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Zombies and became
The Hooters from Philadelphia broke into nationwide attention when they became the opening band at Live Aid where they performed " All You Zombies ," soon to become their first hit single.
Rafa saw no definite role in the groups he had been part of: Plástico ( a group formed with Toti Arboles and Eduardo Benavente, who later became involved with Alaska y los Pegamoides ), Las Chinas, and Los Zombies de Bernardo Bonezzi.
Phillips went over to Marvel Comics in 2005 where he joined Brubaker on Criminal at the Marvel imprint Icon and he also became the main artist on the first two installments of the Marvel Zombies series with Robert Kirkman.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors, although not an immediate success, became a cult classic years after its release.

Zombies and popular
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture
The other henchmen are Byrd and Zombie, named after other popular ' 60s rock bands, The Byrds and The Zombies.
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture
Since 2009, Crown College started the popular College game of Humans vs Zombies attracting up to one hundred students when they meet, this is also the location where the UCSC zombie defense council will be formed.
* In the episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 featuring The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies, during a scene involving a woman dancing with an effeminate man, Tom Servo, imitating Welk, riffed, " Thank you, Cissy and Sissy ", referencing his show's popular dance team of Bobby and Cissy.
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture
Zombies is a video game adaptation of the popular tile-based board game by Twilight Creations Inc, publisher of the original game.
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture
Emma Stone is currently rumored to star as the zombie-slaying Elizabeth Bennet in the film version of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a popular novel by Seth Grahame-Smith.
Category: Zombies and revenants in popular culture

Zombies and device
The Windows Phone 7 version of Zombies uses the touchscreen of the device for all control input.
The initial Windows Phone 7 release of Zombies supports single player as well as multi-player game play on one device.

Zombies and modern
Three exceptions are Talismania, which featured an ethnically Greek soundtrack with a modern twist, Peggle, which featured an easy listening soundtrack ( as well as a choral passage of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony ), both by SomaTone Productions, and Plants vs Zombies, which featured an original soundtrack composed by Laura Shigihara.

Zombies and horror
Dynamite Entertainment has an ongoing " Army of Darkness " series and several mini-series and cross-over mini-series, featuring horror characters such as Darkman, the Marvel Zombies and Herbert West.
Delmar was one of the filming locations for the 1986 horror movie Redneck Zombies.
The song " Astro Zombies ", inspired by the 1968 horror film Astro-Zombies, describes an urge to exterminate the whole human race.
* Redneck Zombies, a 1986 horror film
In between Dredd assignments Bolland drew horror strips for Dez Skinn's House of Hammer, having been introduced to the comic through another of the " fanboy in-crowd ," Trevor Goring, who drew " a comic strip version of the movie Plague of the Zombies ," and asked Bolland to ink it.
He also tried his hand at acting, starring in a 1989 Italian-produced horror movie called After Death ( Revenge of the Zombies ), in which he was credited as Chuck Peyton and was seen in the short film Can I Be Your Bratwurst Please ?.
Veitch had already made his publishing debut prior to attending the Kubert School: in 1972, he illustrated the horror parody Two-Fisted Zombies ( written by his brother Tom Veitch ), but this one-shot failed to make a splash in the fading underground comix field of the ' 70s.
At the time of release, The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies was the second longest titled film in the horror genre ( Roger Corman's The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent being the first ).
* Wicked Little Things, a 2006 horror film also known as Zombies
Ryan also completed filming Cockneys vs Zombies, a comedy horror film about a team of bank robbers fighting the undead, directed by Matthias Hoene, alongside Georgia King, Rasmus Hardiker and Jack Doolan.
* Sugar Hill ( 1974 film ), a blaxploitation horror movie, later edited for TV and retitled The Zombies of Sugar Hill
Franco returned to low-budget horror in a brief comeback period from 1980-1983 ( Bloody Moon, Mondo Cannibale, Oasis of the Zombies ), but after 1983, his career took a second downturn as he drifted back into porn.
She also appeared in the horror comedy Zombies on Broadway with Wally Brown and Alan Carney in 1945.
Jacqueline Pearce starred in two Hammer horror films, The Plague of the Zombies and The Reptile, which were filmed simultaenously on the same location with largely the same cast and both released in 1966.
Not many early horror films followed White Zombies Haitian origins style.
He was chiefly known for his horror films, especially for Hammer Films, for whom he directed Shadow of the Cat ( 1961 ), The Plague of the Zombies ( 1966 ), The Reptile ( 1966 ) ( the latter two filmed back to back in Cornwall ) and The Mummy's Shroud, among others.
A unique and shocking experiment in pushing the parameters of Hammer horror, The Plague of the Zombies deserves greater recognition in its own right.
Teenage Zombies is a 1959 horror science fiction film, written and directed by Jerry Warren.
In addition to his wrestling career, Heffron has a budding acting career, having appeared on the WB sitcom " Nikki ", Barry W. Blaustein's film Beyond the Mat, the Richard O ' Sullivan-directed Communication Breakdown, and the cult horror film Swamp Zombies.
Zombies and headcrabs have also been given voices, which add to the horror aspect of the game.
Wicked Little Things ( also known as Zombies ) is a Zombie horror film directed by J. S. Cardone and stars Lori Heuring, Scout Taylor-Compton and Chloë Grace Moretz.

Zombies and fiction
Mystery writer Sharyn McCrumb's Bimbos of the Death Sun and Zombies of the Gene Pool are murder mysteries set at a science fiction convention and within the broader culture of fandom respectively.

Zombies and because
In the Marvel Zombies alternate universe ( Earth-2149 ), Spider-Man was bitten and transformed into a zombie, leading him to devour first Mary Jane, and then Aunt May, despite warning her to lock herself in the bathroom because he couldn't control himself.

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