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from Brown Corpus
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Charlie and knew
Music, of course, is not so explicit an art, but anybody who knew Charlie Parker knows that he felt much the same way about his own gift.
During the coroner ’ s inquest on Morgan's murder, Pete Spence's wife Marietta Duarte testified that her husband, Frank Stilwell, Frederick Bode, Florentino " Indian Charlie " Cruz, and an unnamed half-breed Indian had turned up at her home an hour after the shooting, and that Spence threatened violence if she told what she knew.
Charlie knew there was no racial prejudice with Roie but.
One of the old-timers I met was a fine man named Charlie Cutler, who knew Gotch very well and succeeded him as world champion …; according to Cutler, Gotch would gouge, pull hair and even break a bone to get an advantage in a contest, and he was unusually careful to have the referee in his pocket, too, in case all else failed .”
Michelle and I offer our condolences to Wilma ’ s family, especially her husband Charlie and two daughters, Gina and Felicia, as well as the Cherokee Nation and all those who knew her and were touched by her good works.
It was unlikely that Charlie Brown knew of Shermy's first sentence, as the two would spend time together ; or it could have been more likely that Shermy did not actually hate Charlie Brown and was annoyed with him the first day of the strip.
On many other occasions, especially in the early years of the strip, Patty and Violet went out of their way-sometimes with unconcealed glee, to make sure Charlie Brown knew that they were throwing a party and he wasn't invited.
Meade leaves in a hurry, then goes to see Charlie, only to discover not only that Charlie knew about it, but that she has had more than one.
As quoted by Baseball Legends: The Charlie Root Story, by Joseph E. Bennett, Jan. 1995 Knight Templar magazine " Root was one of the fiercest competitors the game ever knew ... his cigar-chomping, no-nonsense visage was one of the most intimidating tools in his baseball arsenal.
Edwards knew all seventeen crew-members personally but was especially close to Charlie Southerden.
Some of the older residents of Rio County, who knew both Charlie Wade and Buddy Deeds, warn Sam that investigating Wade's death may uncover things that are best left hidden.
In one episode, the class switched seats to fool Mr. Besser when he became substitute teacher, and when Nancy's report was worth an A, Mr. Besser mistook her for Charlie due to the seating arrangement plans ( since he knew few of the students ' names except Jesse and Vinnie, whom he often put in detention ).
Charlie knew that the person for the job would need both the character and sense of humour that the President was looking for.
Fiderer was opinionated, strong willed, eccentric and in any case very much her own woman ; Charlie knew he had the perfect fit to replace Mrs. Landingham.
However, Logan is tricked by a reporter who knew of the love child and acted as Charlie to get the insider's scoop for a Vanity Fair article ; the story is ultimately dropped when Logan makes a pre-emptory appearance on Larry King Live and announces the scandal.
The San Francisco theater connections of father and son meant the Graumans knew people like Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford, as the stars had performed at one of the Grauman theaters when they were on their way up.
Charlie learns from the others that he is no longer in 1992, and that everybody he knew on earth is now dead.
Meanwhile, Gail knew Sarah Lou was worth more than that slack-jawed, apostolic follower of Charlie Stubbs.

Charlie and what
The French critics thought it was characteristic of American films of the 1930s or 1940s ; however, it was mostly characteristic of cheaper American movies, such as Charlie Chan mysteries where people collected in front of a fireplace or at the foot of the stairs in order to explain what happened a few minutes ago.
I guess Charlie knows what he's doing, huh?
At the ceremony, the outgoing Entertainer of the Year Charlie Rich presented the award to his successor, but in protest of what he considered the inappropriateness of Denver's selection, Rich set fire to the envelope containing the official notification of the award.
Once a man asked her what the Astors had done for him and she responded with, " Why, Charlie, you know ," and later had a picture taken with him.
Tommy asks what he means by this, but Fiona shushes him and leads him away as Charlie celebrates the end of his bachelorhood (" Go Home with Bonnie Jean ").
Charlie Sheen once stated that he wanted to star in a film similar to one his father was in because he wanted to know what it feels like.
Actor Gene Wilder compared him to Charlie Chaplin in saying " no matter how farcical performance was ... there was always an element of reality to what he did.
Burgess was succeeded by Bill McGarry, who bought new players such as Charlie Livesey and Ron Saunders, and in his only season at the club led the club to what was at the time its highest ever league position: third in the Third Division.
Contemporary trombonist Steve Turre has summarized, " J. J. did for the trombone what Charlie Parker did for the saxophone.
On the radio and television shows of The Morey Amsterdam Show from 1948 to 1950, Carney's character Charlie the doorman became known for his catchphrase, " Ya know what I mean?
Before Charlie starts roaming, he decides to feed Snoopy to show him what has happened.
These beliefs are what has allegedly been behind Blackies Lawless ' self-censorship of his own lyrics during the ' Babylon World Tour ', most notably during the performance of ' Chainsaw Charlie ( Murders In The New Morgue )'.
He represented to the Jacobites — what was probably in the main true — that though eager for their success his weak health and advanced years prevented him from joining the standard of the prince in person, while to the Lord President Forbes he professed his cordial attachment to the existing state of things, but lamented that his son, in spite of all his remonstrances, had joined Bonnie Prince Charlie, and succeeded in taking with him a strong force from the clan of the Frasers.
There are a lot of references that are hard to miss, such as the fact that the little boy winds up being Charlie Chaplin, the detective is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who goes on to writing the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and Roy talks about Zeppelins " taking off " and being a successful invention despite what will happen to the Hindenburg in 1937.
One of his friends has said that you sometimes notice that Charlie Christensen gets a particular look and then a few weeks later you read what you just said in an Arne Anka strip.
Charlie soon realizes that marketing is not what it is all cracked up to be, and successfully convinces the children and their parents to return to Daddy Day Care, making it a raging success, and causing Chapman Academy to shut down.
In an interview with Charlie Rose on 12 January 2007, Sutherland made clear statements of his opposition to torture, specifically that, "... it is widely known that you can torture someone and they'll basically tell you exactly what you want to hear, whether it's true or not, if you put someone in enough pain.
It premiered shortly after what would have been Charlie Chan creator Earl Derr Biggers ' 88th birthday.
Charlie Fach at Mercury eventually listened to the tapes and liked what he heard.
Charlie Crist may be good at taking pictures and making promises, but what has he actually accomplished?
Charlie also admits to his hostages that he does not know what has compelled him to commit his deeds, believing he will regret them when the situation is over.
Following the 1967 season, Charles Finley moved the Athletics from Kansas City to Oakland, and on May 8,, against the Minnesota Twins, Hunter pitched the ninth perfect game in baseball history, the first in the American League since Charlie Robertson's in, as well as the first no-hitter for the franchise since Bill McCahan's in with what were then the Philadelphia Athletics.
( C / U ) shot of another details-a little boat, soldiers marching, a man and his horse ... Voiceover talks about what this represents: " Scotland after the ' 45 rebellion, showing the English troops occupying a castle, and the opposing Highland rebels of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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