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after and 1883
Based on a statement by Darnley made in 1894, it was believed that a group of Victorian ladies, including Darnley's later wife Florence Morphy, made the presentation after the victory in the Third Test in 1883.
This incarnation of the journal ceased publication after its tenth year, in 1883, giving as an explanation Hendricks ' declining health, but Hendricks made arrangements to have it taken over by new management, and it was continued from March 1884 as the Annals of Mathematics.
This was first suggested by Mereschkowsky in 1905 after an observation by Schimper in 1883 that chloroplasts closely resemble cyanobacteria.
Not long after that, in 1883, Georg Cantor, who attended lectures by Weierstrass, published examples of subsets of the real line known as Cantor sets, which had unusual properties and are now recognized as fractals.
Ackerman was born Forrest James Ackerman ( though he would refer to himself from the early 1930s on as " Forrest J Ackerman " with no period after the middle initial ) on November 24, 1916 in Los Angeles, to Carroll Cridland ( née Wyman ; 1883 – 1977 ) and William Schilling Ackerman ( 1892 – 1951 ).
But paradoxically, in February 1883, just after Iolanthe opened, Sullivan had signed a five-year agreement with Gilbert and Carte requiring him to produce a new comic opera on six months ' notice.
Telecommunications had an early beginning in Mauritius, with the first telephone line installed in 1883, seven years after the invention of the telephone.
In 1883, basic telephony was introduced in Mauritius, only seven years after the invention of the telephone.
* 1883 – The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is opened to traffic after 14 years of construction.
After being founded in 1883 as the " Quakers ", the team changed its name to the " Philadelphias ", after the convention of the times.
It started to recover its role of industrial prominence after the connection with Piacenza and Bologna of 1859, and with Fornovo and Suzzara in 1883.
Liberalism, was represented in France by the Orleanists who rallied to the Third Republic only in the late 19th century, after the comte de Chambord's 1883 death and the 1891 papal encyclical Rerum Novarum.
The populist Readjuster Party ran an inclusive coalition until the conservative white Democratic Party gained power after 1883.
Joseph Pulitzer purchased the New York World in 1883 after making the St. Louis Post-Dispatch the dominant daily in that city.
The musical establishment constantly pressured Sullivan to abandon comic opera in favour of serious music, and after he was knighted in 1883, the pressure only increased.
Around 1883, outlaw Doc Holliday moved to Leadville, shortly after the gun fight at the O. K.
First, Townley's wife died of Bright's disease in November 1883 after the deaths of the couple's two young children.
The prince, after vainly endeavouring to obtain the recall of the generals, restored the constitution with the concurrence of all the Bulgarian political parties ( 19 September 1883 ).
La Défense is named after the iconic statue La Défense de Paris, which was erected in 1883 to commemorate the soldiers who had defended Paris during the Franco-Prussian War.
Felix became heir to the immense fortune after his older brother Nikolai Felixovich, Count Sumarokov-Elston ( born 1883 ), was killed in a duel on June 22, 1908.
France assumed control over the whole of Vietnam after the Tonkin Campaign ( 1883 – 1886 ).
The final attempt to make use of the colossus came from the Comte de Chambord but after the Comte died in 1883, the château was left to his sister's heirs, the titular Dukes of Parma, then resident in Austria.
McIntosh County was created by the 1883 territorial legislature after the southern half of Logan County was divided.
In 1883, after years of lobbying, Kentucky created a special section of law, allowing Campbell County to form a Court House District.

after and was
He knew who was riding after him -- the men he had known all his life, the men who had worked for him, sworn their loyalty to him.
The first part of the road was steep, but it leveled off after the second bend and curled gradually into the valley.
My wife died in childbirth after I was sent away.
It was not, thought Pamela, such an evil place after all.
Was it not possible, after all, that the forest was in league with her and her child that its sympathy lay with the Culvers that she had erred in failing to understand this??
An inquest was held, and after a good deal of testimony about the anonymous notes, the county coroner estimated that the shooting had been done from a distance of 300 yards.
Prosecutor Baird immediately assumed he was hiding out there after the shooting and began preparing an indictment.
One thing was certain -- his method was effective, so effective that after a time even the warning notices were often unnecessary.
Seeing them waiting there at the foot of Emigrant Rock was so overwhelming that, for a good minute after they rounded the bend and started down the grade leading toward them, Matilda could not speak at all.
I had come to New Orleans two years earlier after graduating college, partly because I loved the city and partly because there was quite a noted art colony there.
But `` after the war '' was a luxury of a phrase he did not permit himself.
To Tilghman the incident was just one of a long list of hair-raising, smash-'em-down adventures on the side of the law which started in 1872 when he was only eighteen years old, and did not end till fifty years later when he was shot dead after warning a drunk to be quiet.
Back in the house a hoodlum named Red Buck, sore because Billy had been allowed to leave unscathed, jumped from a bunk and swore he was going after him to kill him right then.
Jack walked off alone out the road in the searing midday sun, past Robert Allen's three-room, tarpapered house, toward the field where the other boys were playing ball, thinking of what he would do in order to make Miss Langford have him stay in after school -- because this was the day he had decided when he thought he saw the look in her eyes.
He was possessive in his manner and, though a slave, obviously was educated after a fashion and imitated the manners of his owners.
Satisfied at last, and after a few amorous gambits on her part which convinced Delphine that Dandy was capable of learning new arts, she opened the window and called to her liveried driver.
He bounced exuberantly on the sagging bed and was even more delighted when Madame Lalaurie -- after closing the door -- showed the slave that the bed was designed for something other than slumber.
Five years were spent with the Cologne Opera, after which he was called to Prague by Alexander von Zemlinsky, teacher of Arnold Schonberg and Erich Korngold.
He recalled that in California after a critic had attacked him for `` still trying to sell Bruckner to the Americans '', the public's response at the next concert was a standing ovation.
In town after town my companion pointed out the Negro school and the White school, and in every instance the former made a better appearance ( it was newer, for one thing ).

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