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Page "adventure" ¶ 175
from Brown Corpus
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although and we
we fly through the air, although gravity pulls us down ; ;
In fact, although we have dispelled the fear, we have not necessarily assured ourselves that there are no dangers.
This is an unsolved problem which probably has never been seriously investigated, although one frequently hears the comment that we have insufficient specialists of the kind who can compete with the Germans or Swiss, for example, in precision machinery and mathematics, or the Finns in geochemistry.
At this point a working definition of idea is in order, although our first definition will have to be qualified somewhat as we proceed.
An idea, of the sort that we have in mind, although of necessity readily available to imagination, is more general in connotation than most poetic or literary images, especially those appearing in lyric poems that seek to capture a moment of personal experience.
Thus Burns's `` My love is like a red, red rose '' and Hopkins' `` The thunder-purple sea-beach, plumed purple of Thunder '' although clearly intelligible in content, hardly present ideas of the sort with which we are here concerned.
In recent years, we have come increasingly to recognize that ideas have a history and that not the least important chapters of this history have to do with thematic or conceptual aspects of literature and the arts, although these aspects should be studied in conjunction with the history of philosophy, of religion, and of the sciences.
He smoked, as did everybody, and imbibed the various alcoholic beverages of that day, although his protestations while at Cambridge and after that he was no drunkard point to reasonable abstinence from the wild drinking bouts of some of the undergraduates and, we must add, of some of their elders including many of the regents or teachers.
We sympathize with Mr. Kennedy, but we feel bound to say that his budget review doesn't please us either, although for very different reasons.
Any alteration of one of these factors is distortion, although we generally use that word only for effects so pronounced that they can be stated quantitatively on the basis of standard tests.
and although we have attempted to provide these status symbols, support of the ' dual-ladder ' plan has been half-hearted despite the creation of a salary potential for a research scientist commensurate with that of men in top managerial positions.
Normally, because agricultural labor is not covered by unemployment insurance, we would not expect any issues to arise regarding benefit payments under the trade dispute provision of the Unemployment Insurance Code, although such a situation is quite within the realm of possibility.
But although the idea of communism is very old even in More's day and did not spring full-clad from his imagination in 1515, it is not communism as such that we are concerned with.
If the photographically realistic continuity of dreams, however bizarre their combinations, denies that it is purely a composition of the brain, it must be compounded from views of diverse realities, although some of them may never be encountered in what we are pleased to call the real life.
As a result, although we still make use of this distinction, there is much confusion as to the meaning of the basic terms employed.
Now although an atom is small, we can still in imagination have a look at it.
As we have seen, a growing proportion, although in 1914 still a minority, were members of churches.
Milne did not speak out much on the subject of religion, although he used religious terms to explain his decision, while remaining a pacifist, to join the army: " In fighting Hitler ", he wrote, " we are truly fighting the Devil, the Anti-Christ ... Hitler was a crusader against God.
Alan Cameron, however, argues that it should be interpreted as referring to Plato, and that when Proclus writes that " we must bear in mind concerning this whole feat of the Athenians, that it is neither a mere myth nor unadorned history, although some take it as history and others as myth ", he is treating " Crantor's view as mere personal opinion, nothing more ; in fact he first quotes and then dismisses it as representing one of the two unacceptable extremes ".
However, the 9 / 11 Commission found that although " former Sudanese officials claim that Sudan offered to expel Bin Laden to the United States ", " we have not found any reliable evidence to support the Sudanese claim.
But all we the rest, although baptized and born again in Christ, yet offend in many things: and if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

although and didn't
About that time Miss Langford straightened up and looked out the window directly at him, he thought, although probably she didn't even see him.
He didn't doubt her truthfulness, although he had heard the words a hundred times.
The lawyer didn't know him very well although he saw him occasionally at some dinner party -- Thayer, like himself, Madden reflected, was the extra man so prized by hostesses -- and found him easy enough to talk to.
She had held to the letter of her contract and didn't come onto the stage until well after 4 p.m., the appointed hour, although the Music at Newport people had tried to get the program underway at 3.
In 1953 Sweet Adelines became an international organization, although it didn't change its name to Sweet Adelines International until 1991.
Ivinskaya later recalled, " But I became so ill through loss of blood that she and Luisa had to get me to the hospital, and I not longer remember exactly what passed between me and this heavily built, strong-minded woman, who kept repeating how she didn't give a damn for our love and that, although she no longer loved Leonidovich herself, she would not allow her family to be broken up.
Canion declined an offer to remain on Compaq's board and was bitter about his ouster as he didn't speak to Rosen for years, although their relationship became cordial again.
He played " Faceman " from 1982 to 1986 ( although the series didn't air until January 1983, and the final episode wasn't shown until 1987 re-runs ).
It had been around a long time and some people began to call it the Lindbergh Hop after 1927, although it didn't last.
And although I didn't know, I was it.
Benny and I made up, although David didn't play with him anymore.
* In the Big Finish audio drama Pier Pressure, Evelyn Smythe mentions that although the Sixth Doctor didn't possess a sonic screwdriver, he fondly remembered it as his " door key ".
This means Mariner 2 found no detectable magnetic field near Venus, although that didn't necessarily mean Venus had none.
Some structural brain anomalies such as lissencephaly may present with the clinical features of CP, although whether that could be considered CP is a matter of opinion ( some people say CP must be due to brain damage, whereas people with these anomalies didn't have a normal brain ).
The Roman Republic was the first government in the western world to have a representative government, although it didn't have much of a democracy.
In her own autobiography, Lanchester acknowledged having had two abortions in her youth ( one of the pregnancies purportedly by Laughton ) although she didn't mention whether this had indeed left her incapable of becoming pregnant again.
For a year in 1622 he was a member of the local government of Rotterdam, although he didn't even have citizenship of this city: the cousin of his wife, one of the three burgomasters, made this possible.
The director didn't think his given name was catchy enough, so Crothers quickly concocted the handle Scat Man, although this talent, scat singing, would develop later.
The queen found Lawrence presumptuous ( although he made a good impression on the princesses and ladies-in-waiting ) and she didn't like the finished portrait, which remained in Lawrence's studio until his death.
The scorecards from the ringside press attest to the closeness of the fight ( 6-5, 3 drawn ) more pundits awarded the fight to Leonard rather than to Hagler, although counting those who scored it even, more felt Hagler deserved to keep his title than didn't:
He didn't enjoy these lessons at the time, although they were to come in handy during his later life.
He was revealed to have had a crush on Lisa in season 4 and they go out on one date although Lisa was reluctant but didn't know how to deny the date request ( during the date itself she said that they wouldn't work out romantically ).
Fruitland Park predates the American Civil War, although the name of the town didn't come until later.
However, the Post Office found that mail was getting confused with mail for Myersville, ten miles to the east, and the name was changed to Potomac ( although residents resented this and didn't accept the change for decades ).

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