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general and situation
He was referring not only to the general college situation but more especially to the preparatory schools.
He will not be surprised to find that general principles produce conflicting results in the factual situation with which he is confronted.
Thus, this readiness to relax controls, evidenced in the Kohnstamm situation, appears to be a more general personality factor.
) These general facts are mentioned to make clear that the total situation in the two families is similar enough to warrant comparison.
The net result is that under American leadership the general world situation has become bad.
This is not the most general situation of a Cartesian product of a family of sets, where a same set can occur more than once as a factor ; however, one can focus on elements of such a product that select the same element every time a given set appears as factor, and such elements correspond to an element of the Cartesian product of all distinct sets in the family.
" Accordingly the U. S. situation is not typical of central banks in general.
To deal with a situation in which no clear majorities appear through general elections, parties either form coalition cabinets, supported by a parliamentary majority, or minority cabinets which may consist of one or more parties.
Compactness in this more general situation plays an extremely important role in mathematical analysis, because many classical and important theorems of 19th century analysis, such as the extreme value theorem, are easily generalized to this situation.
He noted, ' Captains ... to be successful must possess, in a marked degree, initiative, resource, determination, and no fear of accepting responsibility ', and particularly regarding wartime conditions '... as a rule instructions will be of a very general character so as to avoid interfering with the judgement and initiative of captains ... The admiral will rely on captains to use all the information at their disposal to grasp the situation quickly and anticipate his wishes, using their own discretion as to how to act in unforeseen circumstances ..' The approach outlined by Beatty contradicted the views of many within the navy, who felt that ships should always be closely controlled by their commanding admiral, and harked back to reforms attempted by Admiral George Tryon.
Increases and decreases in prices inform entrepreneurs about the general economic situation, to which they must adjust their own plans.
In addition to the formal structure of the ELDR Party, there are convened at least two Political Leaders ' Meetings a year in order to exchange views on the items on the agenda of the European Council and more general views on the European political situation.
Lacking a strong general to control the by-now mostly barbarian Roman Army, Honorius could do little to attack Alaric's forces directly, and apparently adopted the only strategy he could in the situation: wait passively for the Visigoths to grow weary and spend the time marshalling what forces he could.
Since classical general relativity and quantum mechanics seem to be incompatible at such energies, from a theoretical point of view this situation is not tenable.
In 1950 Eric Gairy founded the Grenada United Labour Party, initially as a trades union, which led the 1951 general strike for better working conditions, this sparked great unrest-so many buildings were set ablaze that the disturbances became known as the ' red sky ' days-and the British authorities had to call in military reinforcements to help regain control of the situation.
Whereas his references to Judah are of a general kind, Ephraim or Samaria being sometimes mentioned in the same connection or more frequently alone, the situation implied throughout and the whole tone of the addresses agree with what we know of the Northern Kingdom at the time, and his references to places and events in that kingdom are so numerous and minute as to lead to the conclusion that he not only prophesied there, but that he was a native of that part of the country.
As evident by its name, I – O psychology has historically subsumed two broad areas of study that investigate the nature of the person ( individual-differences psychology ) and the nature of the situation or context ( social psychology ), although this distinction is artificial, as many topics in I-O psychology are informed by both of these general areas.
Prior to Keynes, a situation in which aggregate demand for goods and services did not meet supply was referred to by classical economists as a general glut, although there was disagreement among them as to whether a general glut was possible.
One might proceed with this story, and consider the fact that in general the actual situation could have been different.
A general rule is that both lead and follow watch each other's back in a dance hall situation.
Thus, the motif of " slavery in Egypt " reflects the historical situation of imperialist control of the Egyptian Empire over Canaan after the conquests of Ramesses II, which declined gradually during the 12th century under the pressure from the Sea Peoples and the general Bronze Age collapse.
A conservative criticism of higher education in the United States is that the political views of the faculty are much more liberal than the general population, and that this situation contributes to an atmosphere of political correctness.
:# If a general medical condition or another mental disorder is present, the fear in Criterion A ( Exposure to the social or performance situation almost invariably provokes an immediate anxiety response ) is unrelated to it, e. g., the fear is not of Stuttering, trembling in Parkinson's disease, or exhibiting abnormal eating behavior in Anorexia Nervosa or Bulimia Nervosa.

general and Palestine
The measures against the church were part of a more general campaign against Christian places of worship in Palestine and Egypt, which involved a great deal of other damage: Adhemar of Chabannes recorded that the church of St George at Lydda ' with many other churches of the saints ' had been attacked, and the ' basilica of the Lord's Sepulchre destroyed down to the ground '.
The Intifada leadership organized " tree plantings " and resorted to the tactics used in pre-1948 Palestine, such as ordering general strikes in which no commercial businesses were allowed to open and no cars were allowed on the streets.
With the outbreak of civil war came serious urban rioting in Syria and Palestine ; Phocas sent his general Bonosus to quell the disturbances and reconquer Egypt.
* Constantius Gallus sends his general ( magister equitum ) Ursicinus to forcefully put down the Jewish revolt in Palestine.
Nasser was determined to establish the independence of the army from the monarchy, and with Amer as an intermediary, resolved to field a nominee for the Free Officers ; they selected Muhammad Naguib, a popular general who had offered his resignation to Farouk in 1942 over British high-handedness and was thrice wounded in the Palestine War.
By 1072 the Fatimid Caliph Abū Tamīm Ma ' ad al-Mustansir Billah in a desperate attempt to save Egypt recalled the general Badr al-Jamali, who was at the time the governor of Acre, Palestine.
In 1920 he assisted in the formation and subsequently became general secretary of the Histadrut, the Zionist Labor Federation in Palestine.
Instead, George Habash in particular, and various other leaders in general advocated one state with an Arab identity in which Jews were entitled to live with the same rights as any minority. The PFLP declared that its goal was to ‘’ create a people ’ s democratic Palestine, where Arabs and Jews would live without discrimination, a state without classes and national oppression, a state which allows Arabs and Jews to develop their national culture .’’
" Mr. Sampson built and opened a store of general merchandise and a post office in the settlement then called Palestine.
They use cross-cultural anthropological studies to set the general background, narrow in on the history and society of first-century Palestine, and use textual analysis ( along with more anthropology and history ) to focus on Jesus himself.
These rumors are likely related to the fact that the medieval historian the Templar of Tyre wrote about a Mongol general named " Mulay " who occupied Syria and Palestine for a few months in early 1300.
Let me not be misunderstood: richly as the valleys wave with corn, and beautiful as is the general aspect of modern Palestine, vestiges of the ancient cultivation are every where visible ... proofs far more than sufficient that the land still enjoys her Sabbaths, and only waits the return of her banished children, and the application of industry commensurate with her agricultural capabilities, to burst once more into universal luxuriance — all that she ever was in the days of Solomon.
In March 1918 Wavell was made a temporary brigadier general and returned to Palestine where he served as the brigadier general of the General Staff ( BGGS ) with XX Corps, part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force commanded by Sir Edmund Allenby, of whom he was later to write a biography.
In August 1937 he was transferred to Palestine, where there was growing unrest, to be General Officer Commanding ( GOC ) British Forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan and was promoted to lieutenant general in January 1938.
Velikovsky lived in what was then the British Mandate of Palestine from 1924 to 1939, practising medicine in the fields of general practice, psychiatry and psychoanalysis ( which he had studied under Sigmund Freud's pupil Wilhelm Stekel in Vienna ).
Neapolis, along with most of Palestine, was conquered by the Muslims under Khaled ibn al-Walid — a general of the Rashidun army of Umar ibn al-Khattab — in 636 after the Battle of Yarmouk.
The Palestine Zionist Executive was charged with facilitating Jewish immigration to Palestine, land purchase and planning the general policies of the Zionist leadership.
If we deal with our commitments, there is first the general pledge to Hussein in October 1915, under which Palestine was included in the areas as to which Great Britain pledged itself that they should be Arab and independent in the future.
* Other provisions to be inserted by the High Contracting Parties relating to the application of any general conditions attached to mandates, which are suitable to the case in Palestine.
The report was issued in response to growing concern at the severity of the military measures amongst the general public in Great Britain, among members of the British Government, and among governments in countries neighbouring Palestine.
If we deal with our commitments, there is first the general pledge to Hussein in October 1915, under which Palestine was included in the areas as to which Great Britain pledged itself that they should be Arab and independent in the future.
The general is considered one of Egypt's few heroes from the war in Palestine and enjoyed wide respect in the country.

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