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Yvon and Neptune
The constitutional Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune languished in jail for over a year, accused of complicity in an alleged massacre in Saint-Marc.
Yvon Neptune ( born November 8, 1946 in Cavaillon, Haiti ) was Prime Minister of Haïti from 2002 until 2004.
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That same day, Philippe announced he would arrest Haïtian Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, who is a top official of Aristide's Lavalas party.

Yvon and was
In November 1937, Ribbentrop was placed in a highly embarrassing situation when his forceful advocacy of the return of the former German colonies led to the British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and the French Foreign Minister Yvon Delbos offering to open talks on returning the former German colonies, in return for which the Germans would make binding commitments to respect their borders in Central and Eastern Europe.
For Yvon Gouet this behavior was not in compliance with the parliamentary system.
Originally developed by Yvon Rozijn, AWeb was shipped with version 3. 9 of AmigaOS, and is now open source.
Jozef Cleber a Dutch musician that arrived with a patron of 46 persons of Philharmonic Orchestra under direction of Yvon Baarspul was sent by the Netherlands Government to help the Indonesian Government for music development in Jakarta.
His fight with Yvon Durelle in particular was of note: defending his world light heavyweight title in Montreal, he was felled three times in round one, and once again in round five, but then dropped Durelle in round 10 and won by a knockout in the 11th.
He became famous and something of a folk hero, particularly among Acadians, as the defence lawyer in the high-profile murder case of famous New Brunswick boxing champion, Yvon Durelle, in what was a widely publicized case.
He was supported by MPs Pat Martin, Judy Wasylycia-Leis, Bev Desjarlais, Wendy Lill, Yvon Godin and Dick Proctor, Manitoba Premier Gary Doer, New Democratic Party of Ontario leader Howard Hampton, and several former MPs including Simon de Jong, Dawn Black, Ian Waddell and Howard McCurdy.
On March 31, 1957, he was elected Grand Counsellor of AOF ( French Occidental Africa ) on an MDV list ( Voltaic Democratic Movement ), and two months later, he was appointed minister of the agricultural economy in the first council of government headed by Mr. Yvon Bourges, last French Governor in Upper-Volta ( May 18, 1957 ) that was later replaced by Daniel Ouezzin Coulibaly.
On February 4, 1973, former federal Liberal cabinet minister Yvon Dupuis was elected leader of the Ralliement créditiste du Québec, but failed to win his riding of Saint-Jean in the 1973 provincial election, while the party only retained two of the twelve seats they held.
During the Second World War, the government moved to Vichy, but on August 21, 1944, it was in Paris that the resistance leader Yvon Morandat and his companion seized the " Government Mansion ", the Hôtel Matignon.
It was founded on May 5, 1974 by former Liberal Party of Quebec Member of the National Assembly Yvon Dupuis.
Dupuis resigned from the leadership later in 1974, and was replaced by Yvon Brochu.
On February 4, 1973, Yvon Dupuis was elected leader of the Ralliement créditiste du Québec over Samson.
On February 21, Armand Bois, the former interim leader, was expelled from the party for saying at the February 4 leadership convention that Yvon Dupuis ’ s entourage included members of the Montreal underworld.
In 1659 he was pastor in Geneva, where he gathered around him disciples notably ; Pierre Yvon Pierre Dulignon, François Menuret, and Friedrich Theodor Untereyck Spanheim.
Adolphe Yvon ( 1817 – 1893 ) was a French painter known for his paintings from the Napoleonic Wars.
Shortly after the end of the Crimean War in September 1855, Yvon was commissioned by the French government to paint a large picture of the capture of the Malakoff at Sevastopol.
Yvon was known as the leading teacher of drawing at the École des Beaux-Arts ( 1863 – 83 ).
It was designed by Tom Frost and Yvon Chouinard in 1959, and manufactured by Chouinard Equipment in the 1960s.

Yvon and appointed
Spivak wanted to be appointed Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba in 1993, but was passed over in favour of W. Yvon Dumont by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.
In 1952, the City of Montreal appointed Buissonneau as artistic director of La Roulotte, a parks-based outdoor theatre, which gave an early opportunity to famous Quebec artists Yvon Deschamps, Jean-Louis Millette, Claude Jasmin, Claude Léveillé and Robert Charlebois.

Yvon and Minister
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of National Education
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of National Education
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of Foreign Affairs
Yvon Delbos succeeds Sarraut as Minister of National Education.
Yvon Delbos succeeded Monzie as Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts.
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of Public Instruction and Fine Arts
* Yvon Delbos ( RAD ), Minister of Foreign Affairs
* Yvon Bourges – Minister of Defense
* Yvon Bourges – Minister of Defense
* Yvon Bourges – Minister of Defense
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of National Education
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of State
* Yvon Delbos – Minister of State

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