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Young and Smith
Such musical acts as Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Neil Young, Patti Smith, Swans, The Germs, and Joy Division have been mentioned by Love, including songs by several of them being covered by Hole in live performances and, in some cases, studio recordings.
The history of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is typically divided into three broad time periods: ( 1 ) the early history during the lifetime of Joseph Smith, Jr. which is in common with all Latter Day Saint movement churches, ( 2 ) a " pioneer era " under the leadership of Brigham Young and his 19th century successors, and ( 3 ) a modern era beginning around the turn of the 20th century as Utah achieved statehood.
The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS Church ) is typically divided into three broad time periods: ( 1 ) the early history during the lifetime of Joseph Smith, Jr. which is in common with all Latter Day Saint movement churches, ( 2 ) a " pioneer era " under the leadership of Brigham Young and his 19th Century successors, and ( 3 ) a modern era beginning around the turn of the 20th century as the practice of polygamy was discontinued.
* 19th century – The history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( LDS Church ), contains extensive references to the phenomenon of speaking in tongues by Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and many others.
* J. Smith Young ( 1834 – 1916 ), American politician
Mormon history can be divided into three broad time periods: ( 1 ) the early history during the lifetime of Joseph Smith, ( 2 ) a " pioneer era " under the leadership of Brigham Young and his successors, and ( 3 ) a modern era beginning around the turn of the 20th century.
In September, 2010, a UK newspaper reported that a member of the gang Peckham Young Gunz was " accused of helping to hide a Mac-10 machinegun used in the execution of Curtis Smith ".
By March 1947, the NCS had 112 members, including Bud Fisher ( Mutt and Jeff ), Don Flowers ( Glamor Girls ), Bob Kane ( Batman ), Fred Lasswell ( Barney Google and Snuffy Smith ), George Lichty ( Grin and Bear It ), Zack Mosley ( The Adventures of Smilin ' Jack ), Alex Raymond ( Rip Kirby ), Cliff Sterrett ( Polly and Her Pals ) and Chic Young ( Blondie ), plus editorial cartoonists Reg Manning and Fred O. Seibel and sports cartoonist Willard Mullin.
He follows Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith and Steve Young.
While working with the Young Democrats, Washington met Mary Ella Smith.
" The Encounter of the Young Joseph Smith with Presbyterianism ," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 40 / 3, 2007.
Following persecution and mob action in Missouri, Illinois, and other states, and the martyrdom of their prophet Joseph Smith in 1844, Mormon leader Brigham Young was chosen by the leaders of the Latter Day Saints ( LDS ) church to lead the LDS settlers west.
He was granted unprecedented access during his three-week visit, including audiences with President Brigham Young and other still living contemporaries of Joseph Smith.
Alastair Sim starred as Inspector Goole, renamed " Poole " for the film, with Jane Wenham as Eva Smith, Eileen Moore as Sheila Birling, Arthur Young as Arthur Birling, Brian Worth as Gerald Croft, Olga Lindo as Sybil Birling and Bryan Forbes as Eric Birling.
As early as 1924 these American firms allied with prominent British firms, Young with Broads Paterson & Co. and Ernst with Whinney Smith & Whinney.
National Resophonic are now producing their Smith & Young ` Spider Cone ' models and the Model 11 is built on traditional Dobro lines.
* c. 1937: Joe Keyes, Buck Clayton, Carl Smith, George Hunt, Dan Minor, Caughey Roberts, Herschel Evans, Lester Young, Jack Washington, Claude Williams, Walter Page, Jo Jones.
* In the fiction book Double or Nothing ( 2007 ), a part of the Young Bond series, James is in the cemetery where Ludwig and Wolfgang Smith plan to kill him.
* R. J. Smith, ' Henry II's Heir: the Acta and Seal of Henry the Young King, 1170 – 83 ', English Historical Review, CXVI, ( 2001 ), pp. 297 – 326
The Sixers drafted Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets SF Thaddeus Young with the 12th pick, traded with the Miami Heat for 21st pick Colorado State PF Jason Smith, traded with the Portland Trail Blazers for 42nd pick Vanderbilt SG / SF Derrick Byars, and then finally traded with the Utah Jazz for Providence PF Herbert Hill.
Young goaltender Mike Smith was promoted to the NHL to serve as Marty Turco's backup.
Kevin Tod Smith ( 16 March 1963 – 15 February 2002 ) was a New Zealand actor best known for playing the Greek god of war, Ares, in the TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and in its two spin-offs – Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules.
While guest-starring on Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules, Smith also appeared in other TV shows and films, notably as a Vietnam veteran in the feature film Channelling Baby and as detective John Lawless in three TV movies: Lawless ( 1999 ), Lawless 2: Dead Evidence ( 2000 ), and Lawless 3: Beyond Justice ( 2001 ).
Many members ( including notable members — Joseph Smith and Brigham Young among them ) of the mainline LDS Church, past and present, have believed that Jackson County was the site of the biblical Garden of Eden.

Young and numerous
Despite entering the LM forty minutes ahead of schedule, Young and Duke completed preparations only ten minutes early due to numerous delays in the process.
The YMCA ( Young Men's Christian Association ) is also a popular sponsor for youth cheerleading leagues, as well as numerous other sports leagues.
Young established numerous pitching records, some of which have stood for a century.
While there, Young compiled extensive data and made numerous recommendations, even persuading the Hondurans to hire a New York police lieutenant to reorganize their police forces.
In addition to weekly worship services, Mormons began participating in numerous programs such as Boy Scouting, a Young Women's organization, church-sponsored dances, ward basketball, camping trips, plays, and religious education programs for youth and college students.
In the United States, there are numerous Orthodox congregational organizations, such as Agudath Israel, the Orthodox Union, and the National Council of Young Israel ; none of which can claim to represent a majority of all Orthodox congregations.
The Band has influenced numerous bands, songwriters, and performers, from the Grateful Dead and The Beatles to Eric Clapton, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, Elton John, and Phish.
In its 14 years the Weimar Republic faced numerous problems, including hyperinflation, political extremists ( with paramilitaries – both left and right wing ), and hostility from the victors of World War I, who tried twice to restructure Germany's reparations payments through the Dawes Plan and the Young Plan.
In the 2000s the government has been fighting numerous rebel groups, such as the one led by Hussein al-Houthi's Zaydi movement Shabab al-Mu ' mineen, " The Young Believers ".
The motto, which has been used in numerous award-winning UNCF ad campaigns, was created by Forest Long, of the advertising agency Young & Rubicam.
Christopher Wise in his book Derrida, Africa, and the Middle East ( 2009 ) places Derrida's work in the historical context of his North African origins, an argument first briefly made by Robert J. C. Young in White Mythologies: Writing History and the West ( 1990 ) and extended in his Postcolonialism: An Historical Introduction ( 2001 ) where Young surveys the writings of numerous theorists and situates the whole framework of Derrida's thinking in relation to the impact of growing up in the colonial conditions of French Algeria.
The original program launched the careers of a number of Australian performers including Jamie Redfern, Tina Arena and Dannii Minogue and spawned numerous hit singles, fifteen Young Talent Time albums, a film, swap cards, boardgames, toys, and numerous Logie Awards.
Over the 18 years of the original show, Johnny Young and the various Teams made numerous live appearances all over Australia, sometimes performing full concerts or just making short publicity appearances at venues ranging from large theatres, concert stages, sporting venues, theme parks, RSL Clubs, outdoor concert arenas ( like Melbourne's Myer Music Bowl ) and shopping centres.
In late 1938 Disney hired Oskar Fischinger, a German artist who had produced numerous abstract animated films, including some with classical music, to work with Young.
By 1965, the first anthology Fluxus 1 was available, consisting of manila envelopes bolted together containing work by numerous artists who would later become famous including LaMonte Young, Christo and Yoko Ono.
House of Leaves, Danielewski's innovative first novel, has continued to gain a global cult following and won numerous awards, including the New York Public Library's Young Lions Fiction Award.
He remained an ardent fan of the Munster Rugby and Young Munster teams then until his death, and attending many of its matches, and there are numerous stories of japes at rugby matches with the actors and fellow rugby fans Peter O ' Toole and Richard Burton.
It has been featured as a plot device in numerous TV shows, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Skins, Hall Pass, Grounded for Life, (" Henry's Working for the Drug Squad "), Arrested Development (" Afternoon Delight "), Taxi, Laverne & Shirley, Barney Miller, Frasier, Family Guy, American Dad !, How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, Glee, Gilmore Girls, The Young And The Restless, Weeds, The L Word, Degrassi: The Next Generation, My Name is Earl, I Love Keith Allen, 90210, Swingtown, The Big Bang Theory and Frasier (" High Holidays "), as well as in movies such as Love and Other Disasters, EuroTrip, Next Friday, Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Never Been Kissed, Adventureland, Grandma's Boy, Can't Hardly Wait, Life as We Know It, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Empire Records.
Townshend has written several scripts spanning the breadth of his career, including numerous drafts of his elusive Lifehouse project, the last of which, co-written with radio playwright Jeff Young, was published in 1999.
Lead vocalist and principal songwriter Jez Ashurst has also written songs recorded by numerous artists including Boyzone, Will Young, The Click Five, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Brian McFadden, Hanson and Cliff Richard.
Seven years younger and 21 pounds lighter, Young adopted a strategy of fighting aggressively from a distance, landing numerous light blows while dodging and parrying Ali's counterpunches, and using his body blows, which had little power behind them but were effective at scoring points.
He released numerous records on the label, all conducted by Ron Goodwin, the biggest seller of which was " Too Young " ( 1951 ) a big sheet music seller in the days before the UK Singles Chart had begun.

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