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alt and =
alt = A statue of young Lincoln sitting on a stump, holding a book open on his lap
alt = Head shot of older, clean shaven Lincoln
alt = A dark-haired, bearded, middle-aged man holding documents is seated among seven other men.
alt = Photo of surf breaking on rocky shore
alt = Map displaying a looping line with arrows indicating that water flows eastward in the far Southern ocean, angling north east of Australia, turning sough after passing Alaska, then crossing the mid-Pacific to flow north of Australia, continuing west below Africa, then turning northwest until reaching eastern Canada, then angling east to southern Europe, then finally turning south just below Greenland and flowing down the Americas ' eastern coast, and resuming its flow eastward to complete the circle
alt = Map showing 5 circles.
alt = Map of Caribbean showing seven approximately parallel westward-pointing arrows that extend from east of the Virgin Islands to Cuba.
alt = Animation showing the continents separating from a single mass, making creating the Atlantic in the process
alt = Animation of audio, AM and FM sine waves
alt = Apollo program insignia
alt = Astronaut Buzz Aldrin stands on the Moon
alt = President John F. Kennedy addresses a joint session of Congress, with Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and House Speaker Sam Rayburn seated behind him
alt = Black-and-white photograph of a statue consisting of an inscribed, round pedestal on top of which sits a seated, nude, male figure of which only the legs and lower torso are preserved
alt = Tapestry image of a man on horseback holding a falcon
alt = Tapestry image of a procession of men carrying a coffin heading towards a church building.
alt = Coin image of a crowned male head with a sceptre in the background
Image: AcropolisatathensSitePlan. png | right | 600px | alt = Site plan of the Acropolis at Athens
alt = Diagram showing video signal amplitude against time.
alt = This article incorporates public domain material Bulgaria country profile ( October 2006 ) from websites or documents of the Library of Congress Federal Research Division.
alt = Black-and-white picture of heavy machinery with two operators sitting aside
alt = Graphs showing similar elution curves ( metal amount vs drops ) for ( top vs bottom ) terbium vs berkelium, gadolinium vs curium, europium vs americium
alt = Sequential layers of spheres arranged from top to bottom: GRGBGRGB ( G = green, R = red, B = blue )

alt and background
alt = A sharp blue river divides the cityscape, which is primarily greenery and sparse low-rise buildings in the foreground, and dense with several modern high-rises in the background
alt = Killer whale mother and calf extending their bodies above the water surface, from pectoral fins forward, with ice pack in background
alt = A colour photograph of the four members of Led Zeppelin performing onstage, with some other figures visible in the background
alt = A colour photograph of John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page performing on stage, with Jason Bonham partially visible on drums in the background
alt = A colour photograph of Jimmy Page holding a Mojo Award, with other figures in the background
alt = Small white disks representing the northern stars on a black background, overlaid by a circle showing the position of the north pole over time
alt = Six relatively large, variously-shaped organisms with dozens of small light-colored dots all against a dark background.
alt = Photo across water on cloudy day, with wind turbines in background near small town
alt = A young boy and a young girl are on a pirate ship ; one of its sails with the Jolly Roger is in the background.
alt = A caricature showing the world in flames, people hanged in the background, people burning and attacking a crucifix, a sign reading " No Christianity, No Religion, No King ", and scores of people standing upside down.
alt = Painting of a rolling green landscape with trees with a row of white buildings in the background
alt = Two fuzzy black features on a fuzzy white paper-like background.
alt = Small white disks representing the northern stars on a black background, overlaid by a circle showing the position of the north pole over time
alt = Drawing of walrus, and square-headed men, both perched on rocks, with ocean and cliffs in background
alt = Colorful abstract painting with buildings and a church in the background
alt = Rectangular, multicolored abstract painting on black background
alt = Painting of a mother feeding her child, watched by a shepherd, with lightning flashing across a dark sky in the background
Unrelated hidden text is disguised by making it the same color as the background, using a tiny font size, or hiding it within HTML code such as " no frame " sections, alt attributes, zero-sized DIVs, and " no script " sections.
alt = Halley's Comet, tail barely visible, against a background of stars.
alt = A stamp, red ink on white background.
alt = Photo of mango trees with clear sky in background
alt = White oblong fruits on a background of much thin, but much longer leaves
alt = Photo of dozens of seals flopped on a beach with ocean in the background

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