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directing and inwards
This leads to the final form of pratyahara-the Withdrawal of Mind or ' Mano pratyahara ', which is practiced by consciously withdrawing attention from anything that is unwholesome, and distracting for the mind such as by withdrawing attention from the senses, and directing it inwards

directing and leading
While not directing or leading the class to a conclusion, the teacher may work to accurately formulate problems within the scope of the texts being studied.
As a designer becomes more senior, they may spend less time designing media and more time leading and directing other designers on broader creative activities, such as brand development and corporate identity development.
The influence of Busby Berkeley ’ s choreography on Aleksandrov ’ s directing can be seen in the musical number leading up to the climax.
Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization ( a group of one or more people or entities ) or effort for the purpose of accomplishing a goal.
Management operates through various functions, often classified as planning, organizing, staffing, leading / directing, controlling / monitoring and motivation.
The film adaptation of Mrs. Miniver was produced by MGM in 1942 with Greer Garson in the leading role and William Wyler directing.
Louis XV lavished well-deserved gifts on Saxe, including the royal Château de Chambord, for Saxe had been present where needed, in spite of his debilitating illness, to deal with every crisis of the battle from rallying troops, to directing and leading reserves, encouraging the king and counseling with his officers.
This, Armstrong believed, indicated God was now directing him in leading a revived work into the next " church era.
In 1999, it was then announced that Anjelica Huston and Cameron Diaz were set to play the two leading roles, with Doug Liman directing but then Liman backed out of the project, creating quite a long time frame to find a new director.
As a result of directing 12 Angry Men, he was also responsible for leading the first wave of directors who made a successful transition from TV to movies.
Edwards's desire to pursue directing led to his request to be written out of the series, leading to his character's death from brain cancer.
Other Crew Chief responsibilities include: leading periodic discussions and reviews of situations, plays and rules with his crew ; generally directing the work of the other umpires on the crew, with particular emphasis on uniformity in dealing with unique situations ; assigning responsibilities for maintaining time limits during the game ; ensuring the timely filing of all required crew reports for incidents such as ejections, brawls and protested games ; and reporting to the Office of Commissioner any irregularity in field conditions at any ballpark.
Onscreen she co-starred in commercially successful films with Charlie Chaplin and Roscoe Arbuckle more than a dozen times each, occasionally writing and directing movies featuring Chaplin as her leading man.
Although failing to attain any large-scale success, the film was responsible for leading to his directing of Ring.
The gameplay focuses on leading and directing a horde of plant-like creatures called Pikmin to accomplish this mission.
Phillips ' regional theater credits include performing leading roles for San Diego ’ s Old Globe Theatre, for the Alaska Repertory Theatre, at Seattle Repertory Theatre in the premier of Inspecting Carol with Dan Sullivan directing, at Baltimore's Center Stage in the premier of Miss Evers ' Boys, for the Westport Country Playhouse, the Boston Shakespeare Company, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Salt Lake Acting Co., and the McCarter Theatre.
He played the leading roles in a lot of productions and even turned his hand to directing as well.
Wolosky's work at the White House also included directing sensitive operations, including leading U. S. government efforts to apprehend " Merchant of Death " Viktor Bout, the Taliban and al Qaeda-linked arms trafficker, who is now awaiting trial in New York.
Wayne was to have portrayed Sam Houston, a bit part that would have let him focus on his ( first major ) directing effort, but the money-lenders insisted he play a leading character.
In one of the neighbouring gardens the leading light for directing boats into the harbour remains.
He was soon directing feature-length productions and his 1918 effort Thomas Graals bästa barn ( Thomas Graal's First Child ), starring Karin Molander, and with Victor Sjöström in the leading role, received much acclaim.
He spent much of the two years leading up to the exposition organizing and directing expeditions dispatched to all parts of the Americas and other parts of the world to gather natural history and ethnographic items for the exhibition.
" Panzer explains that a specific location was chosen for Richie's first fight, because both Stan Kirsch and Sheena Easton were doing their first swordfight ever: " To make everything a little easier for them, we set it in an almost impossible location -- the steps leading up to the lighthouse (...) And for two people who really had never done it before, between some clever directing and some clever editing, I think it looks like they're going at it.

directing and with
It was evident that a captain should remain at his desk, directing with a firm hand and keeping a firm seat.
In addition to writing, producing, and directing, Cuarón co-edited the film with Luis Patlán.
It was adapted for film in 1977, with Harold Prince directing and Elizabeth Taylor, Len Cariou, Lesley-Anne Down and Diana Rigg starring.
The Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada production ran from June 11 to November 7, 2009, with Des McAnuff directing and Wayne Cilento as choreographer.
In addition to acting and occasionally directing, Campbell has become a writer, starting with an autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor published on August 24, 2002.
Nothing more was heard until summer 2009 when it was rumoured that Jackman's Seed Productions would add this to their upcoming projects with the possibility of Richard Donner directing or Jackman himself making his directing debut.
This includes summoning the Council for meetings along with directing the work of COREPER and other committees and working groups.
He also experimented behind the camera with pre-filmed sketches, notably directing a documentary-style short starring Shearer and Short as synchronized swimmers.
Greek trade networks spread throughout the Mediterranean region, while Roman trade expanded with the main goal of directing tribute from the colonized areas towards the Roman metropole.
The small directorate of Naval Intelligence ( while the headquarters and personnel, facilities, and directions were coordinated by West ) had vital role in directing special and reconnaissance missions, and intelligence gathering, also was charged with taking reasonable actions to slow down the Indian threat.
After several years of directing primarily lower-key live-action films, Hideaki Anno formed his own production studio and revisited his still-popular Evangelion franchise with the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, a new series of films providing an alternate retelling of the original story.
It was a fully collaborative effort, with Cilauro, Kennedy, Gleisner and Sitch all sharing writing and directing duties, and the cast all contributing ideas during all stages of production.
According to Friedman, " these two rejections were devastating to the man who had made a career of demonstrating American ideals in film ", along with his directing award-winning documentary films for the Army.
According to some experts, Capra used great, yet unobtrusive craftsmanship when directing, and felt it was bad directing to distract the audience with fancy technical gimmicks.
Capra's personality when directing gave him a reputation for " fierce independence " when dealing with studio bosses.
The film was also the last to be produced by the four " Godzilla fathers ", with Ishirō Honda directing, Eiji Tsuburaya supervising the special effects ( with Sadamasa Arikawa actually directing ), Tomoyuki Tanaka producing, and Akira Ifukube handling the film's score.
Also, at this time, he was busy assisting his friend Akira Kurosawa with films he was directing, such as Kagemusha and Ran.
( 1969 ), again directing Matthau along with Barbra Streisand, but which unfortunately failed to recoup the enormous production expenses.
Coleman's former manager Dion Mial was involved initially, but withdrew after Coleman's 1999 will, which named Mial as executor and directed that his wake be "... conducted by those with no financial ties to me and can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Colemen ", turned out to be superseded by a later one replacing Mial with Gray, and directing "... that there be no funeral service, wake, or other ceremony memorializing my passing.

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