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Zacek and all
As Karmatron, Zacek has all his Kundalini powers enhanced by a tenfold ( or more ), he has super-strength, near physical invulnerability, the ability to fire a variety of types of rays and bolts, he has flight capability, he can survive in space or in any environment short of a nuclear inferno ( which almost killed him once ) and he can shrink to microscopic level.

Zacek and Kundalini
It depicted the adventures of Zacek, emperor of the Zuyua people and also a Kundalini warrior that an ancient prophecy announced to be the one who could restore the balance between light and darkness.
Meanwhile, Zacek and his older brother Nazul arrived at the Planet of Eternity, but as they reached the sacred serpent's chamber located in the depths of Mount Meru, a metnalian soldier who followed them by Asura's command assaulted the two princes ( Asura knew of the prophecy of the Kundalini that would defeat him ) and managed to grab Nazul and take him to his ship before he could go into the serpent's resting place.
A voice in the chamber told Zacek that he had no other choice than to follow his father's wishes and attempt to awake the Kundalini Serpent, which he reluctantly did.
Zacek managed to succeed in his mission, and became a full-fledged Kundalini warrior.

Zacek and has
Zacek has already done it twice.

Zacek and on
There, young Zacek learned advanced cybernetics as a career, and he often built robots, big and small, as a hobby ( these robots had a mayor role further in the story-more on that later ).

Zacek and spiritual
Zacek was the bearer of the powerful Kalpe-Om, a magical belt that allowed him to transform himself into Karmatron, a 300 feet tall armoured spiritual warrior.

Zacek and him
Zacek was unable to help his brother, because the heavy slab of stone that guarded the serpent's chamber entrance slammed shut in that precise moment, trapping him in there.

Zacek and .
* " Radola Gajda of Czechoslovakia " by Joseph F. Zacek in East Central European War Leaders: Civilian and Military edited by Bela K. Kiraly ( Columbia University Press, 1988, ISBN 0-88033-140-2 )
The story starts millions of years ago, in a very distant place in the universe — Planet Zuyua — where Zacek lived peacefully as the youngest of two heirs to the Zuyuan throne.
In the middle of the attack, four giant robots programmed by Zacek to activate in case of peril suddenly burst into action, attacking Asura's soldiers and ships and wreaking havoc in the invading army.
By uttering a sacred mantra, Zacek transformed into Karmatron for the first time.
* Zacek, Joseph.

all and Warriors
Warriors were not only required to own all these belongings to prove their allegiance: they were expected to act with military courtesy as well.
In 1950, the NBA consolidated to eleven franchises, a process that continued until 1953 – 54, when the league reached its smallest size of eight franchises, all of which are still in the league ( the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Royals / Kings, Detroit Pistons, Atlanta Hawks, and Nationals / 76ers ).
Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Victoria Holmes wrote the Warriors series under the pseudonym of Erin Hunter to keep their readers from searching all over the library for their books.
The 76ers had the sixth-best odds at receiving the top pick in the 2010 draft, and they managed to land the second overall pick, beating out the Warriors, Kings, Timberwolves, and Nets, who all had better odds.
The Warriors changed their name to the Golden State Warriors for the 1971 – 72 season, playing almost all home games in Oakland.
Cyrus is a principal character in The Warriors ( novel ), The Warriors ( film ), and The Warriors ( video game ), all of which are based on Anabasis.
Wakita Warriors football was a football powerhouse all throughout the 1980s to the early 2000s.
At first many of the investments made were poor such as a fisheries deal, the purchase of the Auckland Warriors rugby league team and a hotel in Singapore, which all failed.
In Dynasty Warriors 2, Dynasty Warriors 4, and Dynasty Warriors 7, each of the Three Kingdoms have its Musou Mode, in which all characters from a particular kingdom will play the same mode.
She appeared in all of Season 17's stories and then her character was written out in the third to last story of Season 18 in the story entitled Warriors ' Gate.
As the fourth battle between Shingen and Kenshin was the most famous among all of them, it is one of the early stages in the Samurai Warriors series.
The battle has been featured in all games of the Samurai Warriors series.
He is also in all of the games of Koei's Samurai Warriors and Warriors Orochi game series
Later episodes with fantasy elements included the bizarre poisoning of freemasons in Poison, the Christmas episode Fires in the Fall ( which features a Bergman-esque representation of Death which appears, to judge from the last line, to have been real in spite of a ' Scooby-Doo ' explanation having been offered a scene earlier ), A Man of Sorrows which is the only episode of the sixth series set almost entirely outside Jersey, the only episode at all to lack Charlie Hungerford and-partly because of the heroin nature of the storyline, partly because of the lack of familiar characters-a dark, humourless episode unlike any other in the series ), the densely plotted The Other Woman, The Dig involving an apparent Viking's curse ( apparently inspired by Hammer Horror movies ), and Warriors about a group who believed in the existence of Atlantis.
Several of those players earned season-long contracts after being key contributors, including Anthony Tolliver, Chris Hunter and Reggie Williams ( all Golden State Warriors ), Sundiata Gaines ( New Jersey Nets ), Chris Richard ( Chicago Bulls ), and Mario West ( Atlanta Hawks ).
In desperation humans employed elite groups of hunter killer soldiers who tracked behind Minbari lines and used all means to kill Minbari Warriors.
In the tokusatsu series Madan Senki Ryukendo, all three Madan Warriors, right after transforming, say their names followed by the word " Raijin!
Warriors killed all the adult men.
It becomes apparent that the Ice Warriors have a deadly plan: they have seeds, which they send to various parts of Earth using T-mat, of a fungus that will multiply and suck all the oxygen from the surrounding atmosphere, making it more comfortable for the Martians but uninhabitable for humans.

all and can
Unless all gadgets are properly operated -- and the wires and seals from the handles removed first -- no damage can be done.
The stink is all the same to me, but I really think they can make one another out blindfolded ''.
As for progress, the `` backward South '' can boast of Baton Rouge, which increased its population between 1940 and 1950 by two hundred and sixty-two percent, to 126,000, the second largest growth of the period for all cities over 25,000.
We have staved off a war and, since our behavior has involved all these elements, we can only keep adding to our ritual without daring to abandon any part of it, since we have not the slightest notion which parts are effective.
When words can be used in a more fresh and primitive way so that they strike with the force of sights and sounds, when tones of sound and colors of paint and the carven shape all strike the sensibilities with an undeniable force of data in and of themselves, compelling the observer into an attitude of attention, all this imitates the way experience itself in its deepest character strikes upon the door of consciousness and clamors for entrance.
Now we can argue that the irresistible fate of Oedipus Rex was nothing more than the irresistible unconscious longings of Oedipus projected outward, but this externalization of unconscious conflict makes all the difference between a story and a clinical case history.
But a writer who has a taste for irony and who sees incest in all its modern dimensions can let his imagination work on the disturbing joke in the incest myth, the joke that strikes right at the center of man's humanness.
The Axioms required to make the theoretical machinery operate are set out tersely and powerfully, so that all permissible operations within the theory can be traced rigorously back to these axioms, rules, and primitive notions.
Perhaps the mere fact that by plucking on the nerves nature can awaken in the most ordinary of us, temporarily anyway, the sleeping poet, and in poets can discover their immortality, is the most remarkable of all the remarkable phenomena to which we can attest??
Conventional images of Jews have this in common with all perceptions of a configuration in which one feature is held constant: images can be both true and false.
After all, Shelley is no `` orthodox '' or Hellenic Platonist, and even his `` romantic '' Platonism can be distinguished from that of his contemporaries.
A contrast of the scripture reading of, let us say, St. Augustine, John Bunyan, and Thomas Jefferson, all three of whom found in such study a real source of enlightenment, can tell us a great deal about these three men and the age that each represented and helped bring to conscious expression.
`` Mr. Lane '', Hearst said, `` if you ever wish anything that I can do, all you will have to do will be to send me a telegram asking, and it will be done ''.
There can be no greater magic than to wrest from death her in whom the flesh was all, in whom beauty was entirely pure because it was entirely corruptible.
Then, all but blind, he said there was nothing in Back to Methuselah --, -- `` G.B.S. ought to have known that '', -- and `` I look at my bookshelves despairingly, knowing that I can have nothing more to do with them ''.
From this point of view the `` militant mobs '' of the past, stirred into action by one ideology or another, were all composed of `` intellectuals '' -- and this is not the level on which the essence of mankind can be discovered.
Certainly all can applaud passage of an auto title law, the school bills, the increase in teacher pensions, the ban on drag racing, acceptance by the state of responsibility for maintenance of state roads in municipalities at the same rate as outside city limits, repeal of the college age limit law and the road maintenance bond issue.
We must, first of all, be willing to forgive others before we can secure God's forgiveness.
Besides, in all honesty, I don't know how you can be sure.
After all, where else can the public see a wagon these days??
She can remove all knick-knacks within reach.
He can smell again the perfume she wore and recall the lilting sound of laughter, and can smell again the aroma of autumn -- fallen leaves, the wine of cool air, and the nostalgia of woodsmoke which blows through all the winds of fall.

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