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during and Middle
In the Middle Bronze Age an apparently " alphabetic " system known as the Proto-Sinaitic script is thought by some to have been developed in the Sinai peninsula during the 19th century BC, by Canaanite workers in the Egyptian turquoise mines.
Agnostida is an order of arthropod which first developed near the end of the Early Cambrian period and thrived during the Middle Cambrian.
Because the ancients could not produce temperatures high enough to melt iron fully, the production of steel in decent quantities did not occur until the introduction of blister steel during the Middle Ages.
They were popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages, for example with the poet and composer Guillaume de Machaut.
It was much in vogue during the Middle Ages, but its historical value is now regarded as slight.
The buildings in the old city originate, on the whole, from building projects during the 16th century, when nearly all the Middle Age period buildings were replaced or expanded.
For much of artillery's history during the Middle Ages and the Early modern period, artillery pieces on land were moved with the assistance of horse teams.
She was thus a principal agent — almost an embodiment — of the work of the Catholic Church during the Early Middle Ages in the construction of the religion-culture of western Europe.
The Cyclades converge with the mainland during the Early Helladic (" Minyan ") period and with Crete in the Middle Minoan period.
These have been dated to about 77, 000 years ago, during the Middle Stone Age.
At this time, Anubis was the most important god of the dead but he was replaced during the Middle Kingdom by Osiris.
Later during the Middle Eocene a rifting period affected the area and caused formation of the Rhine graben.
As the two couples began supporting each other during recording sessions, the sound of the girls ' voices convinced the songwriters to model their ' group ' on the like of MOR acts Blue Mink, Middle of the Road and The Sweet.
This split, which occurred at some point during the Middle Ages, led to the development of Bulgaria's:
His two major works, Enquiry into Plants and On the Causes of Plants constitute the most important contribution to botanical science during antiquity and the Middle Ages, and held that position for some seventeen centuries after they were written.
Despite the absence of a Benedictine order, since most monasteries founded during the Middle Ages adopted the Rule of St Benedict, it became the standard for Western Monasticism.
* Abbey of Cluny, an abbey, reformed during the Middle Ages, strictly adhering to the Rule.
In this connection, the question whether Barnabas was an apostle became important, and was often discussed during the Middle Ages.
The presenters often have expertise in the story they are sent to cover, for example, former Paris correspondent Jon Sopel presented coverage of the 2007 French presidential elections, while channel presenters and former reporters Ben Brown and Clive Myrie were dispatched to Cairo and Tripoli during the Middle East uprisings.
Breton is a Brythonic language, descended from the Celtic British language brought from Great Britain to Armorica by migrating Britons during the Early Middle Ages.
A number of other European languages have cognate words that were borrowed from the Germanic languages during the Middle Ages, including brog in Irish, bwr or bwrc, meaning " wall, rampart " in Welsh, bourg in French, burg in Catalan ( in Catalonia there is a town named Burg ), borgo in Italian, and burgo in Spanish ( hence the place-name Burgos ).
Much of Spain was under Muslim rulers during the Middle Ages, and castration had a history going back to the ancient near east.
Some years after their arrival, the Nephites met with a similar group, the Mulekites who left the Middle East during the same period.
Giovanni Boccaccio provided a digest of what was known of Circe during the Middle Ages in his De claris mulieribus ( Famous Women, 1361-1362 ).
Cardinal deacons derive originally from the seven deacons in the Papal Household and the seven deacons who supervised the Church's works in the districts of Rome during the early Middle Ages, when church administration was effectively the government of Rome and provided all social services.

during and Ages
Kiernan's reasoning has in part to do with the much-discussed political context of the poem: it has been held by most scholars, until recently, that the poem was composed in the 8th century on the assumption that a poem eliciting sympathy for the Danes could not have been composed by Anglo-Saxons during the Viking Ages of the 9th and 10th centuries, and that the poem celebrates the namesakes of 8th Century Mercian Kings.
Although Cairo avoided Europe's stagnation during the Late Middle Ages, it could not escape the Black Death, which struck the city more than fifty times between 1348 and 1517.
At various periods, and particularly during the Middle Ages, the citadel-having its own fortifications, independent of the city walls-was the last defence of a besieged army, often held after the town had been conquered.
The use of mail as battlefield armour was common during the Iron Age and the Middle Ages, becoming less common over the course of the 16th and 17th centuries.
But the introduction of the wraparound saddle during the Middle Ages provided greater efficiency in mounted shock combat and the important invention of the stirrup enabled a broader array of attacks to be delivered from the back of a horse.
In many ways, Germany never caught up during the rest of the Middle Ages.
It was during this period, the Middle Ages, that cannon became standardized, and more effective in both the anti-infantry and siege roles.
According to Eliade, " eschatological myths " became prominent during the Middle Ages during " certain historical movements ".
According to non-Orthodox Jews and critical historians, Jewish law too has been affected by surrounding cultures ( for example, some scholars argue that the establishment of absolute monotheism in Judaism was a reaction against the dualism of Zoroastrianism that Jews encountered when living under Persian rule ; Jews rejected polygamy during the Middle Ages, influenced by their Christian neighbors ).

during and area
The area most prominently commented on during the McClellan hearings had to do with `` sweetheart contracts ''.
Inspect the site in the field during the time of the year when the area will be most heavily used for recreation.
In the area of private label competition, it is logical to expect a continuation of trends which have been under way during the first decade.
The area may also be provided with additional data during the running of the object program by means of EDMOV or move macro-instructions.
The basic objectives in each instance are to make available supplies of food during the intervals between harvesting or slaughter, to minimize losses resulting from the action of microorganisms and insects, and to make it possible to transport foods from the area of harvest or production to areas of consumption.
The successful and positive resolution of these crises during adolescence involves an epigenetic principle -- during adolescence, the individual's positive resolutions in each area of identity crisis depend, to a considerable degree, on his already having resolved preliminary and preparatory identity crises during his infancy, childhood, and early adolescence.
However, as Erickson has noted, the individual's failure to develop preliminary identities during infancy and childhood need not be irreversibly deterministic with respect to a given area of identity diffusion in his ( or her ) adolescence.
It has no permanently dry land area, although large parts of the reef become exposed during low tide.
Its total length from its source to its junction with the Rhine comprises about 295 km ( 183 miles ), during which distance it descends, draining an area of, including the whole of central Switzerland.
However, he became gravely ill during the 1918 flu pandemic and, since Spain was neutral and thus under no wartime censorship restrictions, his illness and subsequent recovery were covered worldwide, giving the false impression ( in the absence of real news from anywhere else ) that Spain was the most-affected area.
It is against this background that two religious orders or congregations, one of men and one of women, when founded in the Milan area during the 13th and 15th centuries, took Saint Ambrose as their patron and hence adopted his name.
By using the palette to mask the top area of the display and taking care about when it changes mode it can shift the continuous graphics at the bottom of the display down in two pixel increments because the internal display counter is not incremented on blank scanlines during non-continuous graphics modes.
When the site was excavated by Soviet archaeologists during 1941-45, they realized that they had discovered a building absolutely unique for the area: a large ( 1500 square meters ) Chinese-style, likely Han Dynasty era ( 206 BCE – 220 CE ) palace.
About 17. 8 % ( 3, 100, 000 ha ) of the total forested area of Vietnam was sprayed during the war, which dramatically disrupted ecological equilibrium.
An archaeological investigation of the site of the visitors ' centre before building started revealed the foundations of the medieval precinct wall, with a gateway, and stonework discarded during manufacture, showing that the area was the site of the masons ' yard while the Abbey was being built.
The area thrived during the Ottoman Empire, as the centre of opium production and Afyon became a wealthy city with the typical Ottoman urban mixture of Turks, Armenians and Greeks.
The poem was inspired by the apocryphal story that a young Jesus, accompanied by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, a tin merchant, travelled to the area that is now England and visited Glastonbury during Jesus ' lost years.
The ice-covered area during such a typical winter includes the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland, Gulf of Riga, Väinameri in the Estonian archipelago, the Stockholm archipelago and the Archipelago Sea.
The need for a system to simplify this experience, from command line interpreters to programming languages was an area of intense research during the 1960s and 70s.
The Quinte area played a vital role in bootlegging during Prohibition in the United States, with large volumes of booze being produced in the area, and shipped via boat on the Bay to Lake Ontario finally arriving in New York State where it was distributed.
" Addressing the faster rate at which defenders could reinforce an area than attackers could penetrate it during the First World War, Guderian wrote that " since reserve forces will now be motorized, the building up of new defensive fronts is easier than it used to be ; the chances of an offensive based on the timetable of artillery and infantry co-operation are, as a result, even slighter today than they were in the last war.

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