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de and Karl
The death of Karl ( 8 September 1781 ) make him the next in line to the Electorate as Crown Prince ( de: Kronprinz ); this was because all the pregnancies of the Electress Amalie, except for one daughter, ended in a stillbirth.
de: Karl V.
de: Karl I.
de: Karl Popper
de: Karl Dönitz
de: Karl Andree ( Geograph )
de: Karl Radek
de: Karl August Böttiger
de: Karl Ernst von Baer
de: Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Prior to this proposal, Goethe, de Saussure, Venetz, Jean de Charpentier, Karl Friedrich Schimper and others had made the glaciers of the Alps the subjects of special study, and Goethe, Charpentier as well as Schimper had even arrived at the conclusion that the erratic blocks of alpine rocks scattered over the slopes and summits of the Jura Mountains had been moved there by glaciers.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty () ( 14 March 1908 – 3 May 1961 ) was a French phenomenological philosopher, strongly influenced by Karl Marx, Edmund Husserl, and Martin Heidegger in addition to being closely associated with Jean-Paul Sartre ( who later stated he had been " converted " to Marxism by Merleau-Ponty ) and Simone de Beauvoir.
This shift could be seen in theologians such as Karl Rahner, S. J., Michael Herbert, and John Courtney Murray, SJ who looked to integrate modern human experience with church principles based on Jesus Christ, as well as others such as Yves Congar, Joseph Ratzinger and Henri de Lubac who looked to an accurate understanding of scripture and the early Church Fathers as a source of renewal ( or ressourcement ).
* Karl E. Schedl ( 1898 – 1979 ), Austrian zoologist, scientist ( de )
* April 8 – Stephanie de Beauharnais, adopted daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte, marries Prince Karl Ludwig Friedrich of Baden.
de: Karl XIV.
de: Karl IX.
de: Karl I.
de: Karl II.
de: Karl Koch
de: Karl der Kahle
Other influences upon Derrida are Martin Heidegger, Plato, Søren Kierkegaard, Alexandre Kojève, Maurice Blanchot, Antonin Artaud, Roland Barthes, Georges Bataille, Edmund Husserl, Emmanuel Lévinas, Ferdinand de Saussure, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Claude Lévi-Strauss, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, and Stéphane Mallarmé.
de: Karl X.
Nizhny Novgorod has a great and extraordinary art gallery with more than 12, 000 exhibits, an enormous collection of works by Russian artists such as Viktor Vasnetsov, Karl Briullov, Ivan Shishkin, Ivan Kramskoi, Ilya Yefimovich Repin, Isaak Iljitsch Lewitan, Vasily Surikov, Ivan Aivazovsky, there are also greater collections of works by Boris Kustodiev and Nicholas Roerich, not only Russian art is part of the exhibition it include also a vast accumulation of Western European art like works by David Teniers the Younger, Bernardo Bellotto, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Pieter de Grebber, Giuseppe Maria Crespi, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, and lot more.

de and Verner
de: Verner von Heidenstam
Other architects that worked for the Commission, or won competitions for the Commission memorials, included Harold Chalton Bradshaw, Sawley Nicol, Verner Owen Rees, Gordon H. Holt, and Henry Philip Cart de Lafontaine.
de: Verner Panton
In " The History of the Rifle Brigade ", Willoughby Verner describes how the newly arrived 1st Battalion of Detachments fought for the first time near the village of Grijó ( Vila Nova de Gaia ):

Karl and Verner
Key contributions were made by the Danish scholars Rasmus Rask and Karl Verner and the German scholar Jacob Grimm.
Verner's law, stated by Karl Verner in 1875, describes a historical sound change in the Proto-Germanic language whereby voiceless fricatives * f, * þ, * s, * h, * hʷ, when immediately following an unstressed syllable in the same word, underwent voicing and became respectively the fricatives * b, * d, * z, * g, * gʷ.
Karl Verner was the first scholar to note the factor governing the distribution of the two outcomes.
Karl Verner
Karl ( Adolph ) Verner (; 7 March 1846 in Århus – 5 November 1896 in Copenhagen ) was a Danish linguist.
* Daniel Kilham Dodge's review of Verner Dahlerup's Nekrolog over Karl Verner, American Journal of Philology, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1897.
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da: Karl Verner
fr: Karl Verner
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nl: Karl Adolf Verner
sv: Karl Verner
Westergaard, and Karl Verner.
" Verner von Heidenstam however, one of his opponents in the feud, in his book Karolinerna instead " emphasized the heroic steadfastness of the Swedish people in the somber years of trial during the long-drawn-out campaigns of Karl XII " ( Scott ).
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The inflectional type is usually accepted to reach back into Proto-Indo-European times, with an exact correspondence of Sanskrit and Old Norse ylgr, both meaning " she-wolf ", first described by Karl Verner in 1877 ( see Verner's law ).
Karl Verner identified the principle that these instead become the voiced consonants * b, * d, * g, * gʷ if they were word-internal and immediately preceded by an unaccented vowel in PIE.
* Karl Verner
Pedersen studied at the University of Copenhagen with Karl Verner, Vilhelm Thomsen, and Hermann Möller.

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