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from Brown Corpus
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You and may
`` You may have seen me on TV '', she said.
You may do well to take notice, that besides the title to land between the English and the Indians there, there are twelve of the English that have subscribed their names to horrible and detestable blasphemies, who are rather to be judged as blasphemous than they should delude us by winning time under pretence of arbitration ''.
You may stay as long as you wish, of course, but if arranging for the care of the girls must take time into account, I think a day or two should be enough to finish our business in ''.
You may apply for such an extension by filing Form 2688, Application For Extension Of Time To File, with the District Director of Internal Revenue for your district, or you may make your application in a letter.
You should make any request for an extension early so that if it is refused, your return may still be on time.
You may deduct these payments even though your child uses the money to purchase his own clothing or other necessities which you are normally obligated to furnish him, and even though you may be entitled to his services.
You may have your boat of wood, canvas, plywood, plastic, or metal.
You may order utility models, inboard or outboard, with or without toilets, galleys, and bunks.
You may dress it up with any number of accessories or keep it as simple as you choose.
You may change the dimensions to suit a frame for more or fewer levers and locks as you wish.
You may therefore convert the gun into a small-game and plinking arm, although the difference in the point of impact ( Jet vs. rim-fire ) can be somewhat disconcerting.
You may find yourself hitting bottom, literally, as you discover that water is running out even while you are putting it in.
You may find a conditioner rated by horsepower.
You may find certain coverage costing much more than is economically feasible, thereby alerting you to desirable revisions.
You may amaze yourself and acquire a real knack for it.
You may want to include your own regular vacation period if you have one.
You may have to provide them yourself or get along without them.
You may have misgivings about certain aspects of our military establishment -- I certainly do -- but you know any comparison of over-all American strength with over-all Soviet strength finds the United States not only superior, but so superior both in present weapons and in the development of new ones that our advantage promises to be a permanent feature of U.S.-Soviet relations for the foreseeable future.
You still have your paper hat and you're wearing it, but then, it is an extraordinary paper hat and, in addition to anything else you may be, you are also the sculptor who created that most peculiar dame out in the back yard.
You may think we didn't need Nancy and Jean, but you always get what you can when you can, and we had no guarantee that a fingerprint record on them couldn't be useful before we were through with this case.
You may say this has little pertinence, but, gentlemen, remember that all this prepared my mind, alerted my intelligence.
You may know that you are in God's family and be just as sure of it as you are that you belong to the family of your earthly father.

You and save
You can save all that shimming time if you set your windows in one, two, three order -- first the stud on one side, then the window, then the stud on the other side.
:* Luke 9: 55b-56a – ( and He said: " You do not know what manner of spirit you are of ; for the Son of man came not to destroy men's lives but to save them ) omitted as in codices: P < sup > 45 </ sup >, P < sup > 75 </ sup >, B, C, L, Θ, Ξ, 33, 700, 892, 1241, syr, cop < sup > bo </ sup >;
While many networks followed the show's success by scheduling other cartoons in the early 1960s, including Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, The Jetsons, Top Cat, and The Alvin Show, none of these programs survived more than a year ( save Scooby-Doo, which, despite not being a primetime cartoon, has managed to stay afloat for over four decades ).
You may meet one man who will support the Earps, and declare that no other course was possible to save their own lives, and the next man is just as likely to assert that there was no occasion whatever for bloodshed, and that this will be ' a warm place ' for the Earps hereafter.
** In " You Can't Do That on Television, Peter ", Peter tries to do the routine with a puma, but it viciously attacks him, leading Meg to try and save him.
You could easily save out macros to named files, and load them in the same way, allowing you to construct programs by loading up various macros from the disk into one large program.
* You should save your questions until the end.
The following four issues, " The Devil You Know " finally explain John's failure to save a young girl, Astra, from a demon in Newcastle, an event that left him near insane and incarcerated in an asylum known as Ravenscar, and still haunts him in the comic's present.
Dee Dee's account contradicts much of the band's collective account from the 1982 Trouser Press interview, where the band stated that the only track that Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky did not play on was the cover version of " Baby, I Love You ", as the band, save for Joey, had gone home after cutting basic tracks for the rest of the album.
Some people who tried to walk along, they were pulled in by the fire, they all of the sudden disappeared right in front of you (...) You have to save yourself or try go get as far away from the fire, because the draught pulls you in.
After a tearful reunion they kiss and she says to him " You tried to save my soul once.
You have to save yourself.
* The Rutles ' All You Need Is Cash ( 1978 ), a Beatles mockumentary, mentions that one of its characters shortened his hair " to save on Brylcreem.
The " The Cat in the Hat ", acting as narrator, sits on a bare stage, save for an odd multi-colored circle background (" Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!
For this perceived betrayal, Zod declares that he will escape and conquer Krypton ( confident that Jor-El will actually discover some way to save the planet ) and force the scientist and his son to kneel before him one day ( this echoes the statement Terence Stamp made in both Superman movies Donner directed: " You will bow down before me, Jor-El!
They can range from completely fantastical situations (“ If you had definitive proof that one particular religion was the true religion, should you reveal it to society ?”) to unlikely occurrences (“ Should you kill one person to save five other people ?”) to dilemmas we face every day (“ You see a homeless person on the street, should you give him money you have in your pocket ?”) The infinite number of hypothetical situations that can give rise to moral dilemmas make many moral hypothetical cases unique.
You save my Sikhs & Devotees.
You can also disable the items and save them for later use.
: You must know that some two or three years past there came to these parts one who called himself Doctor Doboobie, although it may be he never wrote even Magister Artium, save in right of his hungry belly.
You will sometimes get a message like " Unable to save " because the image processor in the camera module does not have enough memory to create the compressed JPEG file from the image sensor data.
You take Coop on this save the world gig and I'm left with nothing ...").
While they are being debriefed, both Alberta Green and Ryan Chappelle encourage Tony to report that Jack unnecessarily endangered Senator Palmer to save his family, however he refuses to do so, saying that " You won't get me to disagree with a thing he's done since midnight tonight.
However their tenure, save for the hit, " This Old Heart of Mine ( Is Weak for You )", was lackluster and they soon left Motown to reform their own label, T-Neck Records, in 1969 where they co-wrote and released the 1969 funk anthem, " It's Your Thing ".
You would save money by hiring more than 4 labourers with each of them working fewer than X hours.

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