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Debates concerning the nature, essence and the mode of existence of space date back to antiquity ; namely, to treatises like the Timaeus of Plato, or Socrates in his reflections on what the Greeks called khora ( i. e. " space "), or in the Physics of Aristotle ( Book IV, Delta ) in the definition of topos ( i. e. place ), or even in the later " geometrical conception of place " as " space qua extension " in the Discourse on Place ( Qawl fi al-Makan ) of the 11th century Arab polymath Alhazen.
* The Book of Annihilation in Contemplation ( K. al-Fanā ' fi ' l-Mushāhada ), a short treatise on the meaning of mystical annihilation ( fana ).
Sex manuals were also written such as The Perfumed Garden, Ṭawq al-Ḥamāmah or The Dove's Neckring by ibn Hazm and Nuzhat al-albab fi-ma la yujad fi kitab or Delight of Hearts Concerning What will Never Be Found in a Book by Ahmad al-Tifashi.
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fi: The Book of Dust
He was known primarily for his medical compendium titled Kitab al-Mukhtarat fi al-tibb (), " The Book of Selections in Medicine.
His major composition was a large Arabic medical compendium, Kitab al-Hawi fi ‘ ilm al-tadawi ( The Comprehensive Book on the Art of Curing ), whose title often caused confusion with the better-known Kitab al-Hawi ( The Comprehensive Book ) written four centuries earlier by Rhazes.
He is credited for writing two books in particular: his most famous, al-Canon fi al Tibb ( The Canon of Medicine ), and also The Book of Healing.
He wrote in his work Al-Ifada w-al-Itibar fi al_Umar al Mushahadah w-al-Hawadith al-Muayanah bi Ard Misr, or “ Book of Instruction and Admonition on the Things Seen end Events Recorded in the Land of Egypt ”:
Other works include The Book of Felicity ( Sa ' adat-nāma ) and The Truth of Certainty about the Knowledge of the Lord of the Worlds ( Ḥaqq al-yaqīn fi ma ' rifat rabb al -' alamīn.
His most important work was Kitab al-Fawa ’ id fi Usul ‘ Ilm al-Bahr wa ’ l-Qawa ’ id ( Book of Useful Information on the Principles and Rules of Navigation ), written in 1490.

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