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Page "editorial" ¶ 875
from Brown Corpus
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where and is
But California is where we're goin ''.
He thought of the jungles below him, and of the wild, strange, untracked beauty there and he promised himself that someday he would return, on foot perhaps, to hunt in this last corner of the world where man is sometimes himself the hunted, and animals the lords.
Now I wish to enter the American market, where the competition is very strong.
from downstream, where the water level is much lower, it is a high, elaborately facaded pavilion.
The answers derived by these means may determine not only the temporal organization of the dance but also its spatial design, special slips designating the location on the stage where the movement is to be performed.
Even in domains where detailed and predictive understanding is still lacking, but where some explanations are possible, as with lightning and weather and earthquakes, the appropriate kind of human action has been more adequately indicated.
Robert Penn Warren puts it this way in `` Brother To Dragons '': `` The recognition of complicity is the beginning of innocence '', where innocence, I think, means about the same thing as redemption.
A dominant motive is the poet's longing for his homeland and its boyhood associations: `` Not men-folk, but the fields where I would stray, The stones where as a child I used to play ''.
In a society where everything is for sale, Marlowe is the only man who cannot be bought.
This is done for simplicity of commands and to bring the hidden redundancy up to where misunderstanding has almost zero possibility.
As to benefits to employees, it is notorious for its callous disregard except where it depends on them for services.
`` The Moral Creed '' and `` The Will To Risk '' live happily together, if we do not examine where the line is to be drawn.
Since the slogans have little application to reality and are sanctimonious to boot, the applause is faint even in areas of the world where we should expect to find the greatest affection for free government.
Ptolemy's problem is to forecast where, against the inverted bowl of night, some particular light will be found at future times.
She was exposing herself to temptation which it is best to avoid where it can consistently be done.
Such performance is a great tribute to American scientists and engineers, who in the past five years have had to telescope time and technology to develop these long-range ballistic missiles, where America had none before.
but it is perennially restructured in situations where anchors are dragged or lost.
`` History has this in common with every other science: that the historian is not allowed to claim any single piece of knowledge, except where he can justify his claim by exhibiting to himself in the first place, and secondly to any one else who is both able and willing to follow his demonstration, the grounds upon which it is based.
Finally we may note that the idea appears in educational theory where its influence is at present widespread.

where and left
When Fred Powell's brother-in-law, Charlie Keane, moved into the dead man's home, the anonymous letter writer took no chances on Charlie taking up where Fred had left off and wasted no time on a first notice:
Leaving Jess's where it lay, he left the stall.
As John T. Westbrook says in his article, `` Twilight Of Southern Regionalism '' ( Southwest Review, Winter 1957 ): `` The miasmal mausoleum where an Old South, already too minutely autopsied in prose and poetry, should be left to rest in peace, forever dead and ( let us fervently hope ) forever done with ''.
Alex entered first and was followed by the doctor who, for all his care, manifested a perceptible bulge on his left side where the hen was cradled.
Going through the Imperial Gate in the wall, I entered the grounds of Topkapi Palace, home of the Sultans and nerve center of the vast Ottoman Empire, and walked along a road toward another gate in the distance, past the Church of St. Irene, completed by Constantine in 330 A.D. on my left, and then, just outside the second gate, I saw a spring with a tap in the wall on my right -- the Executioner's Spring, where he washed his hands and his sword after beheading his victims.
There are few areas left where a builder cannot find a dealer equipped to save him money by delivering everything at lower cost just where his workmen will need it.
On May 19, a deputy sheriff's posse of eight men left Maxwell City and rode thirty-five miles up the Vermejo where they were joined by Juan Jose Martinez.
The woman in the house where the niece was staying backed up his story and said she left when he did to shop for her dinner.
After Guardino's left, we'll dump the kid somewhere near the border where she kin get home.
Instead of pulling into the curb, Shayne increased his speed slightly to the corner where he swung left.
And I done favors for you, big favor not so long back, didn't I, and I'm right here to take on where Pretty left off.
A taxi took him back to the bar and grill where he had left his car, and a few minutes later he found a parking place across the street from his apartment.
In the morning the shorts were where he had left them.
Creusa left Ion to die in the wild, but Apollo asked Hermes to save the child and bring him to the oracle at Delphi, where he was raised by a priestess.
* Identification of archaeological cultures: the material remains found at dwelling sites, burial grounds, and other places where people left traces of their activity.
The area around Abensberg is characterized by the narrow valley of the Danube, where the Weltenburg Abbey stands, the valley of the Altmühl in the north, a left tributary of the Danube, and the famous Hallertau hops-planting region in the south.
The tiles were given a metallic sheen to simulate the varying scales of the monster, with the color grading from green on the right side, where the head begins, to deep blue and violet in the center, to red and pink on the left side of the building.
Only small, isolated sections are left standing with the largest portion lying in a pile of rubble that stretches the length of where the aqueducts once stood.
There is one test based on " Brazil law twinning " ( a form of quartz twinning where right and left hand quartz structures are combined in a single crystal ) which can be used to identify synthetic amethyst rather easily.
Caracalla left for the frontier, where for the rest of his short reign he was known for his unpredictable and arbitrary operations launched by surprise after a pretext of peace negotiations.
Accompanied by his brothers, nephews and other relatives, as well as many followers, he left for Yazd, where he intended to meet some of his local followers.
In October 1844, Hasan Ali Shah left Sind for Bombay, passing through Cutch ( modern day Kutch ) and Kathiawar where he spent some time visiting the communities of his followers in the area.
Driven by deep personal and political convictions, Grothendieck left the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques, where he had been appointed professor and accomplished his greatest work, after a dispute over military funding in 1970.

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