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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

You and definitely
You know, I still don't understand all of it and why all of it happened, but I definitely have a heart, and my heart goes out to everyone involved.
" You shouldn't go to college unless God has definitely called you to go.
A-Mei's father then told her, " You definitely can sing, and you perform songs beautifully.
" You definitely get the feeling you ’ re playing for him, rather than with him.
Songs in London Town include " You Can't Keep a Good Dreamer Down ", " The ' Ampstead Way " ( most definitely inspired by " The Lambeth Walk " from the earlier stage production Me and My Girl ), " Any Way the Wind Blows ", a medley of Cockney songs (" Knock ' em in the Old Kent Road "/" Any Old Iron "/" Follow the Van "), " Don't Dilly Dally on the Way " ( sung by Charles Collins ), and " My Heart Goes Crazy ," which was the title under which an abridged U. S. version of the film was released by United Artists in 1953.
" You definitely lose touch with what the movies you're supposed to see, what's good on TV ..." " Weekend at Burnsie's " is the second episode Vitti wrote in which a character forgets to vote at an election, and the second episode he wrote in which Homer takes a chemical that causes him to be promoted by Burns and run into conflict with Smithers.
GEORGE: All right, if she puts the bags down before she greets you, that's a good sign. JERRY: Right. GEORGE: You know, anything in the, in the lip area is good. JERRY: Lip area. GEORGE: You know, a hug: definitely good. JERRY: Hug is definitely good. GEORGE: Sure. JERRY: Although what if it's one of those hugs where the shoulders are touching, the hips are eight feet apart? GEORGE: That's so brutal, I hate that. JERRY: You know how they do that? GEORGE: That's why, you know, a shake is bad. JERRY: Shake is bad, but what if it's the two-hander?
You won't be seeing us playing a whole lot of shows in the coming months-and we definitely won't be playing extended tours-but we're still alive and kickin '.

You and hear
You could hear them from our outpost.
You should hear the reverence in Fran's voice when she said `` Baccarat '' or `` Steuben '' or `` Madame Alexander ''.
`` You often hear people talk about team spirit and that sort of thing '', Benington said in a conversation after the ceremonies, `` but what this team had was a little different.
You can hear wind much earlier than the force of the gust reaches you, but you do not observe a change in an EM field earlier than you can observe the change of current.
You can hear some of the songs that were heard over these stations during the 1960s here.
You hear some people being inarticulate in a hood, but very few people were actually allowed to speak ".
Olivier's makeup was so thick and stylised for that production that Vivien Leigh was quoted as saying " You hear Macbeth's first line, then Larry's makeup comes on, then Banquo comes on, then Larry comes on ".
You rarely hear the word ' Moonie ' anymore.
You hear about sustainable development, sustainable growth, sustainable economies, sustainable societies, sustainable agriculture.
Yelling " Don't admit this son-of-a-bitch ", Patton demanded that Kuhl be sent back to the front at once, adding, " You hear me, you gutless bastard?
You oughta hear their version of " Hey Jude ".
You hear nothing but rape.
You will hear about it on the 6 o ' clock news.
You hear Sissy narrating various stories, and she's talking about visiting faraway places.
* In the Roguelike NetHack, if the character is low on hit points, the game will display the message: " You hear the howling of the CwnAnnwn ...".
You can hear the word as pronounced by a native speaker here.
He then turns to his wife and says " You hear about this guy that swallowed a yo-yo?
You need to hear it a few times before you can absorb it.
In describing her voice and signature sound he said,You can't hear elaborate harmonies with your conscious: you have to hear her voice with your subconscious .” He also mentioned that Norwood was the “ main inspiration ” behind the guitar work on the Red Hot Chili Pepper ’ s 2006 Grammy winning album, Stadium Arcadium.
You begin chanting and hear for the few seconds or few minutes: you immediately become on the platform of ecstasy.
He also insults Stilgar three times, by saying to him the three deadliest insults a Fremen could ever hear: " You wear a collar!
It is possible to hear the squeak of the pedal in several recordings, including " Since I've Been Loving You ", " The Ocean ", " The Rain Song ", " Over the Hills and Far Away ", " Dancing Days ", " The Crunge ", " Houses of the Holy ", " Ten Years Gone ", " Bonzo's Montreux " and the live version of " I Can't Quit You Baby " on Coda and " All My Love " on In Through The Out Door.

You and some
`` You must have some security '', said a young clerk.
You probably would not remember, since you never seemed to remember even the same moments as I, much less their intensity, one sunny midday on Fifth Avenue when you had set out with me for some final shopping less than a week before the wedding you staged for me with such reluctance at the Farm.
You can call one of the car rental services directly ( Hertz, Avis, Auto-Europe Nationalcar Rental, and others ) and ask them to reserve a car of your choice, and some transportation lines offer this service as well.
You will walk some of the narrow, old streets, hemmed in by massive palazzi.
Judge Parsons leaned over the bench and inquired, `` You mean some of the defendants made statements admitting this ''??
You may make mistakes occasionally and innocent persons may be shot, but that cannot be helped, and you are bound to get the right parties some time.
You know I took some lumps when the Mighty Case struck out.
: San Francisco Giants first baseman-outfielder Mark Sweeney, who spent 2003 and 2004 with the Rockies, said, " You wonder if some people are going along with it just to keep their jobs.
" World Where You Live " and " Now We're Getting Somewhere " were also released as singles with some minor chart success.
In some cases it is Sally and not Encyclopedia who figures it out because in her words, " You are a boy.
You give them to the Government, and the Government then gives you some milk.
You give them to the Government, and the Government then sells you some milk.
You drink some vodka and count them again.
' Joey Ramone & the Resistance ' ( Daniel Rey on guitar, John Connor on bass guitar and Roger Murdock on drums ) debuted Ramone's interpretation of Louis Armstrong's " Wonderful World ' live, as well as Ramone's choice of Ramones classics and some of his other favorite songs ; The Dave Clark Five's " Any Way You Want It ", The Who's " The Kids are Alright and The Stooges ' " No Fun.
You might make some inference about the probability of heads and whether the coin was fair.
:: " You are a person of some interest, one comes to you
* You're some crooked: " You are grouchy "
While the birthday cake is being brought to the table, the song " Happy Birthday to You " or some other dedicated birthday song is sung by the guests. A birthday cake with lit novelty candles.
In the early stages of ABBA, Anderson co-wrote many of the songs ' lyrics, among them some of the band's biggest hits, such as " Ring Ring " ( 1973 ), " Waterloo " ( 1974 ), " Honey, Honey " ( 1974 ), " I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do " ( 1975 ), " Mamma Mia " ( 1975 ), " S. O. S " ( 1975 ), " Fernando " ( 1976 ), " Dancing Queen " ( 1976 ), " Knowing Me, Knowing You " ( 1977 ), and " The Name of the Game " ( 1977 ).
Most of these are slight differences in the wording of the prayers ; for instance, Oriental Sephardic and some Hasidic prayer books state " חננו מאתך חכמה בינה ודעת ", " Graciously bestow upon us from You wisdom ( ḥochmah ), understanding ( binah ) and knowledge ( daat )", in allusion to the Kabbalistic sefirot of those names, while the Nusach Ashkenaz, as well as Western Sephardic and other Hasidic versions retain the older wording " חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל ", " Graciously bestow upon us from You knowledge, understanding, and reason ".
While Nusach Ashkenaz does contain some kabbalistic elements, such as acrostics and allusions to the sefirot (" To You, God, is the greatness, and the might, and the glory, longevity ,..." etc.

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