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bar and white
bar: Position width: 15 color: white align: center
bar: Leaders color: red width: 25 mark :( line, white ) align: left fontsize: S
bar: Government color: red width: 25 mark :( line, white ) align: left fontsize: 7
Some dishes can be traced back to ancient Greece: lentil soup, fasolada, retsina ( white or rosé wine flavored with pine resin ) and pasteli ( candy bar with sesame seeds baked with honey ); some to the Hellenistic and Roman periods: loukaniko ( dried pork sausage ); and Byzantium: feta cheese, avgotaraho ( cured fish roe ) and paximadi ( traditional hard bread baked from corn, barley and rye ).
bar: Leaders width: 25 mark :( line, white ) align: left fontsize: XS shift :( 22 ,- 4 )
He recorded a number of tracks with the Dapps, a white Cincinnati bar band, including the hit " I Can't Stand Myself ( When You Touch Me )".
One of his most famous numbers is " They Ain't Makin ' Jews Like Jesus Anymore ," a song in which Kinky verbally and physically beats up a drunken white racist who berates blacks, Jews, Greeks, and Sigma Nus in a bar.
The former national flag of South Africa ( from 1927 – 1994 ) had, as part of a feature contained within its central white bar, a horizontal flag of the Transvaal Republic ( ZAR ).
Skilled jobs were also reserved for white people, and blacks were largely used as unskilled labour, enforced by legislation including the Mines and Works Act, the Job Reservations Act, the Native Building Workers Act, the Apprenticeship Act and the Bantu Education Act, creating and extending the " colour bar " in South African labour.
As the player strikes a black note with a mallet, they simultaneously press the heel of their hand or the side of their pinky finger onto the ringing white bar, using the same hand to strike the black note and dampen the white note.
Hot dip galvanized rebar may be bright or dull grey depending on length of exposure, and stainless rebar exhibits a typical white metallic sheen that is readily distinguishable from carbon steel reinforcing bar.
Tommy and his entourage go to Lady Pearl's club but Wade, who is drinking and trying to pick up white girls at the bar, insults Tommy for being too " white " and starts a fight.
bar: laniña width: 30 color: red mark :( line, white )
bar: Position width: 15 color: white align: center
bar: Position width: 15 color: white align: center
bar: Leaders color: blue width: 25 mark :( line, white ) align: left fontsize: S
The third shape are elaborate pendants with a horizontal bar from which two or three, occasionally four, vertical rods are suspended, usually each decorated with a white bead or pearl at the bottom.
bar: CP color: red width: 25 mark :( line, white ) align: left fontsize: S
) The CPSA supported the strike against the mining concerns from a class perspective in the context of the struggle between the working class and the capitalist class but condemned the demand to preserve the colour bar as well as the slogan " Workers of the world, unite and fight for a white South Africa !".
The color of the field and the 13 white stars, arranged in the form of a three bar chevron, consisting of two chevrons of five stars and one chevron of three stars, replicate the suspension ribbon of the Medal of Honor.
In Portland, Oregon, the tram signals feature an orange horizontal bar and a white vertical bar.
If the shutter was slow in closing, overexposure resulted where the part-fields joined and the " shutter bar " took the form of a white line.

bar and text
bar: 1 text :" 1993 "
bar: 2 text :" 1994 "
bar: 3 text :" 1995 "
bar: 4 text :" 1996 "
bar: 5 text :" 1997 "
bar: 6 text :" 1998 "
bar: 7 text :" 1999 "
bar: 8 text :" 2000 "
bar: 9 text :" 2001 "
bar: 10 text :" 2002 "
bar: 11 text :" 2003 "
bar: 12 text :" 2004 "
bar: 13 text :" 2005 "
bar: 14 text :" 2006 "
bar: 15 text :" 2007 "
bar: 16 text :" 2008 "
bar: 17 text :" 2009 "
bar: 18 text :" 2010 "
bar: 1850 from: start till: 199852 text :" 199, 852 " color: TO
bar: 1900 from: start till: 206498 text :" 206, 498 " color: TO
bar: 1950 from: start till: 300782 text :" 300, 782 " color: TO
bar: 1990 from: start till: 507508 text :" 507, 508 " color: TO
bar: 2000 from: start till: 547493 text :" 547, 493 " color: TO
Abba Arikka ( 175 – 247 ) ( Talmudic Aramaic: ; born: Abba bar Aybo, Hebrew: רבי אבא בר איבו ) was a Jewish Talmudist who lived in Sassanid Babylonia, known as an amora ( commentator on the Oral Law ) of the 3rd century who established at Sura the systematic study of the rabbinic traditions, which, using the Mishnah as text, led to the compilation of the Talmud.
bar: 1850 from: start till: 27844 text :" 27, 844 "

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