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de and International
Then, following the programme he outlined in his talk at the 1958 International Congress of Mathematicians, he introduced the theory of schemes, developing it in detail in his Éléments de géométrie algébrique ( EGA ) and providing the new more flexible and general foundations for algebraic geometry that has been adopted in the field since that time.
The AFL became the de facto governing body when it pushed for the closure of the International Australian Football Council in 2002.
* 1992: Angoulême International Comics Festival, Prize for Best Foreign Comic Book, for En avant tête de thon!
The Commission Internationale de l ' Éclairage ( International Commission on Illumination ) and the CIPM proposed a “ new candle ” based on the luminance of a Planck radiator ( a black body ) at the temperature of freezing platinum.
* Savannah de Tessieres, ' Reforming the Ranks: Public Security in a Divided Cote d ' Ivoire ,' in Small Arms Survey 2011: States of Security, Small Arms Survey / Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva, Cambridge University Press, 2011
Marie-Laure de Shazer ( 2007 ), International edition.
* Introductory note by Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, procedural history note and audiovisual material on the Convention on Biological Diversity in the Historic Archives of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law
* Studies on the " Cantigas de Santa Maria ": Art, Music, and Poetry: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the " Cantigas de Santa Maria " of Alfonso X, el Sabio ( 1221 – 1284 ) in Commemoration of Its 700th Anniversary Year – 1981.
* Conseil International de la Danse, an umbrella organization for all forms of dance in the world
de: Commodore International
Boeing 737-800 at Cibao International Airport in Santiago de los Caballeros | Santiago, DR
Some organisations, including the International Federation of Dominos and the Fédération Internationale de Domino ( FIDO ), organise international competitions.
* Francisco de Vitoria ( one of the founders of International Law )
It also serves on the World Trade Organization ( WTO ), in addition to the Interamerican Development Bank ( IDB ), World Bank, International Monetary Fund ( IMF ), Corporacion Andina de Fomento ( CAF ) and other multilateral agencies.
The Festival de Gramado ( or Gramado Film Festival ) Gramado, Brazil along with the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico are considered to be the most important film festivals of Latin America.
While the Expresión en Corto International Film Festival is the largest competitive film festival in Mexico, specializing in emerging talents, and is held each year during the last week of July in the two colonial cities of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.
de Klerk is an Honorary Patron of the University Philosophical Society and Honorary Chairman of the Prague Society for International Cooperation.
The same divergence also presented a problem for the International Organization for Standardization ( Organisation internationale de normalisation ) at its founding in 1947 ; it settled on the short name ISO as a compromise between IOS and OIN.
The Formula 3000 International Championship was a motor racing series created by the Fédération Internationale de l ' Automobile ( FIA ) in 1985 to become the final preparatory step for drivers hoping to enter the Formula One championship.
Museums, Theaters and other Cultural Sites: Conservatoire de musique at Place Neuve 5, Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques, Fonds cantonal d ' art contemporain, Ile Rousseau and statue, Institute and Museum of Voltaire with Library and Archives, Mallet House and Museum international de la Réforme, Musée Ariana, Musée d ' Art et d ' Histoire, Museum d ' art moderne et contemporain, Museum d ' ethnographie, Museum of the International Red Cross, Musée Rath, Muséum d ' histoire naturelle, Salle communale de Plainpalais et théâtre Pitoëff, Villa Bartholoni et Museum d ' Histoire et Sciences
* David Harvey ( born 1935 ), world's most cited academic geographer and winner of the Lauréat Prix International de Géographie Vautrin Lud, also noted for his work in critical geography and critique of global capitalism.
Operating from 1960 to 1972 International Halliwell Mines, Ltd. (" Halliwell "), a Canadian corporation, through its wholly owned Haitian subsidiary, La Societe d ' Exploitation et de Developpement Economique et Natural d ' Haiti (" Sedren ") mined copper near Gonaïves.

de and African
* 1954 – South African Airways Flight 201 A de Havilland DH. 106 Comet 1 crashes into the sea during night killing 21 people.
* Leana de Bruin ( born 1977 ), South African and New Zealand netball player
In Northeastern Brazil and among the diaspora of its population in other Brazilian regions, cuzcuz ( locally, in Rio de Janeiro, in São Paulo ), a steamed cake of couscous and corn flour ( a mixture called fubá, pronounced, said to be of African origin from the slave trade ), is a popular meal, served in many forms: With sugar and milk, with varied meats, with cheese and eggs, and so on.
In Mexico, there are two dishes called the couscous taco ( taco de cuscús ) and couscous burrito ( burrito de cuscús ), which consists of the addition of couscous to a traditional taco or burrito respectively, similar in fashion to a North African pita.
de Klerk allows the African National Congress to function legally and promises to release Nelson Mandela.
The atrocity was reportedly condemned strongly by South African president Thabo Mbeki and Winnie Mandela, among others, who openly spoke in favour of Marike de Klerk.
First-generation gens de couleur were typically the offspring of a male, French slaveowner and an African slave chosen as a concubine.
* 1972 – Giniel de Villiers, South African racing driver
* 1936 – Frederik Willem de Klerk, South African politician, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
* 1971 – Mariaan de Swardt, South African tennis player
The term New Guinea was applied to the island in 1545 by a Spaniard, Yñigo Ortiz de Retez, because of a resemblance between the islands ' inhabitants and those found on the African Guinea coast.
South African comedian Casper de Vries produced the soap opera parody Haak en Steek, based on South African soaps like Egoli: Place of Gold.
The maritime town of Lagos, Portugal, Europe, was the first slave market created in Portugal ( one of the earliest colonizers of the Americas ) for the sale of imported African slaves – the Mercado de Escravos, opened in 1444.
Bartolomé de Las Casas a 16th-century Dominican friar and Spanish historian participated in campaigns in Cuba ( at Bayamo and Camagüey ) and was present at the massacre of Hatuey ; his observation of that massacre led him to fight for a social movement away from the use of natives as slaves and towards the importation of African Blacks as slaves.
* The South African poet Roy Campbell wrote an elegiac poem dedicated to the isle of Tristan de Cunha in 1930.
* February – African and Malagasy Union for Economic Cooperation ( UAMCE ) ( Union Africaine et Malgache de Coopération Économique ).
* Diogo de Azambuja ( 1432 – 1518 ) Portuguese explorer of the African coast.
* February 17 – AB de Villiers, South African Cricketer
de Klerk allows the African National Congress to legally function again and promises to free Nelson Mandela.
* December – African and Malagasy Organisation for Economic Cooperation ( OAMCE ) ( Organisation Africain et Malagache de Coopération Économique ) is established.
* August 3-August 4 – Millions of black South Africans participate in a general strike called by the African National Congress to protest the lack of progress in negotiations with the government of President of South Africa F. W. de Klerk.
* December 19 – State President of South Africa F. W. de Klerk dismisses or suspends 23 military officers, including six generals, sho were suspected of unauthorized activities designed to disrupt negotiations with the African National Congress.

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