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was and when
They were dirty, their clothes were torn, and the girl was so exhausted that she fell when she was still twenty feet from the front door.
You see, he lied to us when he said he was leavin alone ''.
He was too old -- when he passed up and through the corridor of pines that lined the trail he could see ahead, he was passing from life.
A bullet tore the earth from beneath his foot when he was a stride or two from safety.
It was a relief when they finally came.
He was riding between two warriors, who held him erect when he started to slump.
Once, pressing him, I learned that his job was only part-time, in the afternoons when nothing went on in the hall.
Now, here was something of obvious importance to me, yet when I reached for the tickets he snatched them away from my hand.
At last, when I put it to him directly, the clerk was forced to admit that the delay in my case was unusual.
The slight flutter that had disturbed the motion of her heart when she entered the forest was gone now, and even the dim groves of trees through which she occasionally passed did not reawaken her fear.
If, when this was all over, she found the words to tell him about it, she wondered if he would ever understand.
How could he comprehend her need when he himself was innocent??
His face was stiff with anger when they let go of his arms.
He was uttering threats in a low but savage voice when they closed and padlocked the door.
No man's name brought more cheers when it was announced in a rodeo.
In the cow camps, Tom Horn was regarded as a hero, as the same kind of champion he was when he entered and invariably won the local rodeos.
Out in the center of the circle the farmer, who was Dan, wasted no time when they came to the line, `` The farmer choose his wife ''.
Even the knowledge that she was losing another boy, as a mother always does when a marriage is made, did not prevent her from having the first carefree, dreamless sleep that she had known since they dropped down the canyon and into Bear Valley, way, way back there when they were crossing those other mountains.
Stevens was grunting over the last empty pocket when Russ abruptly rose and lunged toward Carmer's hat, which had tumbled half-a-dozen feet away when he first fell.

was and came
The grass in the meadows came fast, now that the warm weather was here.
Macklin was the third man to come out, and he came unhurriedly.
I was so scared well, I just ran to my car and came here ''.
He was looking out on the dark waters of the Lake when I came upon him and without wasting words I smacked him hard across the face.
As she was rather tired this evening, her simple `` Thank you for the use of your bath '' -- when she sat down opposite him -- spoken in a low voice, came across with coolnesses of intelligence and control.
She came from Ohio, from what she called a `` small farm '' of two hundred acres, as indeed it was to farmer-type farmers.
`` When I came up, damnit, I thought I was going down.
I came up maybe fifty feet before I knew what was happening ''.
As he reached for the door there was a knock on it and when he opened he found Artie, who came in and sat down on a bunk.
The enemy came looming around a bend in the trail and Matsuo took a hasty shot, then fled without knowing the result, ran until breath was a pain in his chest and his legs were rubbery.
The only evidence of occupation came from the chimney, which was belching out thick smoke.
And so when Miss Langford came to teach at the one-room Chestnut school, where Jack was a pupil in the eighth grade, the Woman of Jack's mind assumed the teacher's face and figure.
When he came back to the schoolhouse, his mind was made up.
It was our hope to educate him and to give him his freedom when the right time came, for he was a bright and friendly youth who seemed worthy of our interest.
Dr. Lalaurie and I didn't even know he was in the house until the night of our ball when he came down the stairs ''.
In 1961 the first important legislative victory of the Kennedy Administration came when the principle of national responsibility for local economic distress won out over a `` state's-responsibility '' proposal -- provision was made for payment for unemployment relief by nation-wide taxation rather than by a levy only on those states afflicted with manpower surplus.
for another, it was here that one of the old caravan routes came in.
Though the four boys and two girls, the youngest nineteen years of age, the oldest twenty-four, came from varying backgrounds and had different professional and personal interests, there was surprising agreement among them.
The difference came down to this: The Southern States insisted that the United States was, in last analysis, what its name implied -- a Union of States.
On his father's side he was of German descent, on his mother's he came of the old Swedish nobility.
And just as `` Laurie '' Lawrence was first attracted to bright Jo March, who found him immature by her high standards, and then had to content himself with her younger sister Amy, so Joe Jastrow, who had also been writing Henrietta before he came to Johns Hopkins, had to content himself with her younger sister, pretty Rachel.
Miriam was stopped at the Taliesin gate, and William Weston, now the estate foreman, came out to parley.

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