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Albert and Ballin
* 1857 – Albert Ballin, German businessman ( d. 1918 )
With Albert Ballin as its director, the Hamburg-America Line became the world's largest transatlantic shipping company at the turn of the century.
** Albert Ballin, German-Jewish shipping magnate ( b. 1857 )
* August 15 – Albert Ballin, German shipping magnate owner of the Hamburg America Line line ( d. 1918 )
Albert Ballin ( 15 August 1857 – 9 November 1918 ) was a German businessman.
The SS Albert Ballin was named in his honor, as is the Ballindamm, a street in central Hamburg.
* Lamar Cecil, Albert Ballin ; business and politics in imperial Germany, 1888 – 1918 ( Princeton University Press, 1967 )
* Tobias Brinkmann: Why Paul Nathan Attacked Albert Ballin: The Transatlantic Mass Migration and the Privatization of Prussia's Eastern Border Inspection, 1886 – 1914.
* Bernhard Huldermann, Albert Ballin ( Berlin: Gerhard Stalling, 1922 )
de: Albert Ballin
es: Albert Ballin
no: Albert Ballin
pt: Albert Ballin
sv: Albert Ballin
The first vessel built exclusively for this purpose was the Prinzessin Victoria Luise, designed by Albert Ballin, general manager of Hamburg-America Line.
In the late 19th century, Albert Ballin, director of the Hamburg-America Line, was the first to send his transatlantic ships out on long southern cruises during the worst of the winter season of the North Atlantic.
* SS Albert Ballin, a German-built ship recovered and renamed Soyuz by the USSR
# REDIRECT Albert Ballin
Hapag-Lloyd is no longer an operating unit of the business however, a majority stake having been sold to the Albert Ballin consortium of investors in March 2009.
He developed the HAPAG company with Albert Ballin.
The German shipping tycoon Albert Ballin recalled that when the German government heard a misleading report that Serbia had accepted the ultimatum, there was “ disappointment ”, but “ tremendous joy ” when it learned that the Serbs had not accepted all of the Austrian terms.
The first chairman was Albert Ballin.

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