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Zonker and Harris
Zonker Harris
The Zonker Harris Access Way in Malibu, CA
If the player makes him look in Elaine's mirror, Guybrush says " Hey, it's Zonker Harris in a dress!
it: Zonker Harris
nn: Zonker Harris
In the comic strip Doonesbury, the characters Mark Slackmeyer and Zonker Harris criticized the name change in French.
Said characters are singing the song of the same name, with the exception of Zonker Harris who says " I'm just a gigolo!
After reporter Rick Redfern recognized him during an interview of Duvalier, Zonker Harris bought " Légume "' s freedom using most of a recently acquired lottery fortune.
The core developers for this effort to prove the Internet was a better partner for newspapers than AOL or Prodigy, were Dave Livingston ( nicknamed " Sleepy Squirrel "), Charles Hall, James Calloway, Alfred Filler, Fraser Van Asch, " Zonker " Harris, Mike Emmett and Schlukbier.
Seth Effron became Nando's executive editor, Zonker Harris was the managing editor, Mike Emmett, who had a long career as a writer and editor with several of the U. S .' s largest dailies, was the sports editor, while Bruce Siceloff headed the NewsObserver. com staff.

Zonker and is
Zonker is habitually unemployed, and is very protective of his slacker lifestyle.
There is an access way in Malibu named after Zonker.
He is nominally Zonker Harris's uncle, albeit an " uncle by courtesy " only.

Zonker and Doonesbury
Despite Zonker calling him " Uncle Duke ", Duke appears to be his surname ; the back matter for the Doonesbury collection " Death of a Party Animal " refers to him as " Raoul Duke ," a throwback to the character's origins.

Zonker and be
While at Walden Commune, Zonker spent most of his time watching TV, getting high, and swimming around in a minuscule body of water called " Walden Puddle ", which he considered to be a sacred and holy place.

Zonker and strip
In his early years in the strip, Zonker had the ability to talk to plants.
* The flavor of Ben & Jerry's named " Doonesberry ", both a pun and tribute to the strip, shows Zonker mixing the ice cream in place of the standard pictures of Ben & Jerry.

Zonker and .
While Mike, Mark, Zonker, BD, and Boopsie were all now graduates, BD and Boopsie were living in Malibu, where BD was a third-string quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, and Boopsie was making a living from walk-on and cameo roles.
Zonker, still not ready for the “ real world ”, was living with Mike and JJ until he was accepted as a medical student at his Uncle Duke ’ s “ Baby Doc College ” in Haiti.
Whenever this happens, Zonker's father becomes upset and visits Zonker, within minutes of the argument.
) In later stories, Zonker appeared to lose this ability, but it has sprung back up occasionally, and he has been seen conversing with a marijuana plant, and a scrawny Christmas tree in recent years.
As they live on the former Walden Commune, Zonker has been reunited with his beloved puddle.
A series of strips in late 2010 parodied this, with Zonker ( having been told of the event's renaming ) debating whether or not to personally intervene, especially in light of the major conflict on his calendar in April – the Royal Wedding of Prince William.
* Joe ' Zonker ' Brockmeier Review: Gajim Jabber client on Linux. com, September 16, 2005

Harris and full
John Harris is often credited with introducing the now-familiar alphabetic format in 1704 with his English Lexicon Technicum: Or, A Universal English Dictionary of Arts and Sciences: Explaining not only the Terms of Art, but the Arts Themselves – to give its full title.
In 2004, responding to criticism, Sig Gissler, the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes at the Columbia University School of Journalism, announced that they wanted to " broaden the prize a bit so that we can be more assured that we are getting the full range of the best of America's music ..." Jay T. Harris, a member of the Pulitzer governing board said: " The prize should not be reserved essentially for music that comes out of the European classical tradition.
Harris Manchester College became a full constituent college of Oxford University, being granted a Royal Charter in 1996.
There were numerous other controversies in Florida's vote count: from the Palm Beach County butterfly ballots ; to the question of whether Bush would have still won the state in a full recount ; to how Katherine Harris, a Republican, was the cochair of the Bush campaign in Florida at the same time she was the Florida state secretary of state.
* Phil Harris as Thomas O ' Malley ( full name: Abraham de Lacy Giuseppe Casey Thomas O ' Malley )-A friendly alley cat who finds Duchess and her kittens stranded in the woods and befriends them, becoming a father figure to the kittens and falling in love with Duchess.
The first full publication was by Ordo Templi Orientis in 1969, although this initial printing was seen by many to be of inferior quality, and in 1977 Harris ' paintings were rephotographed for a second edition.
The Great Blue Harris, not concerned with the welfare of others, has stirred the left wing back into full flight.
For the first and only time in the party's history they ran a full slate of candidates throughout the province, while they won almost 10, 000 more votes than the previous election and increased their share of the popular vote from 3. 4 % to 7. 4 % Harris remained the only New Democrat elected.
Ii decided not to risk aggravating the Americans and on the 29th of July 1858, encouraged by the full backing of the bakufu officials, Ii ordered the Harris treaty to be signed.
In some cases, a Permanent Private Hall can be granted full collegiate status ; recent examples include Mansfield College ( became a full college in 1995 ) and Harris Manchester College ( became a full college in 1996 ).
Though he praised the graphics and new gameplay additions, Harris expressed disappointment that the Mario launch title for the new system was a remake instead of a full game.
performed at Twickenham in August 2008, while New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi played two gigs at the stadium in June 2008 as part of their Lost Highway Tour, and Iron Maiden played there as part of their Somewhere Back In Time World Tour on the 5th July 2008, along with a full supporting bill which included Avenged Sevenfold, Within Temptation and Lauren Harris.
Harris was made captain of Leeds in his first full season at the club at the age of twenty one, and became the first Leeds skipper in a decade to lift silverware when Leeds claimed the 1999 Challenge Cup.
Harris initially played at full back before being switched to stand-off.
His first zines were Tolkien related, but among them was also a mimeographed sheet called Mojo Navigator ( full title, " Mojo-Navigator Rock and Roll News ") started in 1966 by David Harris with Greg's help, and is said to have been an early inspiration for Rolling Stone magazine.
She recorded a demo in January 1978 with Emmylou Harris ' songwriter / sideman Rodney Crowell, which led to a full album with German label Ariola Records.
Under this moniker, Harris has released full lengths on Sentrax and Release Entertainment ( part of Relapse ) as well as various 7 " releases and compilation tracks, most of which were collected and re-issued on CD by the late Manifold Records.
Although Henry was a full partner, Harris kept strict control and was the only one who could sign a cheque until he died in 1896.
The successive Ontario Conservative governments of Premiers Mike Harris and Ernie Eves planned to forego a full environmental assessment of the freeway after a study indicated an urgent need for its construction.
Harris won a full term to the Senate in 2000, facing minimal opposition, and served as Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, one of the more powerful chairmanships in the legislature.
Among the more well received installments, was one featuring the first televised performance of the " Trio " team: Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt, a full decade before they released the first of their two critically acclaimed albums.

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