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incisive and style
In 1601 Gaspar Scioppius, then in the service of the Jesuits published his Scaliger hypototimaeus (" The Supposititious Scaliger "), a quarto volume of more than four hundred pages, written with consummate ability in an admirable and incisive style, with the entire disregard for truth which Scioppius always displayed, and with all the power of his accomplished sarcasm.
His style became polished, clean and incisive.
Hope is known for politically incisive lyrics and an innovative rock-based style.
His voice is a high dramatic baritone, combining good legato with an incisive rhythmic style ; furthermore, he has a commanding and handsome stage presence.
Entertainment Weekly, Gene Lyons, September 24, 1993: “ As thorough and incisive a job of reporting and critical thinking as you will ever read, Case Closed does more than buttress the much beleaguered Warren Commission's conclusion …. More than that, Posner's book is written in a penetrating, lucid style that makes it a joy to read.
Von Ebner-Eschenbach ’ s elegance of style, her incisive wit and masterly depiction of character give her a foremost place among the German women writers of her time.
His style is too often careless, and his narrative is not picturesque, but his expressions are frequently terse and incisive.
He has also described his style as " precise, clear, and incisive.
With El descrèdit de la Realitat (" The Discredit of Reality ") ( 1955 ) he started a notable career as an essayist of vast thematic breadth and whose incisive style was noted for its precise use of adjectives.
While the methods were hardly groundbreaking, Hollinger's writing style and incisive commentary caught the eye of such industry luminaries as Web Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal.

incisive and with
It must be conceded that his native land provided Prokofieff with many of the necessary conditions for great creative incentive: economic security and cultural opportunities, incisive idioms, social fermentations for a new national ideology -- a sympathetic public and a large body of performers especially trained to fulfill his purpose.
His satire is incisive, but in a scholarly and humanistic way ; it does not appeal to popular passions with the fierce directness which enabled the master of Catholic satire, Thomas Murner, to inflict such telling blows.
The salient characteristics of Gombrowicz ’ s writing include incisive descriptions of characters ' psychological entanglement with others, an acute awareness of conflicts that arise when traditional cultural values clash with contemporary values, and an exasperated yet comedic sense of the absurd.
The Panamanian-born singer Ruben Blades in particular is well known for his socially-conscious and incisive salsa lyrics about everything from imperialism to disarmament and environmentalism, which have resonated with audiences throughout Latin America.
In this slow, strong, incisive film version of the book, the ironing out of a well-kept wife's unkempt psyche is portrayed with harrowing perception by Anne Bancroft.
Wagner wanted an instrument that could intone the Valhalla motif somberly like a trombone but with a less incisive tone like that of a horn.
Savvopoulos mixed American musicians like Bob Dylan and Frank Zappa with Macedonian folk music and politically incisive lyrics.
Flehmen behavior is associated with “ anatomical specialization ”, and animals that present flehmen behavior have incisive papilla and ducts, which connect the oral cavity to the VNO, that are found behind their teeth.
They show the violinist in excellent shape technically, with impeccable intonation, incisive rhythm and tasteful playing.
With the mercurial John Horton and the incisive Mike Beese, the side continued to develop Bath's reputation in the early Seventies with some spectacular wins over the cream of Welsh rugby union in its heyday.
His incisive views of topics ranging from D. H. Lawrence to gnosticism testify to his familiarity with the world and extensive self-education.
Tamagno's intensely bright, steel-tipped voice with its stentorian timbre, open production, vigorous ( but never disruptive ) vibrato and incisive declamation is preserved on two batches of technologically primitive recordings of operatic items.
Everton midfielder Stuart McCall then scored his, and the Toffees ', second equaliser, but Rush came up with the goods once more with an incisive finish in the 103rd minute to win the Cup for Liverpool.
Smith, who published prolifically as J. C. Smith, had a long association with the Criminal Law Review and wrote many case notes for that journal which were notable for their incisive, playful and amusing analysis.
Krishnamurthy's witty, incisive comments on politics, literature, music and other forms of art were looked forward to with unceasing interest by readers.
In 1861, after two false starts in poetry and fiction, he made his first noteworthy appearance as a writer with The Season: a Satire, which contained incisive lines, and was marked by some promise both in wit and observation.
His most salient characteristics-a disrespect of conventions, both social and literary, an attitude of permanent revolt, playfulness with language, and the use of parody and black humor-are used to form a body of incisive depictions of what is to be Portuguese and his relation with the country.

incisive and which
Because of the authentic homogeneity of his early Nationalistic materials, and his flair for orchestrations -- his brilliant Petruchka, his savage Sacre Du Printemps, his incisive Les Noces -- the world kept hoping that he could recapture the historical direction for which his native talents were predisposed.
Among the many rejoinders which Ḥakam Bernays ' excommunication of this prayer-book evoked, Holdheim's deserves to be ranked as the most thorough and incisive.
Vinci's opere buffe, of which Li zite ' ngalera ( 1722 ) is generally regarded as the best, are full of life and spirit ; his opere serie, of which Didone Abbandonata ( Rome, 1728 ) and Artaserse ( Rome, 1730 ) are the most notable, have an incisive vigour and directness of dramatic expression praised by Charles Burney.
The particular work which provided the starting-point of an article was in many cases merely the occasion for the exposition, always brilliant and incisive, of the author's views on politics, social subjects, ethics or literature.
The American and British counterculture explosion and hippie movement had diverted music to that which was dominated by socially and American politically incisive lyrics by the late 1960s.
Claridad, which became a daily newspaper between 1974 and 1977, cleared the way for incisive journalism revealing scandals of corruption and links between private interests and the island's government, and reporting on the problems and claims of the downtrodden and the poor.
Fry, as the Los Angeles Times put it several years after his death, was " known everywhere for his brilliant parliamentarian tactics, his shortcutting of time-consuming wrangles, the pungency with which he cut through intricate debate snarls, and for his wit and incisive dominance of any situation.
By the end of the 1960s, the American and British counterculture and hippie movement had moved rock towards psychedelic rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and other styles ( from which Scorpions rose to prominence ), incorporating, for the first time in popular music, socially and politically incisive lyrics.
With the ears of a wider audience in the 1980s, Baldwin developed an incisive critique of the American automobile industry, which he viewed as over-focused on superficial marketing concerns and farcically under-concerned with real innovation and improvement.
His writing has been characterized as clear and incisive, “ though disfigured by arrogance and ill-temper, failings which may be extenuated on the ground of his physical affliction .”
Returning to Europe in 1921, he became editor of Wasmuths Monatshefte für Baukunst, which became known for its international coverage of architecture and Hegemann's incisive critiques.
Though generally temperate in his views, he was extremely incisive and often violent in his modes of expressing them, so that he made many enemies and sometimes incurred the displeasure of the press censure and the ministers, against which he was more than once protected by Alexander III in consideration of his able advocacy of national interests.
The interparietal bone, part of the roof of the braincase, was broad and the incisive foramina, which perforated the palate between the incisors and the molars, were relatively short.
The strength of the newspaper lay particularly in the comments section, which was always incisive and thought-provoking.
In 2008 SUNY Press published his book Against the State: An Introduction to Anarchist Political Theory, which is an " irreverent and incisive critique of liberal theories of the state.
* The transverse part arises from the maxilla, above and lateral to the incisive fossa ; its fibers proceed upward and medially, expanding into a thin aponeurosis which is continuous on the bridge of the nose with that of the muscle of the opposite side, and with the aponeurosis of the Procerus.
The principal writer was Peter Heylin but Birkenhead brought satire, slanders and incisive polemics which the parliamentary party found difficult to rebuff.

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