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on and theory
To guard against the tyranny of a numerical majority, Calhoun developed his theory of `` concurrent majority '', which, he said, `` by giving to each portion of the community which may be unequally affected by the action of government, a negative on the others, prevents all partial or local legislation ''.
In its defensive formulations, the theory will attack conscious change on the grounds of the independent existence of the community.
The point is that an ethical critic, with an assist from Freud, can seize on this theory to argue that tragedy provides us with a harmless outlet for our hostile urges.
A credulousness, a distaste for documentation, an uncritical reliance on contemporary accounts, and a proneness to assume a theory as true before adequate proof was provided were all evidences of his failure to comprehend the use of the scientific method or to evaluate the responsibilities of the historian to his reading public.
The theory predicts a linear dependence of Af on Af, where J is the experimentally determined Curie-Weiss constant.
Nevertheless, the theory that the determining influence of the hypothalamic balance has a profound influence on the clinical behavior of neuropsychiatric patients has not yet been tested on an adequate number of patients.
In these circumstances, since what was expressed by the remark when first made is, on the theory before us, simply absent, the remark now expresses nothing.
-- The theory of elasticity of Gaussian networks has been developed on a more general basis and the equations of state relating variables of pressure, volume, temperature, stress and strain have been precisely formulated.
And which theory would govern the enforcers of the law on Sunday??
( P. 215 ) when corporate abuses were attacked, it was done on the theory that criminal penalties would be invoked rather than control.
Dr. Bonnor begins with a discussion of the relativistic theories of the universe, based on the general theory of relativity.
* Scholarly surveys of focused topics from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: articles on Aristotle, Aristotle in the Renaissance, Biology, Causality, Commentators on Aristotle, Ethics, Logic, Mathematics, Metaphysics, Natural philosophy, Non-contradiction, Political theory, Psychology, Rhetoric
Two related strands of research on altruism have emerged from traditional evolutionary analyses and from game theory.
Selective investment theory proposes that close social bonds, and associated emotional, cognitive, and neurohormonal mechanisms, evolved in order to facilitate long-term, high-cost altruism between those closely depending on one another for survival and reproductive success.
Hundreds of other organizations exist in the various sub-fields of anthropology, sometimes divided up by nation or region, and many anthropologists work with collaborators in other disciplines, such as geology, physics, zoology, paleontology, anatomy, music theory, art history, sociology and so on, belonging to professional societies in those disciplines as well.
Max Gluckman, together with many of his colleagues at the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute and students at Manchester University, collectively known as the Manchester School, took BSA in new directions through their introduction of explicitly Marxist-informed theory, their emphasis on conflicts and conflict resolution, and their attention to the ways in which individuals negotiate and make use of the social structural possibilities.
Hence, such an appellate court will not consider an appellant's argument if it is based on a theory that is raised for the first time in the appeal.
Van Emde Boas observes " even if we base complexity theory on abstract instead of concrete machines, arbitrariness of the choice of a model remains.
*: The article on Whorf states " Drawing on Nietzsche's ideas of perspectivism Alfred Korzybski developed the theory of general semantics which has been compared to Whorf's notions of linguistic relativity.
Another theory by Yule and Burnell ( 1886 ) is based on an entry in the Catalogue of Indian Serpents from the Leyden Museum ( Ray, 1693 ) that reads: Anacondaia Zeylonensibus, id est Bubalorum aliorumque jumentorum membra conterens, meaning " the anacondaia of the Ceylonese, i. e. he that crushes the limbs of buffaloes and yoke beasts.
Because there is no canonical well-ordering of all sets, a construction that relies on a well-ordering may not produce a canonical result, even if a canonical result is desired ( as is often the case in category theory ).

on and before
The Gap looming before him -- the place where had confronted Jack English on that day so many years ago -- was his exit from all that had meaning to him.
In the brief moment I had to talk to them before I took my post on the ring of defenses, I indicated I was sickened by the methods men employed to live and trade on the river.
I could consult this personage on any weekday morning, though not before ten o'clock.
Joyce had seen him like this once before -- more than once, actually, but on one particularly memorable occasion.
They reined in before the town marshal's office, a box-sized building on Main Street.
Rod gave her a warm pat on the shoulder before he replied.
In the bedroom before the husband and wife find their way to the bed, the lights go on: `` In dull domestic radiance I watch her staring face, still blind, Start wincing in obedience To dirty waters, counters, pots and pans, Waiting below stairs, in her mind ''.
Keith Sterling had looked down on the Brahmaputra more times than he could remember, during the war days when he flew over the Hump of the world, thinking it high adventure in those times before man was guiding himself through outer space.
and Robinson Roy, who had gone down this line ten minutes before to set a new depth record for the free dive, was already back on the surface.
He was disturbed by what had happened on the dive and by what he remembered of a conversation he had had the night before with the German, who had come out of the head while he was fixing himself a drink in the galley.
Let us look in on one of these nerve centers -- SAC at Omaha -- and see what must still happen before a wing of B-52 bombers could drop their Aj.
But though each of its members had asserted this right against the Union, the final Constitution which the Confederacy signed on March 11 -- nearly a month before hostilities began -- included no explicit provision authorizing a state to secede.
My curiosity was sharpened a day or two before the interview by a conversation I had with a well-informed teacher of literature, a Jesuit father, at a conference on religious drama near Paris.
He will not curb his instinctual desires but release the energy within him that makes him feel truly and fully alive, even if it is only for this brief moment before the apocalypse of annihilation explodes on earth.
We were forbidden to swing on the gates, lest they sag on their hinges in a poor-white-trash way, but we could stand on them, when they were latched, rest our chins on the top, and stare and stare, committing to memory, quite unintentionally, all the details that lay before our eyes.
he keeps a bottle in a wardrobe at home, and `` before this wardrobe Praisegod Piepsam had before now gone literally on his knees, and in his wrestlings had bitten his tongue -- and still in the end capitulated ''.
Without saying or seeming to say that in portraying the Sartoris and the Compson families Faulkner's chief concern is social criticism, we can say nevertheless that through those families he dramatizes his comment on the planter dynasties as they have existed since the decades before the Civil War.
You probably would not remember, since you never seemed to remember even the same moments as I, much less their intensity, one sunny midday on Fifth Avenue when you had set out with me for some final shopping less than a week before the wedding you staged for me with such reluctance at the Farm.
Before being daughter, wife, or mother, before being cultured ( a word now bereft both socially and politically of the sheen you children of frontiersmen bestowed on it ), before being sorry for the poor, progressive about public health, and prettily if somewhat imprecisely humanitarian, indeed first and foremost, you were a lady.

on and us
The rest of us can fort up in the house and hang on until you get back.
When one of the men in the hall behind us spat on the floor and scraped his boot over the gob of spittle I noticed how the clerk winced.
The car was just about to us, its driver's fat, solemn face intent on the road ahead, on business, on a family in Sante Fe -- on anything but an old pick-up truck in which two human beings desperately needed rescue.
I think I have a way so we can carry on without his suspecting us ''.
and now I think we can use the knowledge they passed on to us.
`` You have every right to be '', I replied gravely in the Manu dialect, but my attention was fixed on Brassnose, the biggest and strongest of us.
`` Oh, come on Miss Langford, play with us just onct '', one of the little girls begged, smiling wistfully.
Now let us imagine a wing of B-52's, on alert near their `` positive control ( or fail-safe ) points '', the spots on the map, many miles from Soviet territory, beyond which they are forbidden to fly without specific orders to proceed to their targets.
It lay with its head on its paws and only its eyes moving, watching us carefully.
Whether any of us remain in it long will depend on what happens as a result of the technological and economic revolutions now going on in the countries of Asia and Africa, and also of course on how long the cold war remains cold.
Experience is not seen, as it is in classical rationalism, as presenting us initially with clear and distinct objects simply located in space and registering their character, movements, and changes on the tabula rasa of an uninvolved intellect.
Perhaps the mere fact that by plucking on the nerves nature can awaken in the most ordinary of us, temporarily anyway, the sleeping poet, and in poets can discover their immortality, is the most remarkable of all the remarkable phenomena to which we can attest??
by the same token, we reject any Soviet attempt to impose its system on us or other peoples by force or subversion.
Something occurred on the morning of the children's party which may illustrate the kind of trouble our restricted toilet facilities caused us.
Let us survey for a moment the development of modern thought -- turning our attention from the Reformation toward the revolutionary and romantic movements that follow and dwelling finally on more recent decades.
The wear and tear of life have taught me that very few friends of mutual friends long to see foreign strangers, but I planned on being the soul of tact, of giving them plenty of outs was there the tiniest implication that their cups were already running over without us.
Another classic sight that gave us considerable pleasure was the Evzone sentry, in his ballet skirt with great pompons on his shoes, who was patrolling up and down in front of the palace.
The restaurant to which the Sakellariadises took us on this night of controversy was the Asteria, on Asteria beach.

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