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de and Japanischer
de: Japanischer Staudenknöterich
de: Japanischer Hip-Hop
de: Japanischer Seelöwe
de: Japanischer Schnabelwal
de: Japanischer Regent # Shikken
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Künstler
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Musiker
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Architekt
de: Japanischer Terrier
de: Japanischer Garten
de: Japanischer Sumōverband
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Film
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Raumfahrer
de: Japanischer Serau
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Diplomat
de: Japanischer Lebensbaum
de: Japanischer Farbholzschnitt
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Bildhauer
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Komponist
de: Kategorie: Japanischer Maler

de and Film
de: American Film Institute
ro: Institutul American de Film
ro: Film de comedie
** Note: Marker present commentary for this " somber work about the daily lives of fishermen on Brittany's Île de Sein " ( Film Comment ).
The Festival de Gramado ( or Gramado Film Festival ) Gramado, Brazil along with the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico are considered to be the most important film festivals of Latin America.
While the Expresión en Corto International Film Festival is the largest competitive film festival in Mexico, specializing in emerging talents, and is held each year during the last week of July in the two colonial cities of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato.
de: Französischer Film
de: Italienischer Film
de: Polnischer Film
ro: Film de groază
Jarmusch ( left ) and Isaach de Bankolé ( right ) promoting The Limits of Control at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September 2009.
The two neighbors took the first ex-aequo prize of the Congress of Documentary Film in 1943, for the first French underwater film: Par dix-huit mètres de fond ( 18 meters deep ), made without breathing apparatus the previous year in the Embiez islands ( Var ) with Philippe Tailliez and Frédéric Dumas, using a depth-pressure-proof camera case developed by mechanical engineer Léon Vèche ( engineer of Arts and Métiers and the Naval College ).
In August 2007, while teaching a four-hour film course during the 9th Cinemanila International Film Festival in Manila, Tarantino cited Filipino directors Cirio Santiago, Eddie Romero, and Gerardo de León as personal icons from the 1970s, citing De Leon's " soul-shattering, life-extinguishing " movies on vampires and female bondage, particularly Women in Cages.
de: Die 120 Tage von Sodom ( Film )
Written in the West, in conjunction with the publication, Written in the West, Munich: Schirmer / Mosel ( 1987 ), touring exhibition: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris ( 1986 ); Encontros de Fotografia, Coimbra ( 1987 ); Palazzo della Triennale di Milano ( 1988 ); Film Society of Miami ( 1988 ); Goethe Institut, Stockholm ( 1988 ); Goethe Institut, Copenhagen ( 1988 ); Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche ( 1990 ); Städtische Galerie Schwarzes Kloster, Freiburg ( Breisgau ) ( 1992 )
fr: Film de guerre
ro: Film de război
de: Waterloo ( Film )
ro: Film de animație
de: Chang ( Film )
de: Lawrence von Arabien ( Film )
ro: Film de acțiune
de: American Beauty ( Film )

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