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Young and birds
* Young Island, also known as " Bird Island " due to the birds that have overrun the island
Young birds before fledging are called goslings.
Young piglets are important prey for several species, including large snakes, such as the reticulated python, large birds of prey, and various wild felids.
Young birds may be fed for some time after fledging ; adults have been seen feeding fish to juveniles at sea and on inland lakes in the United Kingdom, hundreds of kilometers from any breeding areas.
Young birds are less distinctly barred.
Young birds vary in the shade of brown, with darker birds presumably males.
Young birds initially flick objects and attempt to play with them until they learn to use anvils as tools to smash snails.
Young birds are blackish or chocolate brown with black and white patches.
Young birds that have not reached breeding age may overwinter in the grassland and semi-desert regions of the Sahel.
Young birds have been heard making a hissing croak in flight.
Young birds at the nest are sometimes taken by Golden Eagles, eagle owls, and red foxes.
Young birds that fall off of cliff ledges may be preyed on by mammalian predators such as jackals, foxes and wolves.
Young birds display various forms of play behaviour, either by themselves or in groups, with older birds often initiating the proceedings with juveniles.
Young birds also give a true song, especially in captivity, a warbling similar to that of the European Greenfinch.
Young birds show little lustre and are duller.
Young birds may indulge in play behaviour, dropping leaves and attempting to catch them in the air.
Young birds can be distinguished from young Red-backed Shrikes by the much sparser vermiculations on the underparts.
Young birds are " washed out " versions of the adults.
Young fir and spruce trees do well in the subalpine climate, and their pine cones feed the birds along with wild blueberry and blackberry shrubs.
Young birds are dark brown with buff on the head and a pale patch on the underwing.
Young birds join mixed roaming flocks ; adults also join the flocks when they pass through, but do not stray from their territory.
Young birds are like the female, except that they have dull olive-brown napes and necks, greyish rumps, and greyer tails, with less defined white tips.

Young and resemble
Varietys Deborah Young reviewed the film after seeing it at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, praising it as " a steamroller circus that leaves the viewer dazed and exhausted, but mightily impressed ", adding that " if Fellini had shot a war movie, it might resemble Underground ".
Young birds resemble winter adults, but have a dark " W " pattern on the wings in flight, like young Little Gulls.
In the 1960s, Cookie and Alexander grew into teenagers ( who uncannily resemble their parents ), but they stopped growing during the 1960s when Young realized that they had to remain teenagers to maintain the family situation structured into the strip for so many decades.
The adventures are presented as a series of lessons in natural history and the physical sciences, and resemble other, similar educational books for children in this period, such as Charlotte Turner Smith's Rural Walks: in Dialogues intended for the use of Young Persons ( 1795 ), Rambles Further: A continuation of Rural Walks ( 1796 ), A Natural History of Birds, intended chiefly for young persons ( 1807 ).
Young caterpillars resemble bird droppings, and as they molt they eventually turn bright green, with a pair of large yellow eyespots with black and blue pupils.
Young birds resemble adult birds, but the red-brown coloring on the flanks is either completely missing or is smaller than the adults.
Young birds are dark blotched on the wings and shoulders, and otherwise resemble the females.
) While Alpha resembles the JLA, other Legions resemble teams such as the Teen Titans, Young Justice, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Legion of Super-Pets, etc.

Young and female
Young female ( A. a. americana ) in Algonquin Park in early June
* June 24 – Kathleen Young and Irene Templeton are ordained as priests in St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, becoming the first female Anglican priests in the United Kingdom.
After he's called in to investigate the brutal killing of Joseph Samuels ( Sam Levene ), who was found dead at his home, police investigator Finlay ( Robert Young ) discovers there may be a murderer among a group of demobilized soldiers, who had been seen with Samuels and his female friend at a hotel bar that night.
Her nickname, Murasaki, was most probably given at a court dinner in an incident she recorded in her diary: in c. 1008 the well-known court poet Fujiwara no Kintō inquired after the " Young Murasaki "— an allusion to the character named Murasaki in Genji — which would have been considered a compliment from a male court poet to a female author.
Young NMR tube attached to an adapter with a female 24 / 40 joint already greased.
Young are fed liquefied and regurgitated insects directly by the male or female parent and are eventually weaned to small mammals and reptile fragments regurgitated onto the nest itself.
Young are altricial, and are brooded by the female for 8 – 12 days after hatching.
* Sterling Rice: Young female tourist
Young female roe deer can begin to reproduce when they are around 16 months old.
In professional wrestling, female superstar of the 1950s Mae Young modelled her in-ring look on the various pin-up girls of the time.
In Young Frankenstein ( 1974 ), it echoes almost as a non-representation ; the ghoulish Marty Feldman, hearing a shrill and anguished female wail from a remote dungeon, smiles and ( almost ) sings " Beautiful Screamer " .....
Image: Orthetrum cancellatum top. jpg | Young female black-tailed skimmer
Young birds, both male and female, show the coloring similar to the adult female until the fall, when they molt and grow adult feathers.
Sybil maintains a number of close ( female ) social contacts from her schooldays, which, thanks to the kind of school she went to ( The Quirm College for Young Ladies ), are now all strategically placed in the highest levels of power across the Sto Plains and often more powerful than Ankh-Morpork Guild leaders.
The first female Leader of the Lords was Lady Young in 1981-1983.
Young female cones
Young birds are brown above and buff below with dark streaks, and a face pattern like the female.
In January 1985, CFPL hired its first female anchor, Kate Young, who co-anchored FYI with Stevens.
Singleton won " Top Billing " in Go West, Young Lady over her male co-star, Glenn Ford — putting her in the elite company of only two other female stars ( Dorothy Page and Jane Frazee ) who held the headliner roles as top-billed singing cowgirls.
These include “ My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children ”, " Romance Morphs Into Horror Story ", “ Waiting on the World to Change ” – a year in the lives of children in one of the poorest cities in America – “ Scared Stiff: Worried in America ”, “ Caught on Tape ” – on how the proliferation of cameras in our society has impacted our lives – “ Seeing and Believing: The Power of Faith ”, “ Privilege in America: Who ’ s Shutting You Out ”, “ Sweet Revenge ”, a report on the differences between female and male brains, and " When Is Young Too Young?
Young are often raised not by the pair alone, but with other males who also mated with the pair's female assisting.

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