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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1146
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

for and if
His plans and dreams had revolved around her so much and for so long that now he felt as if he had nothing.
She could not scream, for even if a sound could take shape within her parched mouth, who would hear, who would listen??
Besides, 'tain't no more'n right for me to follow with my black oxen, so's I can unhook and pull up fast if either of you get in a pinch ''.
It was spoiled now for seed, and it would sour and mold in three days if they failed to find a place and fuel to dry it.
`` And if the dive goes OK he has the exclusive import rights to your line for this country, is that right ''??
and if a poll had been taken immediately following the dispatch of troops to Little Rock I believe the majority would have been for the Old South.
He will not curb his instinctual desires but release the energy within him that makes him feel truly and fully alive, even if it is only for this brief moment before the apocalypse of annihilation explodes on earth.
And if I have gone into so much detail about so small a work, that is because it is also so typical a work, representing the germinal form of a conflict which remains essential in Mann's writing: the crude sketch of Piepsam contains, in its critical, destructive and self-destructive tendencies, much that is enlarged and illuminated in the figures of, for instance, Naphta and Leverkuhn.
I was having lunch not long ago ( apologies to N. V. Peale ) with three distinguished historians ( one specializing in the European Middle Ages, one in American history, and one in the Far East ), and I asked them if they could name instances where the general mores had been radically changed with `` deliberate speed, majestic instancy '' ( Francis Thompson's words for the Hound Of Heaven's Pursuit ) by judicial fiat.
In spite of the dreams of the host for oneness in the group, the Af incoming messages for each guest overload his receiving system beyond comprehension if N exceeds about six.
Also, I am convinced that if my company were a sole proprietorship instead of a partnership, I would have been even abler to solve long-range problems for myself and my fellow-employees.
Even if the self portrait we distribute for popular consumption were accurate it would be dangerous to present it as a picture of the ideal society.
But however we come, finally, to explain and account for the present, the truth we are trying to expose, right now, is that the makers of constitutions and the designers of institutions find it difficult if not impossible to anticipate the behavior of the host of all their enterprises.
Before being daughter, wife, or mother, before being cultured ( a word now bereft both socially and politically of the sheen you children of frontiersmen bestowed on it ), before being sorry for the poor, progressive about public health, and prettily if somewhat imprecisely humanitarian, indeed first and foremost, you were a lady.
Just as in the case of every prodigy child, we must watch for the efficacy of my teaching to show up in the future -- if he should master all the strenuous exercises I inflicted on him.
As for missionaries, even if they succeeded in getting into the country they probably would not be allowed to preach the Christian faith to the Burmans.
When he remembered that he might have not signed the check, Mercer made out another for the same amount, instructing the bank to destroy the other -- especially if he had happened to have absent-mindedly signed both of them.
After allowing for group exposures, it is apparent that other factors must be considered if we are to comprehend fanaticism.
for instance, imagine the situation if Israel ever joins an enemy coalition.
In the calm which follows the reading of a poem, for example, is the effect produced by the enforced quiet, by the musical quality of words and rhythm, by the sentiments or sense of the poem, by the associations with earlier readings, if it is familiar, by the boost to the self-esteem for the semi-literate, by the diversion of attention, by the sense of security in a legitimized withdrawal, by a kind license for some variety of fantasy life regarded as forbidden, or by half-conscious ideas about the magical power of words??
Of course, if you don't make the American a success, Hearst will have no further use for you ''.
The alternative to this is that if a conservative candidate is nominated the national committee will have to appeal to the trusts for their campaign funds, and in doing this will incur obligations which would make a Democratic victory absolutely fruitless.

for and can
`` I suppose '', he muttered, `` I can sell the outfit for enough to send you home to your folks, once we find a settlement ''.
Curly hair, high cheekbones, wide gnomelike mouth, a pair of drummer's blocky hands, and a body that said well, maybe I can wrestle you for ten minutes -- but then I'm finished.
As for progress, the `` backward South '' can boast of Baton Rouge, which increased its population between 1940 and 1950 by two hundred and sixty-two percent, to 126,000, the second largest growth of the period for all cities over 25,000.
When it comes to this, I shall prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretence of loving liberty -- to Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, without the base alloy of hypocrisy '' ( His emphasis )
Instead of giving themselves spontaneously to the orgiastic release that jazz can give them, they undergo psychoanalysis or flirt with mysticism or turn to prostitutes for satisfaction.
Similarly experience itself can be conventionalized so that people react to certain preconceived clues for behavior without awareness of the vitality of their experiential field.
When words can be used in a more fresh and primitive way so that they strike with the force of sights and sounds, when tones of sound and colors of paint and the carven shape all strike the sensibilities with an undeniable force of data in and of themselves, compelling the observer into an attitude of attention, all this imitates the way experience itself in its deepest character strikes upon the door of consciousness and clamors for entrance.
You've already sent your daughter to Miss X's select academy for girls and your son to Mr. Y's select academy for boys, and you can be as liberal as you please with strict impunity.
However, for convenience we will stick to the idea that information can be classified according to Table 1.
The completeness of the connections provide that, for N people, there are Af lines of communication between the pairs, which can become a large number ( 1,225 ) for a party of fifty guests.
We assume for this illustration that the size of the land plots is so great that the distance between dwellings is greater than the voice can carry and that most of the communication is between nearest neighbors only, as shown in Figure 2.
Since the hazards of poor communication are so great, p can be justified as a habitable site only on the basis of unusual productivity such as is made available by a waterfall for milling purposes, a mine, or a sugar maple camp.
This is an unsolved problem which probably has never been seriously investigated, although one frequently hears the comment that we have insufficient specialists of the kind who can compete with the Germans or Swiss, for example, in precision machinery and mathematics, or the Finns in geochemistry.
We hear equally fervent concern over the belief that we have not enough generalists who can see the over-all picture and combine our national skills and knowledge for useful purposes.
But, for practical purposes, we have people who can be considered as such.
Hence the prime issue, as I see it, is whether a democratic or free society can master technology for the benefit of mankind, or whether technology will rule and develop its own society compatible with its own needs as a force of nature.
So we are faced with a vast network of amorphous entities perpetuating themselves in whatever manner they can, without regard to the needs of society, controlling society and forcing upon it a regime representing only the corporation's needs for survival.
It can project long-range goals for itself.
In no other situation would a group of doctors, struggling competently to improve the life expectancy of a man beloved by the world, be subjected to such merciless and persistent questioning, and before they were prepared to demonstrate the kind of verbal precision which alone can clarify for mankind the problems it faces.
The capacity for making the distinctions of which diplomacy is compact, and the facility with language which can render them into validity in the eyes of other men are the leader's means for transforming the moral intuition into moral leadership.

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