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Christian and once
An action once universally condemned by all Christian churches and forbidden by the civil law is now not only approved by the overwhelming majority of Protestant denominations, but also deemed, at certain times, to be a positive religious duty.
The Christian education of children, too, was once hardly more than a sideshow, but the day came when a congregation that did not assume full oversight of a church school was thought of as failing in its duty.
Other early Christian writers wrote about Atlantis, though they had mixed views on whether it once existed or was an untrustworthy myth of pagan origin.
The early Christian apologist writer Arnobius also believed Atlantis once existed but blamed its destruction on pagans.
He came from a Christian family, despite accounts to the contrary, as in his writings he tells more than once of an aunt who taught him some principles of the Christian faith, and a father who did the same, as well as mentioning ( once ) his mother doing the same.
For instance, Jones, Jr. once said that Catholicism was " not another Christian denomination.
* Canon 21, the famous " Omnis utriusque sexus ", which commands every Christian who has reached the years of discretion to confess all his, or her, sins at least once a year to his, or her, own ( i. e. parish ) priest.
" Further he writes, " they who had the power to create one man and one woman only, were able to create many men and women at once ...." His view contrasts with the Christian belief that humanity is derived from the one pair, Adam and Eve.
After the briefly successful reconquest of Sweden by Christian II and the subsequent Stockholm bloodbath in 1520, the Swedes rose in yet another rebellion which ousted the Danish forces once again in 1521, though Stockholm did not surrender until the summer of 1523.
Many Christian protesters said that it was mocking Jesus ' suffering by turning it into a " Jolly Boys Outing " ( such as when Mr Cheeky turns to Brian and says: " See, not so bad once you're up!
He was cognizant of the concept of transmigration ( metensomatosis transformation, and loses what it once was, the human soul will not be what it was ) from Greek philosophy, but it is repeatedly stated that this concept is not a part of the Christian teaching or scripture.
Given the use of similar symbols on the Roman standard, this depiction also conveyed another victory, namely that of the Christian faith: the Roman soldiers who had once arrested Jesus and marched him to Calvary now walked under the banner of a resurrected Christ.
That they had once been Christian is known from a 5th century mention of them by Saint Patrick in his Letter to Coroticus, where he refers to them as ' apostate Picts '.
Leaving aside the tales regarding miracles, in the Vita Sancti Niniani Ailred includes the following incidental information regarding Saint Ninian: that his father was a Christian king ; that he was consecrated a bishop in Rome and that he met Saint Martin in Tours ; that Saint Martin sent masons with him on his homeward journey, at his request ; that these masons built a church of stone, situated on the shore, and on learning of Saint Martin's death, Ninian dedicated the church to him ; that a certain rich and powerful " King Tuduvallus " was converted by him ; that he died after having converted the Picts and returned home, being buried in a stone sarcophagus near the altar of his church ; and that he had once travelled with a holy person named " Plebia ".
Unlike elsewhere in Beckett's work, no bicycle appears in this play, but Hugh Kenner in his essay " The Cartesian Centaur " reports that Beckett once, when asked about the meaning of Godot, mentioned " a veteran racing cyclist, bald, a ' stayer ,' recurrent placeman in town-to-town and national championships, Christian name elusive, surname Godeau, pronounced, of course, no differently from Godot.
This massive movement was stimulated by physical insecurity, indiscriminate plunder, religious persecution, and political discrimination directed by Islam at Christian communities in the area which was once the Christian Orient, or the Byzantine Orthodox Middle East.
* The oldest known bronze handgun in the world is dated to this year, a Chinese gun found in Acheng District that was once used to suppress the rebellion of the Christian Mongol Prince Nayan in 1287 – 1288.
Traditionally a very Catholic region, Veneto was once a stronghold of Christian Democracy.
On 28 July 1683 in the Chapel Royal, Anne married the Protestant Prince George of Denmark, brother of King Christian V of Denmark ( and her second cousin once removed through Frederick II ).
According to the findings of Dr. Christian Davenport of the University of Notre Dame, Professor William Moore of Florida State University, and David Armstrong of Oxford University during their torture research, evidence suggests that non-governmental organizations have played the most determinant factor for stopping torture once it gets started.

Christian and asked
Every family of Riviera Presbyterian Church has been asked to read the Bible and pray together daily during National Christian Family Week and to undertake one project in which all members of the family participate.
When Ansgar asked if King Olof would permit him to establish the Christian religion in the kingdom during his second visit in 852, the king said to him:
Moore asked the commission to assess whether the francophone population of the Ottawa-Gatineau area was sufficiently well-served by existing French radio services, and to consider licensing one or more of the French language applications, which included a Christian music station, a community radio station and a campus radio station for the Université du Québec en Outaouais, in addition to or instead of the approved stations.
Bishop Christian asked the new Pope Honorius III for the consent to start another Crusade, however a first campaign in 1217 proved a failure and even the joint efforts by Duke Konrad with the Polish High Duke Leszek I the White and Duke Henry I the Bearded of Silesia in 122 / 23 only led to the reconquest of Chełmno Land but did not stop the Prussian invasions.
Organizations not affiliated with the Christian Church ( Disciples of Christ ) are asked to obtain permission.
The message asked the Mongol ruler to become a Christian and stop his aggression against Europe.
" I asked around in the Christian Quarter in Jerusalem, and discovered that the place was very much alive.
Jean-José Puig describes how Massoud often led prayers before a meal or at times asked his fellow Muslims to lead the prayer but also did not hesitate to ask a Christian friend Jean-José Puig or the Jewish Princeton University Professor Michael Barry: " Jean-José, we believe in the same God.
Charles Hammond in his Cincinnati Gazette asked: “ Ought a convicted adulteress and her paramour husband be placed in the highest offices of this free and Christian land ?”
On 22 August 1973, the Christian Democrats and the National Party members of the Chamber of Deputies joined together to vote 81 to 47 in favor of a resolution that asked the authorities to " put an immediate end " to " breachof the Constitution.
Norman asked the band to replace two songs, had the album mixed and took new photos of the band for the album's cover to replace those he deemed too controversial for the Christian market, and in September 1979, Norman released a test pressing.
" When asked to identify his favorite Christian singers, in 1985 Norman indicated: " For music, I would say that Bob Dylan's Slow Train Coming is the best Christian album ever recorded.
“ Where now is there a man who, like the primitive Christians, is traveling to heaven barefooted and clad in coarse raiment ?” the preacher repeatedly asked until Johnny Appleseed, his endurance worn out, walked up to the preacher, put his bare foot on the stump that had served as a podium, and said, “ Here's your primitive Christian !” The flummoxed sermonizer dismissed the congregation.
A minor scandal arose during a town hall-style presidential debate in Lappeenranta, southeastern Finland, when an apparently born-again Christian woman in the audience asked Rehn what her relationship with Jesus was.
Young men at the Imperial University in Tokyo were asked to indicate their religions ; out of those surveyed, 50 were Buddhist, 60 were Christian, 1500 were atheist, and 3000 were agnostic.
Christian churches sometimes asked for their services, and some Italian classical violin virtuosos received their instruction.
Reflecting this stance, Rabbi Soloveitchik asked the Christian community to respect " the right of the community of the few to live, create and worship in its own way, in freedom and with dignity.
Although born a Christian, Youssef Chahine was not a believer in organised religion and it was stated that, if asked of his religion, he would reply: Egyptian.
During his short life, he repeatedly professed his Christian faith and asked for baptism.
However, Monseigneur de Quélen, the Archbishop of Paris, confirmed his support for Lacordaire, and asked him to preach a Lenten series in 1835 at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, as part of the Notre-Dame Lectures specially aimed at the catechesis of Christian youth, which had also been inaugurated at the behest of his friend Ozanam.
When asked why he thought he had been arrested, Yucef replied that he was accused of the ritual murder of a Christian boy.
He prefixed a long metrical explanation of his reasons for considering it a work of edification in which he asked his readers to look past the heretical content of the pagan poem and set forth the moral which he supposes underlies the stories and attempts to show how the pagan machinery may be brought into line with Christian thought.

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