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predecessor and from
Throughout her life, Agrippina always prized her descent from Augustus, upbraiding Tiberius for persecuting the blood of his predecessor ; Tacitus, in writing of the occasion, believed this behaviour to be part of the beginning of " the chain of events leading to Agrippina's end.
He may have acted as suffragan, or subordinate bishop, to his predecessor Lyfing before formally assuming the bishopric, as from about 1043 Ealdred witnessed as an episcopus, or bishop, and a charter from 1045 or early 1046 names Sihtric as abbot of Tavistock.
It should also be noted that the second largest of the three predecessor bodies of the ELCA, the American Lutheran Church, was a congregationalist body, with national and synod presidents before they were re-titled as bishops ( borrowing from the Lutheran churches in Germany ) in the 1980s.
The same year, New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was reinstated from a lifelong suspension that was instituted by Selig's predecessor Fay Vincent.
Liechtenstein claims restitution for ( which is ten times the size of Liechtenstein ) of land in the Czech Republic confiscated from its princely family in 1918 by the then newly established state of Czechoslovakia, the predecessor of the Czech Republic ; the Czech Republic insists that the power to claim restitution does not go back before February 1948, when the Communists seized power ; Liechtenstein did not diplomatically recognize the Czech Republic until 2009, and the Czech Republic in turn did not diplomatically recognize Liechtenstein.
Cyborgs were brought back by the AI named LEGION, ( a predecessor to CABAL ) under direct orders from Kane.
It is a predecessor of the post horn from which the cornet evolved and was used like a bugle to signal orders on the battlefield.
In physics, the dyne ( symbol " dyn ", from Greek δύναμις ( dynamis ) meaning power, force ) is a unit of force specified in the centimetre-gram-second ( CGS ) system of units, a predecessor of the modern SI.
The East Slavic languages descend from a common predecessor, the language of the medieval Kievan Rus ' ( 9th to 13th centuries ).
It also dealt with the theme of empiricism through the story of a feral child on a desert island, but departed from its predecessor by depicting the development of the protagonist's mind through contact with society rather than in isolation from society.
He from time to time strongly upbraided the Prince for showing tendencies towards the idle pleasure-seeking dilettantism of his predecessor as Prince of Wales, King Edward VIII, whom Mountbatten had known well in their youth.
Genshō was the only Japanese empress regnant to inherit her title from another empress regnant, rather than a male predecessor.
He did not need to prove the common parentage of Sanskrit with Persian, Greek, Latin and German, for previous scholars had long established that ; but he aimed to trace the common origin of those languages ' grammatical forms, of their inflections from composition – a task which no predecessor had attempted.
Another important predecessor to GPS came from a different branch of the United States military.
According to Aurelius Victor and Zonaras, on hearing the news of Gallienus ' death, the Senate at Rome ordered the execution of his family ( including his brother Valerianus and son Marinianus ) and their supporters, just before receiving a message from Claudius to spare their lives and deify his predecessor.
Fleeing from what they saw as oppressive social conformity, a loose collection of writers, poets, artists, and students ( later known as the Beats ) and the Beatniks, moved to Greenwich Village, and to North Beach in San Francisco, in many ways creating the east coast-west coast predecessor to the Haight-Ashbury-East Village hippie scene of the next decade.
Nonetheless, legal experts from the mainland said it is a convention a successor will only serve the remainder of the term if the position is vacant because the predecessor resigned.
There is no proof that Herodotus derived the ambitious scope of his own work, with its grand theme of civilizations in conflict, from any predecessor, despite much scholarly speculation about this in modern times.
Heretic II is a fantasy action-adventure game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision in 1998 continuing the story of Corvus, the main character from its predecessor, Heretic.
In fact the earliest surviving texts that can definitely be called Italian ( or more accurately, vernacular, as distinct from its predecessor Vulgar Latin ) are legal formulae from the Province of Benevento that date from 960 – 963.
Herbert von Dirksen, who was German Ambassador in London from 1938 – 1939, described his predecessor, Ribbentrop, as " an unwholesome, half-comical figure ".

predecessor and their
The Lions, and their predecessor teams, have often played games against other nearby countries on tour.
The DOE and its predecessor agencies were assigned by the U. S. Congress to develop new energy resources and technologies and to pursue a deeper understanding of potential health and environmental risks posed by their production and use.
Édouard Manet's half-length Boy Blowing Bubbles and the still lifes of Paul Cézanne are equally indebted to their predecessor.
This argument is the direct predecessor of modern ideas of a brain in a vat and many popular conceptions of cyberspace take Descartes's ideas as their starting point.
When the emperor Macrinus came to power, he suppressed the threat against his reign by the family of his assassinated predecessor, Caracalla, by exiling them — Julia Maesa, her two daughters, and her eldest grandson Elagabalus — to their estate at Emesa in Syria.
The Correr relatives of Gregory XII in Venice and King Ladislaus of Naples, the supporter of Gregory XII and his predecessor for political reasons, used all their influence to prevent the meeting, and each Pope feared being captured by the party of the rival Pope.
Compared to its predecessor, it focused more on the independent national identity and vanguard role of the Palestinian people, led by the PLO, in their " liberation of their homeland " by armed struggle.
So furious were the Byzantine officials at this harsh rejection of the wishes of their emperor and patriarch that they threatened to roast Eugene, just as they had roasted Pope Martin I. Eugene was saved from the fate of his predecessor by the advance of the Muslims, who took Rhodes in 654 and defeated Constans himself in the naval battle of Phoenix ( 655 ).
Stone Age artifacts include tools used by humans and by their predecessor species in the genus Homo, as well as the earlier partly contemporaneous genera Australopithecus and Paranthropus.
For continuity with their predecessor Ephemeris Time ( ET ), TT and TCG were set to match ET at around Julian Date 2443 144. 5 ( 1977-01-01T00Z ).
" Let them produce the original records of their churches ; let them unfold the roll of their bishops, running down in due succession from the beginning in such a manner that first bishop of theirs bishop shall be able to show for his ordainer and predecessor some one of the apostles or of apostolic men, — a man, moreover, who continued steadfast with the apostles.
The earliest forms of cigarettes were largely made of dickies from their predecessor, the cigar.
These pseudonyms had an official character and were the predecessor of identification numbers: soldiers were identified by their first names, their family names, and their noms de guerre ( e. g. Jean Amarault dit Lafidélité ).
It is said that his troops preferred to serve with him rather than his predecessor since they thought their chances of survival were higher under Patton.
Bettman was later sold to Microsoft founder Bill Gates's separate Corbis Corporation, which continues to control the images of UPI and its predecessor agencies, storing them underground in Pennsylvania and digitizing them for licensing, frequently without any notation of their UPI origins.
There were two primary transport layer protocols, both very different from their PUP predecessor:
Several other artists and their teams of assistants were already at work on different rooms, many painting over recently completed paintings commissioned by Julius's loathed predecessor, Alexander VI, whose contributions, and arms, Julius was determined to efface from the palace.

predecessor and agents
In Sherman v. United States (), the Court considered a similar case in which one recovering drug addict working with federal agents from the Federal Bureau of Narcotics ( a predecessor agency to today's Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA )) solicited another to sell him drugs on the premise that his own efforts were failing.
Running into Silver Sable like his predecessor, Fresson would assist the Thunderbolts in freeing Justin Hammer's former agents of their biological time bomb.

predecessor and Palestine
Barnett contrasted Blair to his predecessor, Clement Attlee, and his military withdrawals in India and Palestine, claiming that no British lives were lost in them.

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