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Constantin and Tischendorf
Constantin von Tischendorf, around 1870
Lobegott Friedrich Constantin ( von ) Tischendorf ( January 18, 1815 – December 7, 1874 ) was a noted German Biblical scholar.
* Black, Matthew, and Robert Davidson, Constantin von Tischendorf and the Greek New Testament Glasgow: University of Glasgow Press, 1981.
pt: Constantin von Tischendorf
He was an efficient member of the American revision committee for the Revised Version ( 1881-1885 ) of the King James Bible, and helped prepare Caspar René Gregory's Prolegomena to the revised Greek New Testament of Constantin von Tischendorf.
* The Codex Sinaiticus is found by Constantin von Tischendorf on his third visit to Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai.
* December 7 – Constantin von Tischendorf, German Biblical scholar ( b. 1815 )
* February 15 – Constantin von Tischendorf, German Biblical scholar ( d. 1874 )
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Tregelles also visited Paris, Hamburg, Berlin ( where he met Lachmann ), and Leipzig ( where he collaborated with Constantin von Tischendorf ), Dresden, Wolfenbüttel, and Utrecht.
* Constantin von Tischendorf
It included contributions from important German scholars including, Karl Gottfried Wilhelm Theile, Seligman Baer, Franz Delitzsch, Constantin von Tischendorf and Oscar von Gebhardt, together with the Bibliotheca Patrum.
The text of the compiler who may then be called the Pseudo-Abdias may be found in Constantin von Tischendorf, and in the Codex Apocryphus Novi Testimenti of Johann Albert Fabricius.
Most of the London fragments of the codex were deciphered and published by Constantin von Tischendorf in 1857 ; the rest of the codex with the Bristol fragments were deciphered by F. W. Gotch in 1881.
* Constantin von Tischendorf, Monumenta sacra inedita ( Leipzig 1857 ), XIII, XXII-XXXVI.
16: Greek text in Constantin von Tischendorf, < cite > Evangelia apocrypha ...,</ cite > 2nd ed.
The manuscript was examined by Johann Jakob Griesbach and Constantin von Tischendorf, who edited the Greek text of the codex.
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