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those and followers
For the most part, however, the new version is contemporary and, as such, should be the means for many to attain a clearer comprehension of the meaning of those words recorded so many hundreds of years ago by the first followers of Christ.
2 Maccabees 2: 4-10, written around 100 BC, says that the prophet Jeremiah, " being warned by God " before the Babylonian invasion, took the Ark, the Tabernacle, and the Altar of Incense, and buried them in a cave on Mount Nebo ( Jordan ), informing those of his followers who wished to find the place that it should remain unknown " until the time that God should gather His people again together, and receive them unto mercy.
Athanasius himself was accused of mistreating Arians and the followers of Meletius of Lycopolis, and had to answer those charges at a gathering of bishops in Tyre, the First Synod of Tyre, in 335.
Mitchell says that numerous people who have examined his teachings and those of Koresh's and his followers, Charles Pace, and Teresa Moore, and have found their teachings to be divergent from the fundamental doctrines of the church, and have sided with him.
Smith had been chosen, by those present, to speak on behalf of the followers of the Campbells.
The Three Jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, meaning the mind's perfection of enlightenment, the Dharma, meaning the teachings and the methods of the Buddha, and the Sangha, meaning those awakened beings who provide guidance and support to followers of the Buddha.
Taken together, these practices imply an educated and intelligent commander who was able to attract and inspire good subordinates, and who would have attracted considerable loyalty from his followers, including those who were not Christian.
Of those groups that Irenaeus identifies as " intellectual " ( gnostikos ), only one, the followers of Marcellina use the term gnostikos of themselves.
Janet reconciled elements of his views with those of Bernheim and his followers, developing his own sophisticated hypnotic psychotherapy based upon the concept of psychological dissociation, which, at the turn of the century, rivaled Freud's attempt to provide a more comprehensive theory of psychotherapy.
Consequently, their followers separated, those of Whitefield becoming Calvinistic Methodists.
This has caused organizations to form to deal with the problem, who can be divided into three camps: those who seek peaceful coexistence between mutants and normal humans ( the X-Men and their affiliated groups ), those who seek to control or eliminate humans to give mutants safety or dominance ( Magneto and his followers, as well as other mutants such as Apocalypse ), and those who seek to regulate or eliminate mutants in favor of humans.
In the Qur ' an, Christians are referred to as naṣārā, meaning " followers of an-Nāṣirī ," or " those who follow Jesus.
His personal communications and writings to his followers as well as numerous treatises detail his view of the correct form of practice for the Latter Day of the Law ( Mappō ); lay out his views on other Buddhist schools, particularly those of influence during his lifetime ; and elucidate his interpretations of Buddhist teachings that preceded his.
The first Christians may be defined as those followers of Jesus who, after his crucifixion, proclaimed him as the risen lord.
The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei is a commission of the Roman Catholic Church established by Pope John Paul II's motu proprio Ecclesia Dei of 2 July 1988 for the care of those former followers of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre who broke with him as a result of his consecration of four priests of his Society of St. Pius X as bishops on 30 June 1988, an act the Holy See deemed illicit and schismatic.
In Jacobs ' and Broyde's view, they were attracted by its glorification of man, its doctrine of immortality, and its ethical principles, which they saw as more in keeping with the spirit of Talmudic Judaism than are those taught by the philosophers, and which was held in contrast to the view of Maimonides and his followers, who regarded man as a fragment of the universe whose immortality is dependent upon the degree of development of his active intellect.
Gregory's early policies as bishop often went against those of Basil: for instance, while his brother condemned the Sabellianist followers of Marcellus of Ancyra as heretics, Gregory may have tried to reconcile them with the church.
He was present at the Synod of Antioch in April 379, where he unsuccessfully attempted to reconcile the followers of Meletius of Antioch with those of Paulinus.
The council also passed five canons condemning Nestorius and Caelestius and their followers as heretics and a sixth one decreeing deposition from clerical office or excommunication for those who did not accept the Council's decrees.
Individuals at the bottom of the pyramid ( those who subscribed to the plan, but were not able to recruit any followers themselves ) end up with a deficit.
The delicate task of distinguishing those truly complicit in or responsible for Nazi activities from mere " followers " made the work of the courts yet more difficult.
Other brilliant cornett passages occur in Giovanni Gabrieli ’ s works, and sometimes in those of his followers ( e. g. Praetorius ’ s Wachet auf!

those and who
He was a man, those neighbors testified later, who didn't have a friend in the world.
those who wrote them knew people and what made people tick.
I worked for my Uncle ( an Uncle by marriage so you will not think this has a mild undercurrent of incest ) who ran one of those antique shops in New Orleans' Vieux Carre, the old French Quarter.
The true artist is like one of those scientists who, from a single bone can reconstruct an animal's entire body.
I don't even remember who wrote it but it was one of those 15th or 16th century poets.
but there is a leavening of liberalism among college graduates throughout the South, especially among those who studied in the North.
but for this discussion the most important division is between those who have been reconstructed and those who haven't.
But those among the Bourbons who remain unreconstructed go much further than this.
Given a theological lead, I asked what he thinks about those who find a religious significance to his plays.
even when the fences became a part of the game -- when a vine-embowered gate-post was the Sleeping Beauty's enchanted castle, or when Rapunzel let down her golden hair from beneath the crocketed spire, even then we paid little heed to those who went by on the path outside.
His name is Praisegod Piepsam, and he is rather fully described as to his clothing and physiognomy in a way which relates him to a sinister type in the author's repertory -- he is a forerunner of those enigmatic strangers in `` Death In Venice '', for example, who represent some combination of cadaver, exotic, and psychopomp.
Today the private detective will also investigate insurance claims or handle divorce cases, but his primary function remains what it has always been, to assist those who have money in their unending struggle with those who have not.
To perpetuate wealth control led by small groups of individuals who played no role in its creation prevents those with real initiative from coming to the fore, and is basically anti-democratic.
So all-important are ideas, we are told, that persons successful in business and happy in social life usually fall into two classes: those who invent new ideas of their own, and those who borrow, beg, or steal from others.
The division is not between those who wish to preserve what they have and those who want change.

those and chant
After the meal he would reportedly begin to chant, and placing his hand upon his forehead, would ask those present to quote any verse from the Bible.
Another tradition carried over from Mile High Stadium is during halftime or towards the end of the game, the stadium's PA announcer will announce the actual attendance for the game as well as how many people didn't show up for the game, and if that number is generally over a thousand, Broncos fans chant a loud " boo " towards those empty seats.
Aristotle writes in the Poetics that tragedy was born from the beginning improvisation, namely " by those who chant the dithyramb " (, apò ton exarchòntōn tòn dithýrambon ), a song choir in honor of Dionysus.
The term " Alleluia " is used also to designate a chant beginning and ending with this word and including a verse of Scripture, in particular for such a combination sung before the proclamation of the Gospel as an expression of greeting and welcome to the Lord who is about to speak in the Gospel to those taking part.
In the time or times when the word " Alleluia " is excluded from use in the liturgy ( Lent and, in earlier forms of the Roman Rite, Septuagesima ), the pre-Gospel chant either replaces the word " Alleluia " with another acclamation ( in the present normal form of the Roman Rite ), or ( in earlier forms ) is itself replaced by a Tract, while, on the other hand, those earlier forms of the Roman Rite replace the Gradual with an Alleluia chant during Eastertide, thus putting not one but two such chants before the Gospel reading.
In those years, Piaf rehearsed a few songs by Monnot that were never recorded, including " Le chant du monde " ( lyric by Asso ), " Mon amour vient de finir ", " Les rues du monde " and " Le diable est près de moi " ( lyrics by Piaf ), and " L ’ hôtel d ’ en face " ( lyric by Gine Money ).
Although nearly half of the Gregorian Graduals belong to a family of related chants in the fifth mode, the most famous family of Graduals are those of the second mode, commonly called the Iustus ut palma group after one representative chant.
There is a tradition, among those who have the liturgical resources, to chant the following canons according to the day of the week:
It is widely believed that those who chant ShriGorakhnath Chalisa 12 times they are blessed with a miracle jyoti.

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