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fr and François
fr: François Xavier
fr: François van Aerssen
fr: François Mitterrand
fr: François Villon
fr: François Quesnay
fr: François Ier de France
< span lang =" fr "> Charles X of France | Charles X </ span >, by François Gérard
Important personalities were Pierre Paul Royer-Collard, François Guizot, and the count of < span lang =" fr "> Serre </ span >.
Their parliamentary leaders were < span lang =" fr "> François Régis de La Bourdonnaye </ span >, < span lang =" fr "> comte de La Bretèche </ span > and, in 1829, < span lang =" fr "> Jules de Polignac </ span >.
fr: François II de France
fr: Louis François Antoine Arbogast
fr: Parc national François Péron
fr: Étienne François de Choiseul
fr: François Kevorkian
fr: François Barbé-Marbois
fr: François Mauriac
The two vacant places in the Directory were filled by < span lang =" fr "> Merlin de Douai </ span > and < span lang =" fr "> Nicolas-Louis François de Neufchâteau </ span >.
The retirement of < span lang =" fr "> François de Neufchâteau </ span > and the choice of < span lang =" fr "> Treilhard </ span > as his successor ( 15 May 1798 ) made no difference in the position of the Directory.
fr: François Darlan
fr: François Ravaillac

fr and II
fr: Albert II
fr: Ahmet II
fr: Agésilas II
fr: Alaric II
fr: Alexandre II d ' Épire
fr: Alexandre II d ' Écosse
fr: Alexandre II
fr: Alexis II Comnène
fr: Alyatte II
fr: Alphonse II des Asturies
fr: Alphonse II
fr: Anastase II
fr: Andronic II Paléologue
fr: Félix II
fr: Abbas II Hilmi
fr: Abd al-Rahman II
fr: Bayezid II
fr: Constantin II
fr: Constance II
fr: Constantin II ( empereur romain )
fr: Constantin II d ' Écosse
fr: Conrad II
fr: Æthelred II d ' Angleterre
fr: Frédéric II de Brandebourg-Ansbach

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