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Page "government" ¶ 662
from Brown Corpus
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You and may
`` You may have seen me on TV '', she said.
You may do well to take notice, that besides the title to land between the English and the Indians there, there are twelve of the English that have subscribed their names to horrible and detestable blasphemies, who are rather to be judged as blasphemous than they should delude us by winning time under pretence of arbitration ''.
You may stay as long as you wish, of course, but if arranging for the care of the girls must take time into account, I think a day or two should be enough to finish our business in ''.
You may apply for such an extension by filing Form 2688, Application For Extension Of Time To File, with the District Director of Internal Revenue for your district, or you may make your application in a letter.
You should make any request for an extension early so that if it is refused, your return may still be on time.
You may have your boat of wood, canvas, plywood, plastic, or metal.
You may order utility models, inboard or outboard, with or without toilets, galleys, and bunks.
You may dress it up with any number of accessories or keep it as simple as you choose.
You may change the dimensions to suit a frame for more or fewer levers and locks as you wish.
You may therefore convert the gun into a small-game and plinking arm, although the difference in the point of impact ( Jet vs. rim-fire ) can be somewhat disconcerting.
You may find yourself hitting bottom, literally, as you discover that water is running out even while you are putting it in.
You may find a conditioner rated by horsepower.
You may find certain coverage costing much more than is economically feasible, thereby alerting you to desirable revisions.
You may save valuable production minutes with a change.
You may amaze yourself and acquire a real knack for it.
You may want to include your own regular vacation period if you have one.
You may have to provide them yourself or get along without them.
You may have misgivings about certain aspects of our military establishment -- I certainly do -- but you know any comparison of over-all American strength with over-all Soviet strength finds the United States not only superior, but so superior both in present weapons and in the development of new ones that our advantage promises to be a permanent feature of U.S.-Soviet relations for the foreseeable future.
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
You may think we didn't need Nancy and Jean, but you always get what you can when you can, and we had no guarantee that a fingerprint record on them couldn't be useful before we were through with this case.
You may say this has little pertinence, but, gentlemen, remember that all this prepared my mind, alerted my intelligence.
You may know that you are in God's family and be just as sure of it as you are that you belong to the family of your earthly father.

You and deduct
You also deduct 50% of the excess of net long-term capital gains over net short-term capital losses in determining Adjusted Gross Income.

You and these
You love this village and these stinking brown people because they're God's creatures, too.
You could also say that in these pamphlets is a relieving quality of maturity.
You can do anything with these dumb fucks if you know how.
You have heard him tell these young people that during his almost 50 years of service in the Congress he has seen the Kaisers and the Hitlers and the Mussolinis, the Tojos and Stalins and Khrushchevs, come and go and that we are passing on to them the freest Nation that mankind has ever known.
You would call these the motives of crime.
You can get into an argument about fallout shelters at the drop of a beer stein in clubs and pubs these nights.
* The poem " Be Angry at the Sun " by Robinson Jeffers includes the line " You are not Catullus, you know, To lampoon these crude sketches of Caesar.
In a 1961 episode, Barlow declares: " You can't go on just thinking about your own street these days.
You declaim bitterly against the luxury of priests, the ambition of bishops, the tyranny of the Roman Pontiff, and the babbling of the sophists ; against our prayers, fasts, and Masses ; and you are not content to retrench the abuses that may be in these things, but must needs abolish them entirely ... Look around on this ‘ Evangelical ’ generation, and observe whether amongst them less indulgence is given to luxury, lust, or avarice, than amongst those whom you so detest.
You know nothing about these problems.
You can hear some of the songs that were heard over these stations during the 1960s here.
The British press highlighted these meetings, but an aide to Gandhi said, " You may say emphatically that Gandhi never asked Meher Baba for help or for spiritual or other advice.
:“ You who wish to study great and wonderful things, who wonder about the movement of the stars, must read these theorems about triangles.
You have had these plans of your university made by a great architect, native to our own American soil, who himself had the sense to adapt — not to copy in servile fashion — but to adapt the old Californian architecture to the new university uses, and so we have here a great institution of learning absolutely unique, even in its outward aspect, situated in this beautiful valley with the hills in the background, under this sky, with these buildings, and if this university does not turn out the right kind of citizenship and the right kind of scholarship, I shall be more than disappointed.
Most of these are slight differences in the wording of the prayers ; for instance, Oriental Sephardic and some Hasidic prayer books state " חננו מאתך חכמה בינה ודעת ", " Graciously bestow upon us from You wisdom ( ḥochmah ), understanding ( binah ) and knowledge ( daat )", in allusion to the Kabbalistic sefirot of those names, while the Nusach Ashkenaz, as well as Western Sephardic and other Hasidic versions retain the older wording " חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל ", " Graciously bestow upon us from You knowledge, understanding, and reason ".
Accepting Aradia as the source of skyclad practice, Robert Chartowich points to the 1998 Pazzaglini translation of these lines, which read " Men and Women / You will all be naked, until / Yet he shall be dead, the last / Of your oppressors is dead.
During a speech by O ' Leary, in which she claimed that drag queens made fun of women for entertainment value and profit, Sylvia Rivera and Lee Brewster jumped on the stage and shouted " You go to bars because of what drag queens did for you, and these bitches tell us to quit being ourselves!
Her advice to Dylan: " You gotta see these guys.
" You first assume these propositions and " then you go to the out crop of rock.
And as soon as You remove Yourself from them, all the Names remain like a body without a soul ... All is to show how You conduct the world, but not that You have a known righteousness that is just, nor a known judgement that is merciful, nor any of these attributes at all ... Blessed is God forever, amen and amen!

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