem very young to be an Admiral.
Dr. Wenck stated " You are now quite dehydrated, probably over 10 %, getting up to 11 %.
In the codex's description of the first meeting between Moctezuma and Cortés, the Aztec ruler is described as giving a prepared speech in classical oratorial Nahuatl, a speech which as described verbatim in the codex ( written by Sahagún's Tlatelolcan informants who were probably not eyewitnesses of the meeting ) included such prostrate declarations of divine or near-divine admiration as, " You have graciously come on earth, you have graciously approached your water, your high place of Mexico, you have come down to your mat, your throne, which I have briefly kept for you, I who used to keep it for you ," and, " You have graciously arrived, you have known pain, you have known weariness, now come on earth, take your rest, enter into your palace, rest your limbs ; may our lords come on earth.
Gaiman described A Game of You as " probably " his favorite volume in the series, " because it's most people's least favourite volume, and I love it all the more for that.
( In an interview with Glenn Tilbrook, half of the writing partnership of English pop band Squeeze, to promote the album ( probably on BBC radio ), Newman acknowledged that ‘ I Miss You ’ was written for his ex-wife.
You probably know this very well, but your orgone energy goes out the top of your head and it dissipates out the top, but if you wear an energy dome it recycles that energy.
" You will probably be taken on your way out or on your way back, make out as you can, but fight well !".
Jealousy, bitterness, the need to be ' different ,' I am sure there are others, but those are the ones I know off hand ... You just kind of have to realize that there are people that don't like you and, unfortunately, sometimes those people have a voice, disliking me probably matches my dislike for him ( Gomez ), but I have a problem with people who don't have integrity and principle, so that stuff happens.
You probably don ’ t care.
Easybeats lead guitarist Harry Vanda is probably the best-known Maton player of the Sixties, and his famous red Maton Sapphire semi-acoustic 12-string ( which he donated to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney in 1999 ) was an integral part of the Easybeats ' sound throughout their career, and features prominently on hit singles like " I'll Make You Happy ".
You have probably come here from a link on a protected page.
What You Will is a late Elizabethan comedy by John Marston, written in 1601 and probably performed by the Children of Paul's, one of the companies of boy actors popular in that period.
You call a strike by its water flow on the statocyst shows and are used by the Nuda-Arten at its border with finger excesses, the papillae occupied whose function is still unclear, but probably also sensory perception.
He has appeared as a session musician on various albums by modern bands and artists, and is probably best known for his solo parts on the Pink Floyd songs " Money ", " Us and Them ", " Shine On You Crazy Diamond " and " Wearing the Inside Out ".
The first chapter (" Free and Easy Wandering " 逍遙遊 pinyin Xiao Yao You ) begins with three versions of this parable ; the lead paragraph, a quote from the Qixie ( 齊諧 " Universal Harmony ", probably invented by Zhuangzi ), and a quote from the Tang zhi wen Ji ( 湯之問棘 " Questions of Tang to Ji ", cf.
Lennon initially penned the lyrics, " You probably pinched that bitch anyway ", as a reference to the many times McCartney himself had made claims that he wasn't sure if he " nicked " Yesterday, having asked Lennon, Harrison, Martin and others if they heard that song before.
Of his many songs composed for London shows, his most famous is probably " If You Were the Only Girl In the World " ( 1916 ).
Mazzy Star is probably best known for the song " Fade into You " which brought the band some success in the mid-1990s and was the group's biggest mainstream hit, earning extensive exposure on MTV, VH1, and radio airplay.
On this occasion it was " Dein ist mein ganzes Herz " (" You are my heart's delight "), probably the most famous of all the Tauberlieder.

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