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Page "adventure" ¶ 1264
from Brown Corpus
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You and will
You take it easy, your time will come ''.
`` You will make him unhappy and anxious '', the German said.
You know the law: if you lose the debate after accepting a challenge, you will be banished ''!!
`` Unless the oyabun has been working on it '', he said, then checked himself and added: `` You can tell Kayabashi-san that the back road is in very good condition and will be quite safe for his party to use ''.
You will find that avocado is unlike any other fruit you have ever tasted.
You will discover you keep the sauce for basting meat in one, use six for drinks, serve soup or coffee in another half-dozen -- and need one more to mix the salad dressing.
You will find a chart giving the various speed ratios available with your particular drill press somewhere in the instruction booklet that came with the tool.
You can hope against hope that come spring cleaning, your fair-weather friends will lend a hand at scrubbing and furbishing.
You can install it yourself -- this is a central system that will cool every part of your house.
You can get a hot water system that will also work for cooling your house.
Ritter proceeded, `` You now emerge into a new epoch in which late in the year 1819 or 1820, you will have to reckon.
You will be entitled to all the advantages of a new car owner, which includes the factory guarantee and the services valid at authorized dealers throughout Europe.
You will come up with a frightening total.
You will probably want to hire someone to do the plowing, however.
You will walk some of the narrow, old streets, hemmed in by massive palazzi.
You will visit a few churches that are exceptional yet often by-passed, a magnificent square, the main shopping district, the Spanish Steps, and the lovely Pincian Gardens.
You will realize why Rome is indeed the Eternal City.
You will come to Alemagna, a delightful, though moderately expensive restaurant, which is particularly noted for its exceptional selection of ice creams and patisseries.
You will get to come home on long weekends from Hanover, won't you ''??
`` You will lose the paper.
You will need a stereo music system, with speakers preferably placed at least seven or eight feet apart, and one or more of the new London `` Phase 4 '' records.
" You will find no rest for the long years of Eternity,
You will see a multitude of tiny particles mingling in a multitude of ways ... their dancing is an actual indication of underlying movements of matter that are hidden from our sight ...
* " You can read all the books in the library, but the cheese will still stink.

You and stay
`` You can't stay here with me.
You stay with the ladies.
You may stay as long as you wish, of course, but if arranging for the care of the girls must take time into account, I think a day or two should be enough to finish our business in ''.
You should be prepared to stay in your shelter full time for at least several days and to make it your home for 14 days or longer.
`` You stay out of this '', she spat at me.
" We are ... asking every Negro to stay off the buses Monday in protest of the arrest and trial ... You can afford to stay out of school for one day.
While many networks followed the show's success by scheduling other cartoons in the early 1960s, including Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, The Jetsons, Top Cat, and The Alvin Show, none of these programs survived more than a year ( save Scooby-Doo, which, despite not being a primetime cartoon, has managed to stay afloat for over four decades ).
You just stay with it.
During this performance, he inadvertently disobeyed the choreography by walking around the stage when it was planned that he would stay still, and was chastised by the band manager after the show: " The mistake was such a big deal that from that moment on, never again did I move when I wasn't supposed to move ... That was the discipline of Menudo: You either did things the way you were told or you were not part of the group.
To the Norwegians they said, " You can stay here in this place of starvation, if you will.
You can afford to stay out of school for one day if you have no other way to go except by bus.
You can also afford to stay out of town for one day.
You know all these mover type of guys, I ’ m not sure whether I should stay away from them if I could.
More evidence that Abraham thought that he won't actually sacrifice Isaac comes from Genesis 22: 5, where Abraham said to his servants, " You stay here with the ass.
It also spent nine weeks as number one in the United States — the longest run at the top of the American charts for a Beatles ' single, and tied the record for longest stay at number one ( until the record was broken by " You Light Up My Life ").
He is best remembered by his quotes " We ’ re screwed down for life " ( 117 ) and " You ’ ve got to get obsessed and stay obsessed.
You either identify with her as an outsider or you sort of envy her ability to navigate her life as an outsider and stay sane.
Harry asks Tobias, “ You don ’ t want us, do you, Toby ?” Tobias delivers what the author refers to in the script notes as Tobias ’ s “ aria .” Tobias answers that he does not really want Harry and Edna to stay there but that because they are friends, Harry and Edna have the right to be there.
The Giant Angora Buck in this picture is on a turn table, about to have his summer clipping, ( 18 oz ) You then stay in control of where the rabbit is.
Robinson decided to stay with the group for another two years with the group hosting its own television special, The Smokey Robinson Show and scoring one more top 40 hit with 1971's " I Don't Blame You At All ".
“ When I was here before, the President gave me my country, and I put my stake down in a good place, and there I want to stay .... You speak of another country, but it is not my country ; it does not concern me, and I want nothing to do with it.
You have to sway, forwards and backwards, with a controlled hip movement, while your shoulders stay level and your feet glide along the floor.
You have to stay active on all fronts.

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