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report and 200
* 1997 – In London scientists report the findings of the DNA analysis of a Neanderthal skeleton which supports the " out of Africa theory " of human evolution placing an " African Eve " at 100, 000 to 200, 000 years ago.
** In London, scientists report their DNA analysis findings from a Neanderthal skeleton, which support the out of Africa theory of human evolution, placing an " African Eve " at 100, 000 to 200, 000 years ago.
Some websites report a " not found " error by returning a standard web page with a " 200 OK " response code ; this is known as a soft 404.
The story went on to report that as many as 200 bodies were stored on " makeshift gurneys in the garage " and " at least half a dozen veterans destined for the hallowed ground at Arlington National Cemetery were left in their coffins on a garage rack ".
A 2002 report by the French government stated the worst-case Seine flood scenario would cost 10 billion euros and cut telephone service for a million Parisians, leaving 200, 000 without electricity and 100, 000 without gas.
The 2005 ILO report failed to fully characterize this problem, but estimated that up to 6 % of the 200, 000 children involved in cocoa production could be victims of human trafficking or slavery.
In the same tabular report, its resident priest estimated that 5, 000 cattle, 7, 000 sheep, 2, 200 horses and 30 mules were on mission lands, while about 3, 000 fanegas of grain ( some 220 pounds each of wheat, barley or corn ) had been harvested.
A report published by Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers in 2004 estimated that since 1991, 200, 000 children carried arms or had been recruited in the country's militias.
The report written by Dr. Welner, which exceeded 200 pages in length, had provoked objections from the defense as well as motions to exclude witnesses.
Not acting to improve the South Florida ecosystem, the report predicted, would inevitably cause further and intolerable deterioration that would harm local tourism by 12, 000 jobs and $ 200 million annually, and commercial fishing by 3, 300 jobs and $ 52 million annually.
Some population figures: 1828: 6, 800 ; 1832: 8, 100 ; 1851: 15, 200 ; 1880 ( the first to report nationality ): 11, 829 Germans and 11, 812 Czechs ; 1890: 11, 642 and 16, 585 ; 1900: 15, 400 and 23, 400 ; 1910: 16, 900 and 27, 300 ; 1921 ( the first held under Czech rule ): 7, 415 and 35, 800.
According to a 2004 Human Rights Watch report, the North Korean government under Kim was " among the world's most repressive governments ", having up to 200, 000 political prisoners according to U. S. and South Korean officials, and no freedom of the press or religion, political opposition or equal education: " Virtually every aspect of political, social, and economic life is controlled by the government.
One initial report by a British officer recorded American casualties at over 200 killed, around 750 wounded, and 400 prisoners taken, many of them wounded.
A detailed statistical report prepared for the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor cited a lower range of 102, 800 conflict-related deaths in the period 1974-1999, namely, approximately 18, 600 killings and 84, 200 ' excess ' deaths from hunger and illness.
A subsequent United Nations report stated that more than 1, 200 Kenyans were reported killed, thousands more injured, over 300, 000 people displaced and around 42, 000 houses, farms and many businesses, looted or destroyed.
A report from the Department of Land, Environment and Resources of Hainan Province states that 200 species are near extinction, with 6 species, such as Maytenus hainanensis and Sciaphila tenella already extinct.
This report made more than 200 recommendations as part of a comprehensive approach toward the prevention and fighting of crime.
A report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development indicates that up to US $ 200 Billion of international trade could have been in counterfeit and illegally-copied goods in 2005.
General Sir William Howe's official casualty report for the battle stated 18 killed, 58 wounded and 200 missing.
If the sample evidence obtained through x-bar equals − 200 and the corresponding t-test statistic equals − 50, the conclusion from the test would be that there is no evidence that the new treatmnent is better than the existing one: it would not report that it is markedly worse, but that is not what this particular test is looking for.
The MG 42 has one of the highest average rates of fire of any single-barreled man-portable machine gun: between 1, 200 and 1, 500 rpm, which results in a distinctive muzzle report.
One IDF report said " 150 – 200 " Arabs, " including a number of civilians " died in the battle for Jish, while after Safsaf had been captured, brigades committed the Safsaf massacre.
It placed in PayScale. com's top ten for median starting salaries since 2008 where it ranked 7th with graduates earning starting salaries averaging at $ 61, 200 ( more if including bonuses and benefits ) in the 2011-2012 report.
According to a special report which appeared in El Diario de Hoy in 2009 due to the current preservation and revitalization efforts of various non-profit organizations in conjunction with several universities combined with a post-civil war resurgence of Pipil identity in the country of El Salvador the current number of Nawat speakers has risen from 200 in the 1980s to 3, 000 speakers at the time of the reports writing, the vast majority being young people giving the language hope of being pulled from the brink of extinction.

report and Protestant
Gerstein, a devout Protestant and later a member of the SS, wrote an eyewitness report about the gas chambers and, after the war, died as a POW.
Specifically, 34. 5 % report that they are Catholic, 31. 4 % are Protestant, 0. 8 % are LDS, 2. 9 % are another Christian faith.
Speaking at Maryborough, now Port Laoise, on the 16 August 1914, he addressed a 2, 000 strong assembly of Irish Volunteers, some armed, and according to the report in the Irish Times stated, " recently, I took the liberty of saying in the English Parliament that, for the first time in the history of the connection between England and Ireland, it was safe to-day for England to withdraw her armed troops from our country and that the sons of Ireland themselves, North and South, Catholic and Protestant, and whatever the origin of their race might have been – Williamite, Cromwellian, or old Celtic – standing shoulder to shoulder, would defend the good order and peace of Ireland, and defend her shores against any foreign foe.
The Statutes of Iona were enacted in 1609, which required clan chiefs to: send their heirs to Lowland Scotland to be educated in English-speaking Protestant schools ; provide support for Protestant ministers to Highland Parishes ; outlaw bards ; and regularly report to Edinburgh to answer for their actions.
Their report was widely published and was followed by a " Memorandum to Protestant Monarchs of Europe for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine.
He compiled a detailed report on violations of religious freedom and invited Professor Reynaldo Pohl, the United Nations Special Representative to Iran, to visit the country and meet Protestant ministers and government officials to discuss these violations.
However an educational report of 1824, describes her as a Protestant, which may have meant that she belonged to the Church of Ireland.
There is also a report from the 1718 Boston News-Letter of Bonnet flying a death's-head flag during his pursuit of the Protestant Caesar, with no mention of color or of any long bone, heart, or dagger.
According to a Stern magazine report about Mother Teresa, the ( Protestant ) Assembly of God charity serves 18, 000 meals daily in Calcutta, many more than all the Mission of Charity homes together.
Joseph Hughes, and Samuel Mills to Ireland in August 1807, to report on the state of Protestant religion in the country.
Unlike other members of his family, he had Protestant sympathies, and was directed in 1561 to report on the doctrines adopted by the Scottish congregations.

report and clergymen
One can read from the report from the Belgian Senate the intentions of the Belgian ambassador from 12 April 1996: " We are preoccupied above all with the personnel who have worked for us, of certain people associated with the process of democratization, with clergymen.
In the alternative, Mitchell proposed that a committee of eminent clergymen report on conditions in the coalfields.

report and attended
Criticism includes several examples of cropping quotes from President Obama, Vice President Biden and Vice President Gore so they appear out of context, using image-manipulation software to edit the appearance of reporters from The New York Times and using footage from other events during a report on the November 5 Tea Party rally in Washington, D. C .; Media Matters said the intention of Fox News was to make it appear as if a larger number of protesters attended the event.
In an effort to clarify this issue, Max Ferdinand Perutz later published what had been in the progress report, and suggested that nothing was in the report that Franklin herself had not said in her talk ( attended by Watson ) in late 1951.
* The lyric poet Bacchylides quoted / paraphrased Hesiod in a victory ode addressed to Hieron of Syracuse, commemorating the tyrant's win in the chariot race at the Pythian Games 470 BC, the attribution made with these words: " A man of Boeotia, Hesiod, minister of the Muses, spoke thus: ' He whom the immortals honour is attended also by the good report of men.
In January 1790 President Washington, in his first annual message to Congress stated that, " Uniformity in the currency, weights, and measures of the United States is an object of great importance, and will, I am persuaded, be duly attended to ", and ordered Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson to prepare a plan for Establishing Uniformity in the Coinage, Weights, and Measures of the United States, afterwards referred to as the Jefferson report.
In an effort to clarify this issue, Perutz later published the report, arguing that it included nothing that Franklin had not said in a talk she gave in late 1951, which Watson had attended.
He also attended and wrote a report on the inauguration of a statue to Beethoven in Bonn, and began composing La damnation de Faust, incorporating the earlier Huit scènes de Faust.
While the new Central Intelligence Agency was to report to the NSC, the Director of Central Intelligence was not a member, although he attended meetings as an observer and resident adviser.
Kibbutz memoirs from the Pioneer era report that kibbutz meetings varied from heated arguments to free-flowing philosophical discussions, whereas memoirs and accounts from kibbutz observers from the 1950s and 1960s report that kibbutz meetings were businesslike but poorly attended.
Bonham attended Lodge Farm Secondary Modern School, where his headmaster once wrote in his school report card that " He will either end up a dustman or a millionaire ".
However, General Edmund Glaise-Horstenau, the senior German officer in the region, implicated Filipović in a report where he stated that as well as being present " during the slaughtering " the priest had attended a planning meeting prior to the massacres, along with certain other Catholic priests.
Fareed Zakaria, a Newsweek columnist and editor of Newsweek International, attended a secret meeting on November 29, 2001, with a dozen policy makers, Middle East experts and members of influential policy research organizations that produced a report for President George W. Bush and his cabinet outlining a strategy for dealing with Afghanistan and the Middle East in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.
Mr. Zakaria told The New York Times that he attended the meeting for several hours but did not recall being told that a report for the President would be produced.
According to its official report, 5, 162, 330 visitors attended the exposition, of which about 4. 2 million entered the industrial exposition, and 0. 9 million entered the Beaux Arts exposition.
In February 2011, a Sutton Trust report revealed that 3 · 4 % of Keele had had free school meals, whilst 7 · 9 % had attended independent schools.
A 2011 report by the Department of Health and Human Services, Head Start Impact, examined the cognitive development, social-emotional development, and physical health outcomes of Head Start students as compared to a control group that attended private preschool or stayed home with a caregiver.
On the contrary he attended the court and refused any credence to the report that the king's newborn son, James, Prince of Wales, was supposititious.
The Schertz Police, who attended to the incident, stated in the report that Salem died in a freak accident.
" According to a report, the conferences were attended by workers and students from across the country.
" A report claimed that the conference was attended by " many workers and working class youth who have been drawn into politics by the economic crisis.
In 1939, Peter Fleming claimed to have produced an ‘ update ’ to the Tanaka Memorial, by writing an imaginary report on a secret Allied strategy conference attended by Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-Shek, and having it leaked to the Japanese.
A report was submitted to government in 1953 showing more than 90 % of the schools were attended by only one denomination-that most National Schools were de facto denominational.
After his discharge in 1966, he attended University of California, Berkeley, where he publicly refused to report for reserve duty.

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